File Title
1 Slowing down grape ripening boosts flavors prized by winemakers
2 Italy's Apulia region prohibits farm work in hottest sun
3 EU reaches deal on farm subsidy overhaul; Aldi to phase out battery farm meat
4 Most consumers willing to try animal-free cheeses, survey finds
5 The origins of farming insects
6 Selenium may support deep microbial life in Earth's continental crust
7 The Earth has 27.5-million-year cycle of geological activity
8 Earth's oldest minerals date onset of plate tectonics to 3.6 billion years ago
9 China to set up separation line on Mount Everest over COVID-19 fears
10 Mountain growth influences greenhouse effect
11 Curtin research finds first clues to start of Earth's supercontinent cycle
12 Study finds transform faults play active role in shaping ocean floors
13 UH geologists discover powerful 'river of rocks' below Caribbean
14 Crystals suggest Earth's crust enjoyed growth spurt 3 billion years ago
15 Scientists discover an ancient island arc in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan
16 Slow start of plate tectonics despite a hot early Earth
17 New study helps pinpoint when earth's plate subduction began
18 What will the climate be like when earth's next supercontinent forms?
19 Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China
20 East African Rift System is slowly breaking away, with Madagascar splitting into pieces
21 Lost and found: UH geologists 'resurrect' missing tectonic plate
22 Glimpse deep into Earth's crust finds heat source that may stabilize continents
23 Geologists raise the speed limit for how fast continental crust can form
24 The age of the Earth's inner core revised
25 Index ranks vulnerability of rainforests to climate and human impacts
26 NASA study finds tropical forests' ability to absorb carbon dioxide is waning
27 20% of intact tropical forests overlap with extractive industries
28 Warming, deforestation turn Amazon into source of CO2
29 The battle for Brazil's indigenous land hots up
30 New June record for deforestation of Brazilian Amazon
31 Colombian deforestation up 8% in 2020: ministry
32 Fears for future of Mexico City's 'green lung'
33 Worst June for Brazil Amazon forest fires since 2007: data
34 Hotter, more frequent droughts threaten California's iconic blue oak woodlands
35 Brazil environment minister resigns amid investigation
36 Commercial forests could produce long-term climate benefit
37 Passive rewilding can rapidly expand UK woodland at no cost
38 Ghana plants 5 mn trees to battle forest depletion
39 On the front line in Ivory Coast's reforestation war
40 Forest degradation primary driver of carbon loss in the Brazilian Amazon
41 Brazil leader promises Yanomami no unwanted mining on their lands
42 Brazil environment minister probed for timber trafficking
43 Prince Charles launches tree-planting drive for Queen's jubilee
44 Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon hits record in April
45 Supermarkets threaten Brazil boycott over deforestation
46 Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it stored in 2010s
47 Forest measuring satellite passes tests with flying colours
48 Most low-income blocks in U.S. cities are hotter, have fewer trees than suburbs
49 Andean forests have high potential to store carbon under climate change
50 Apple announces $200 million forestry fund to reduce carbon
51 Young, female and fighting for India's forests
52 Noise pollution poses long-term risk to trees: study
53 Mapping North Carolina's ghost forests from 430 miles up
54 Japan sees earliest cherry blossoms on record as climate warms
55 Sharp increase in destruction of virgin forest in 2020
56 Rich nation appetites driving tropical deforestation
57 Russia, an oil giant, goes big on timber
58 Earth from Space: Amazon rainforest
59 Climate change, human activity threatens carbon uptake in Amazon forests
60 Development bank seeds $20 million for Amazon protection
61 Maps to improve forest biomass estimates
62 Million-tree mission hopes to fix reforestation flaws
63 One dead, several missing in Argentina forest fires
64 Desert country Jordan aims for green with 10-million tree campaign
65 Amazon indigenous groups sue Casino chain over deforestation
66 The simple 'seedballs' giving Kenya's forests a helping hand
67 Climate change is fueling an east-west divide in forest seed production
68 Brussels warns Warsaw over ancient forest
69 Chief Raoni on 'final mission' to protect Amazon lands
70 More trees do not always create a cooler planet, Clark University geographer finds
71 Biomass forest sensing satellite shaping up
72 NASA satellites help quantify forests' impacts on global carbon budget
73 Brazil indigenous leaders sue Bolsonaro for 'crimes against humanity'
74 Oak trees take root in Iraqi Kurdistan to help climate
75 Forests may flip from CO2 'sink' to 'source' by 2050
76 Forest loss 'hotspots' bigger than Germany: WWF
77 Pollution trial of Canada-owned pulp mill opens in France
78 Land ecosystems are becoming less efficient at absorbing CO2
79 When dinosaurs disappeared, forests thrived
80 Storing carbon through tree planting, preservation costs more than thought
81 Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon surges to 12-year high
82 Concrete jungle threatens mangroves on Pakistan island
83 What you need to know about Starliner's Test-2
84 SpaceX to launch NASA's Europa Clipper on Falcon Heavy rocket in 2024
85 'I pump but don't dump' bitcoin, says Musk
86 Musk's Starship launch tower in Texas might be demolished
87 SpaceX launches 88 satellites on rideshare mission
88 NASA conducts 5th test in RS-25 series
89 ESA advances Vega rocket evolution beyond 2025
90 China's suborbital aerospace plane makes maiden flight
91 India's ISRO tests high-powered rocket engine for country's first manned mission
92 NASA announces Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Reactor Concept Awards
93 Reaction Engines secures new UK Government funding for Space Access Program
94 After 60 years, nuclear power for spaceflight is still tried and true
95 Gilmour Space rockets ahead with new funding round
96 Sierra Space provides integration services for nuclear propulsion system for DARPA's Draco Program
97 China's Long March rocket has world's highest success rate: expert
98 Operational Fires Program completes successful rocket engine tests
99 Boost for UK space sector as new facility offers cheaper and greener rocket testing
100 Launch of competition for young people to help make UK spaceflight history
101 China tests new parachute system for rocket boosters
102 PLD Space receives ESA contract to study reusing MIURA 5 boosters
103 A passion for hypersonics propels success at AFRL Lab
104 Merida Aerospace plans to begin rocket test launches in 2021
105 Pangea Aerospace to test aerospike rocket engine
106 New Phoebus contract paves the way for development of future lightweight composite rocket stages
107 3D printed RL10C-X engine demonstrates full mission capability during altitude hot fire test series
108 Roscosmos says US greenlit import of Russia's RD-181M rocket engines
109 China's experimental space plane aces test flight
110 China's Mars rover travels 585 meters on red planet