File Title
1 Sheepskin Parchment May Have Been Used in Legal Documents to Prevent Fraud
2 Star's Death Will Play a Mean Pinball With Unusual Planetary System Locked in a Perfect Rhythm
3 Unlocking the Power of the Microbiome--Fundamental Aspects of Close Relationships With Microorganisms
4 Two-Thirds of Romantic Couples Started Out as Friends
5 AI-Powered Recycling Robot Could Help Solve Plastic Waste Crisis
6 Linchpin for Tackling Climate Change: Store Up the Sun
7 Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope Measures the Atomic Hydrogen Gas Mass in Galaxies 9 Billion Years Ago
8 Engineering New Seed Coatings to Resist Drought
9 Immune System "Clock" Developed That Accurately Predicts Illness and Mortality
10 New Research Shows Just 25 Mega-Cities Produce 52% of the World's Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11 White Matter Reorganization: How Learning Braille Changes Brain Structure Over Time
12 Detection of COVID-19 via Automatic Artificial Intelligence Cough Analysis
13 Evidence of Explosive Volcanic Activity on Venus
14 Enzyme Structure Provides a Promising Pathway to New Cancer Treatments
15 Warning: Dog Food Sold Across Europe Contains Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria--Including "Superbugs"
16 Athletes May Have More Than Twice the Risk of Irregular Heart Rhythm--Younger Athletes at Greater Risk
17 Surface of Jupiter's Moon Europa Churned by Small Impacts--May Currently Have Conditions Suitable for Life
18 New Electronic Paper Displays Brilliant Colors With Minimum Energy Consumption
19 Seeing With Radio Waves: Breakthrough May Advance Quantum Computing
20 International Study Shows Laboratory Developed Protein Spikes Consistent With COVID-19 Virus
21 New Research Uncovers Details Behind Depression, PTSD, and the Body's Response to Stress
22 NASA's Mars Helicopter Spots Intriguing Terrain for Perseverance Rover to Explore
23 Virologists Demonstrate Successful Treatment for SARS-CoV-2, the Virus That Causes COVID-19
24 Microscopy Technique Makes High-Resolution Images of Deeper Tissue, More Quickly
25 NASA's Juno spacecraft Detects Jupiter's Highest-Energy Ions
26 Plastic Planet: Tracking Pervasive Microplastics Through the Atmosphere and Across the Globe
27 Research Reveals a Quarter of Adults Don't Want Children--And They're Still Happy
29 Biofuel Cell: Wearable Device Turns the Touch of a Finger Into a Source of Power
30 Asteroids In Depth: Our Solar System's Asteroid Belt
31 Eating Whole Grains May Protect Against Heart Disease
32 Shocking Research: Over Half of the World's Rivers Cease to Flow for at Least One Day a Year
33 Allocating COVID Vaccines Based on Health and Socioeconomic Factors Could Cut Save Lives
34 BMJ Experts: Should We Delay COVID-19 Vaccination in Children?
35 A Decade of Ancient DNA Analysis Has Taught Scientists "What It Means to Be Human"
36 Increased Cell Phone Data Use Is Negatively Affecting Wi-Fi Performance
37 Survival for Babies Born With a Birth Defect Varies Dramatically--A "Post-code Lottery"
38 Harnessing the Dark Side: Optical Singularities Could Be Used for a Wide Range of Applications
39 Preventing Oxygen Release Leads to Safer High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries
40 New Clues to Why Psychiatric Drugs Help Some, but Not Others
41 Learning New Things About Our Home Star: Physicists First Definitive Measurements of the Sun's Electric Field
42 High School Students Studying Remotely Because of COVID-19 Suffered Socially, Emotionally, and Academically
43 NASA Launches 2021 Entrepreneurs Challenge to Identify Innovative Ideas
44 Quantum Physics Helps Break DNA and Destroy Cancer Cells
45 Moderate Alcohol Use Linked With Higher Cancer Risk
46 Extraordinary Ability of Animals to Rapidly Evolve in Response to Predators Yields New Conservation Insights
47 Primed for Infection: Cells Damaged by Chronic Lung Disease Can Result in Severe COVID
48 Worlds Beyond Our Solar System: NASA's TESS Discovers Stellar Siblings Host "Teenage" Exoplanets
49 New Technology Opens the Gate to the Next Generation of Information Processing
50 Scientists Condemn UK Government's "Dangerous & Unethical COVID-19 Experiment"
51 Vaccine Hesitancy in Young Adults May Hamper Herd Immunity for COVID-19
52 Resilience, Not Collapse: What the Easter Island Myth Gets Totally Wrong
53 Fungi That Live in the Gut Influence Health and Disease--May Be As Important as Bacteria
54 F Prime: The Innovative Open-Source Software Powering NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter
55 Researchers Create New CRISPR Genetic Tools to Help Contain Mosquito Disease Transmission
56 3.4 Billion-Year-Old Fossils of Methane-Cycling Microbes Expand Frontiers of Habitability on Early Earth
57 40-Year Mystery Solved: Source of Jupiter's Strange X-Ray Flares Uncovered
58 Ariane 6 Rocket Targets New Missions With Astris Kick Stage
59 NASA Finally Identifies Possible Cause of Hubble Computer Problem
60 Stopping the Illegal Trade of Australian Reptiles
