File Title
1 Comet Atlas may have been a blast from the past
2 Tail without a comet: the dusty remains of Comet ATLAS
3 LCO discovers activity on largest comet ever found
4 Abnormally high alcohol and mystery heat source detected on Comet Wirtanen
5 Nickel atoms detected in the cold gas around interstellar comet 2I/Borisov
6 Burnt-out comet covered with talcum powder
7 SpaceX 23rd resupply mission will carry bone and plants studies to ISS
8 Spacesuit delays threaten moon landing plans, NASA watchdog says
9 A 'True' Blue Moon occurs this weekend
10 NASA benefits from Lunar surface simulant testing
11 Advanced Space passes preparatory test for pathfinder mission to the moon
12 CAPSTONE's cubesat prepares for Lunar mission
13 NASA identifies likely locations of the early molten Moon's deep secrets
14 Kleos builds its military knowledge under US DOD program
15 U.S. Space Force establishes Space Systems Command in California
16 Commander offers strategies for deterring aggression from China and Russia
17 Russia's Soyuz Spacecraft Launches 34 New OneWeb Satellites into Orbit
18 Vibration tests for Moon rocket help ensure safe travels on road to space
19 Boeing Starliner launch faces further delays
20 Hermeus fully-funded to flight with US Air Force Partnership
21 NASA spacewalk briefing to highlight new solar array installation
22 Unique insight into the interior of the Arabidopsis photosynthesis machine
23 Harnessing sunlight to fuel the future through covalent organic frameworks
24 Solar power and desalination to be efficiently linked for first time in new project
25 Surrey researchers working to find suitable solvents for perovskite inks
26 Print perovskite solar cells
27 Japan ups 2030 renewables goal in draft energy policy
28 Sparkwing solar panels from Airbus to power lunar mission of Masten
29 Germany, Ireland more open than U.S. to renewable energy close to homes
30 Singapore inaugurates new floating solar farm to meet energy needs
31 Giving a "tandem" boost to solar-powered water splitting
32 Solar hydrogen for Antarctica--study shows advantages of thermally coupled approach
33 Could be old recycling next-generation solar panels fosters green planet
34 Envision: China's renewable energy giant
35 Marines shut off power, run base with renewable energy
36 Machine learning for solar energy is supercomputer kryptonite
37 Outstanding organic solar cells' performance achieved by using new technology
38 Togo launches West Africa's largest solar plant
39 Solar energy collectors grown from 2D perovskite seeds
40 Engineers unveil solar-powered AI system-on-chip
41 Astronauts install new rollout solar panels on International Space Station
42 Senator Martin Heinrich visits AFRL and its Advanced Solar Power Initiatives
43 Molecular coating enhances organic solar cells
44 Engineers apply physics-informed machine learning to solar cell production
45 Holograms increase solar energy yield
46 Scotland's pro-independence parties strike power-sharing deal
47 Madagascar renews MSF access to famine-hit south
48 Greta Thunberg drops boycott of COP26 meeting
49 One in three Afghans at risk of severe or acute hunger: WFP
50 Weekend winds 'risk worsening' French Riviera fire
51 CORRECTED: Invasive species costing Africa $65 billion a year: study
52 New wildfire explodes near California state capital
53 Two dead as France battles Riviera inferno
54 By chance, ozone treaty prevented 'scorched Earth' climate
55 China passes tough new online privacy law
56 Facebook unveils curbs for Taliban-seized Afghanistan
57 OnlyFans will ban 'sexually explicit' content, but keep nudity
58 US antitrust enforcers revive monopoly case against Facebook
59 Facebook unveils virtual reality 'workrooms'
60 Facebook says it is helping reduce COVID vaccine 'hesitancy'
61 T-Mobile says 40 million affected by data breach
62 T-Mobile: hackers got data on 7.8 million customers
63 China's youth react to gaming curbs with anguish and cunning
64 DR Congo region halts mines after tension with Chinese
65 Biden taps Nicholas Burns as ambassador to China, Rahm Emanuel to Japan
66 WHO seeks experts for pandemic prevention group
67 Afghan influencers go dark on social media as Taliban return
68 Asian markets hit as Delta, Fed, China jolt recovery rally
69 China passes tough new online privacy law
70 Construction begins on NOIRLab Windows on the Universe Center
71 Most detailed-ever images of galaxies revealed using LOFAR
72 Webb Telescope to explore a neighboring, dusty planetary system
73 New radio receiver opens wider window to radio universe
74 Thousands of galaxies classified in a blink of an eye
75 Kepler telescope glimpses population of free-floating planets
76 Researchers from IRSOL and IAC solve twenty-year-old paradox in solar physics
77 Fast changes between the solar seasons resolved by new sun clock
78 Solving solar puzzle could help save Earth from planet-wide blackouts
79 Earth's Magnetosphere: Protecting Our Planet from Harmful Space Energy
80 Scientists detect never-before-seen radio waves from nearby stars and distant galaxies
81 Celestial Sleuth corrects historical record on Gegenschein discovery
82 Nearby star-forming region yields clues to the formation of our solar system
83 New chip scale atomic clock best yet for extreme environments
84 Deep Space Atomic Clock moves toward increased spacecraft autonomy
85 NASA watches water to help grow our groceries
86 New global risk index anticipates loss of important pollinators
87 Bees' pleas: Habitat loss, pesticides killing pollinators
88 New gene to make plants heat-tolerant in rising temperatures
89 Pig farms accused of defiling Mexico's 'sacred wells'
90 From grey to green: world cities uprooting the urban jungle
91 From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the Table
92 NASA's role in agriculture
93 UN pushes for transformation of global food systems
94 Knives out in France for 'ersatz' lab-grown foie gras
95 RNA breakthrough inspires high-yield, drought-tolerant rice, potatoes
96 Paris start-up sees a future for lab-grown foie gras
97 New method makes vital fertilizer element in a more sustainable way
98 Farm robots could bring utopia or disaster, scientist warns
99 Indian food delivery giant Zomato eyes $1.3 billion IPO
100 Supply chain diversification can help cities avoid food shocks
101 FSU researchers refine estimate of amount of carbon in Earth's outer core
102 How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
103 China's carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons
104 Carbon mitigation efforts in California may be hindered by climate change itself
105 Reducing emissions by decarbonizing industry
106 China steps up climate fight with emissions trading scheme
107 Using visible light to decompose CO2 with high efficiency
108 Greenland, Antarctica will respond differently to increased future warming
109 Going, going...gone? Europe's fast-vanishing glaciers
110 Supersolid in a new dimension