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1 The Latest: WHO: Warns against boosters before 1st vaccines
2 More kids are getting sick from COVID. Is it delta?
3 For businesses, NYC indoor vaccine mandate means safety--and headaches
4 Delta variant: 5 things to know about the surging coronavirus strain
5 Sources: US to recommend COVID vaccine boosters at 8 months
6 DeSantis top donor invests in COVID drug governor promotes
7 How long will your COVID-19 vaccine last? And when will you need a booster?
8 Younger children more likely to spread COVID-19, study finds
9 What to know about COVID-19 variants of concern
10 After big county fair, virus hits hard in rural Mississippi
11 More businesses are mandating COVID-19 vaccines. Is that legal?
12 Experts turn to antibody treatment following swarm of breakthrough COVID-19 infections
13 Flu shot linked to less severe COVID-19: Study
14 US health officials call for booster shots against COVID-19
15 Asia Today: Australia outbreak grows, spreads to New Zealand
16 Special repatriation flight takes Australians home from Bali
17 Arizona governor blocks cash from schools mandating masks
18 The Latest: New Zealand orders mask use as new cases found
19 Texas governor tests positive for COVID-19, in 'good health'
20 Britain urges halt to Myanmar clashes to allow vaccination
21 'Heartbreaking': Mississippi gets 2nd field hospital in days
22 Asia Today: Hong Kong lengthens quarantines for 16 countries
23 TSA extends into January mask rule for airline passengers
24 Virus outbreaks temporarily close 4 Texas school districts
25 EXPLAINER: What do we know about booster shots for COVID-19?
26 DA won't prosecute for governor's student mask opt-out order
27 No shot, no proof, no service: NYC businesses begin checks
28 South African activists slam J&J for exporting vaccines
29 More protection: US likely to authorize COVID booster shots
30 At Midwest state fairs no masks required, vaccines are free
31 Heir: Sacklers won't settle unless freed from opioid suits
32 Lawsuit seeks to block Arizona ban on Down syndrome abortion
33 Amid new virus surge, Florida skeptics reconsider vaccines
34 Japan expands virus emergency, weighs legal penalties
35 Imprisoned Chinese citizen journalist not well, lawyer says
36 New Zealand to enter lockdown after single virus case found
37 Among France's poorest, once-lagging vaccine rates jump
38 The Latest: New Zealand has first local virus case in months
39 Sri Lanka banks on vaccination to see it through delta surge
40 Nevada governor: No masks at events that require vaccines
41 California Assembly to require vaccine for its employees
42 Vaccine mandates grow in NY; NYC venues to start checking
43 EXPLAINER: Western water projects in infrastructure deal
44 Cardinal hospitalized with COVID, breathing with ventilator
45 Misinformation at public forums vexes local boards, big tech
46 Many Bible Belt preachers silent on shots as COVID-19 surges
47 Thai police, protesters clash over handling of pandemic
48 Former FDA chief on the case for a more independent agency
49 Japan extends, expands coronavirus emergency as cases surge
50 In Minnesota's worst measles outbreak, a battle of beliefs over vaccines
51 What patients need to know about new recommendations for prostate cancer screening
52 COVID-19 live updates: mRNA vaccine efficacy dropped 'significantly' in nursing homes
53 Biden administration to begin rolling out booster shots the week of September 20
54 Over 8,000 students in Florida school district isolated or quarantined a week into school year
55 Aircraft help fight California wildfire as smoke clears
56 Cardinal in serious condition after contracting COVID-19
57 Florida to decide whether to punish school districts that mandated masks
58 5 ways to prepare and pack for COVID-era travel
59 Unvaccinated couple die of COVID-19 hours apart, leaving behind 2 teens
60 Indiana notifying 750K after COVID-19 tracing data accessed
61 Combating COVID vaccine misinformation in Black and Latino communities: OPINION
62 Family speaks out after boy, 12, hospitalized with COVID-19
63 Front-line workers warn of significant increase in pediatric COVID patients
64 Why school districts nationwide are facing bus driver shortages
65 Field hospital opens in parking garage as Mississippi sees 'skyrocketing' crush of COVID patients
66 As US battles delta variant, tens of thousands of vaccine doses are set to expire
67 Will gyms go the way of arcades and movie rental stores?
68 Garth Brooks encourages fans to mask up at his concerts: 'You can't be safe enough'
69 Family farm swaps cows for goats amid changed dairy industry
70 5 ways parents can protect infants and toddlers from COVID-19
71 How to stop student COVID spread as school year kicks into gear
72 Arizona mom urges masks in classrooms after her kindergartner contracts COVID-19
73 Mom urges masks in school after son experiences rare COVID-19 complication
74 Amazon pushes back return-to-office plans to January
75 Sony delays 'Venom' sequel release amid delta surge
76 Devastating wildfires advancing through Northern California
77 Data of 40 million plus exposed in latest T-Mobile breach
78 Wild horse roundups ramping up as drought grips the US West
79 Fueled by winds, largest wildfire moves near California city
80 Massive Alaska quake eyed as cause for sunken ship's leak
81 California drought takes toll on world's top almond producer
82 The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store
83 US probing Autopilot problems on 765,000 Tesla vehicles
84 Lava streams from Indonesia's Mount Merapi in new eruption
85 Trial blocked by police data loss; murder suspect released
86 T-Mobile confirms data breach, says it's investigating scope
87 Hyenas, considered 'villains of the world,' play key role in returning nutrients to desert soil
88 Millions stolen from health fund spent at adult website
89 Officials: Northwest heat may have killed 1; ER visits spike
90 Forest Service maxed out as wildfires break across US West
91 Boeing astronaut capsule grounded for months by valve issue
92 Global sizzling: July was hottest month on record, NOAA says
93 Climate-fueled wildfires take toll on tropical Pacific isles
94 Northwest heat wave: Volunteers get water to the vulnerable
95 Fires charring range set up ranchers for hardship in US West
96 UN experts call for more rules on countries' use of spyware
97 First water cuts in US West supply to hammer Arizona farmers
98 Indian launch attempt of earth observation satellite fails
99 Heat wave hits Northwest, sending people to cooling centers
100 Higher but still slim odds of asteroid Bennu slamming Earth
101 Accenture claims 'no impact' in apparent ransomware attack
102 Northwest heat wave targeted vulnerable, tested climate prep
103 Crime data feared lost from Dallas police computer network
104 NASA blames Mars rover sampling fiasco on bad, powdery rock
105 Severe drought devastates Washington state's wheat crop
106 Huge California fire grows; Montana blaze threatens towns
107 Brazil's Bolsonaro loses his bid to reform voting system
108 Samsung slashes prices in bid to boost foldable phone sales
109 EXPLAINER: What the $65 billion broadband service plan will do
110 Nearly 900 buildings destroyed by massive California fire
111 Military display rolls into Brazil capital before tense vote
112 Space station supplies launched with a pizza delivery for 7
113 California sheriff: He, not doctor, diagnosed video overdose
114 'Code red': UN scientists warn of worsening global warming