61 More Than 200 Symptoms Across 10 Organ Systems Identified in Long COVID
62 Beautiful!--Ride With NASA's Juno Spacecraft As It Flies Past the Solar System's Biggest Moon and Jupiter
63 Slimy Action at a Distance: Thinking Without a Brain
64 5D Imaging of Ultrafast Phenomena With Spectral-Volumetric Compressed Ultrafast Photography
65 Future of High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells Shines a Little Brighter
66 MIGHTR: Speeding Construction of New Nuclear Plants to Help Decarbonize the Economy
67 After 14,000 Years of Domestication, Dogs Have Some of the Same Cognitive Abilities As Human Babies
68 More Vaccinated People Are Dying of COVID in England Than Unvaccinated--Here's Why
69 Weeding Out the Truth: Cannabis May Be Linked to Development of Opioid Use Disorders
70 Best Yet--New Genetic Test for Glaucoma Is 15x More Likely to Detect High-Risk Patients
71 Sailing on Sunlight, NASA's NEA Scout Will Capture Images of an Asteroid for Scientific Study
72 Distorted Deja Vu: How the Universe Is Reflected Near Black Holes
73 Parkinson's, Cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes Share a Key Element That Drives Disease
74 Snapshots of Ultrafast Switching in Quantum Electronics Could Lead to Faster Computing Devices
75 Quest to Reveal Fundamental Secrets of the Universe Driven by Curiosity and Technology
76 New Holographic Light Collector Boosts Solar Panel Efficiency
77 Inheritance of Rank: Hyena Mothers Pass Their Social Networks to Their Cubs
78 Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders Increased Significantly Among Adolescents During COVID Pandemic
79 Learning to Use Objects in Novel Ways to Solve Problems Like Humans Do
80 Microspheres Quiver When Shocked: Developing Microrobots That Move Like Microorganisms
81 New Research Reveals How Our Immune System Reacts to COVID-19 Variants
82 Stunning Galactic Fireworks: New ESO Images Reveal Spectacular Features of Nearby Galaxies
83 Benzodiazepines and "Z-Drugs" Increase Death Risk When Taken With Opioids
84 Massive Stellar Explosion Illuminates Thousand-Year-Old Astronomical Mystery
85 Researchers Shocked to Discover Bacterial Parasites Behind Rise of "Superbugs"
86 Lab Leak or Zoonotic Transfer? Leading Biologists Review COVID-19 Virus Origin Evidence
87 A Noninvasive Test Using Nanoparticles to Detect Cancer Cells and Pinpoint Their Location
88 Get Out of the Water! Monster Shark Movies Massacre Shark Conservation Efforts
89 'Unshackled' Palm-Destroying Beetles Could Soon Invade Australia--"We Thought We'd Outsmarted Them"
90 At Last! NASA Successfully Switches to Backup Computer on Hubble Space Telescope
91 Pandemic Layoffs Pushed Hospitality Workers to Leave Industry--"The Younger Generation Was Really Hit Hard"
92 NASA to Brief Early Science Results From Perseverance Mars Rover
93 Using Solar Radio Signals to Monitor Melting Ice Sheets
94 Hear the Eerie Radio Emissions NASA's Juno Spacecraft Recorded From Jupiter and Its Moon Io
95 Unusual Pattern of Deadly Bacteria: Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance Is Killing Children in Bangladesh
96 Advanced New Artificial Intelligence Software Can Compute Protein Structures in 10 Minutes
97 Preparing for Webb Launch: Testing Progress Continues for the Most Powerful Space Science Telescope Ever Built
98 Five Incredible Ways NASA Helps With Shark Conservation
99 New NASA Moon Maps Help Developers Plan Lunar Road Trip for VIPER's Artemis Mission
100 Common Antibiotic--Azithromycin--No More Effective Than Placebo for COVID-19
101 Watching the Ultrafast Dance Moves of a Hot, Dense Laser Plasma
102 The Virus Trap: Hollow Nano-Objects Made of DNA Could Trap Viruses and Render Them Harmless
103 Gravitational-Wave Observatories Detect Rare Mergers of Black Holes With Neutron Stars for the First Time
104 Sneak Peek Into Test Chamber for NASA's X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology Aircraft
106 Sweat-Proof Electronic "Smart Skin" Takes Reliable Vitals, Even During Workouts
107 Activity Observed on Newly Discovered Visitor to the Outer Edges of Our Solar System
108 Complexity Yields Simplicity: The Shifting Dynamics and Loss of Biodiversity in Temperate Marine Ecosystems
109 Researchers Enable AI To Use Its "Imagination"--Closer to Humans' Understanding of the World
110 Arrival of Land Plants 400 Million Years Ago Changed Earth's Climate Control System
111 Vital Protective Mechanism Discovered: Dying Cells Protect Their Neighbors To Maintain Tissue Integrity
112 Tragic Teardrop Star Reveals Hidden Supernova Doom
113 Unconventional Superconductor May Unlock New Ways To Build Quantum Computers
114 Cosmic Lens Flare: Hubble Captures Strong Gravitational Lensing
115 Why Identical Genetic Mutations Cause Different Types of Cancer
116 COVID-19 Antibodies Last at Least 9 Months After Infection
117 New Images of Mars From China's Zhurong Rover
118 Giving Robots Better Moves: Combining Unique Gripper Designs With AI and Machine Vision
119 How Spiders Can Distinguish Living From Non-Living Objects in Their Peripheral Vision