File Title
1 Cybercrime bill to rise during pandemic
2 Knowledge and support improve menopausal health
3 To save a species, check its ID
4 Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons
5 How managing building energy demand can aid the clean energy transition
6 City-funded housing repairs in low-income neighborhoods associated with drop in crime
7 Communicating about climate change: What's politics got to do with it?
8 Toxic facility relocation depends on community pressure
9 Scientists link frailty and neurocognitive decline in childhood cancer survivors
10 Astrophysicist outlines plans for the gravitational wave observatory on the moon
11 Tiny organisms shed big light on ocean nutrients
12 Novel method predicts if COVID-19 clinical trials will fail or succeed
13 Smartphone gaming can be harmful for some seeking relief from boredom
14 Researchers discover a 'layer Hall effect' in a 2D topological Axion antiferromagnet
15 Crime scene tape set to revolutionize microplastics research
16 Blocking how the malaria parasite suppresses the immune response
17 Self-collected saliva and courier service--A feasible diagnostic strategy for COVID-19
18 New study shows transcendental meditation reduces emotional stress and improves academics
19 Enamel defects as biomarkers for exposure to environmental stressors
20 Remote 24-hour monitoring shows sizable, positive effect on cancer patients
21 Government has failed to deliver on smoke free pledge for England
22 Oral and general health associations using machine learning prediction algorithms
23 Preventing approximal caries in primary teeth with topical fluorides
24 Three in ten Americans increased supplement use since onset of pandemic
25 New algorithm flies drones faster than human racing pilots
26 The Lancet: Experts call for urgent action to improve physical activity worldwide
27 More exercise and fewer hours watching TV cuts sleep apnoea risk
28 Survey finds bullying and harassment systemic in astronomy and geophysics
29 Smokeless tobacco used more by pregnant women in South East Asia than non-pregnant women
30 Older people are worse at learning to self-help, but just as good learning to help others
31 Fully booked at the bottom of the sea: There seems no room for new bacteria on sand grains
32 C is for Vitamin C--a key ingredient for immune cell function
33 Residential proximity to oil and gas drilling linked to lower birthweights in newborns
34 Real-time stress detection devices could help fight alcohol relapses
35 Innovative program entertains and teaches children about fish migration
36 Study uncovers factors linked to radical attitudes and intentions
37 Which students are at most risk of mental health problems during COVID-19 lockdowns?
38 How readily does COVID-19 spread on school buses?
39 Most people find allergy information on food labels unclear
40 The frequency of misattributed paternity in Sweden
41 Study links cognitive decline with both bone loss and fracture risk
42 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected our dreams?
43 Scientists identify protein markers related to the most common form of leukemia
44 Heart-related test results may indicate risk of death in patients with COVID-19
45 Magic-angle trilayer graphene may be a rare, magnet-proof superconductor
46 Genome editing meets marsupials
47 Firms connected to the Mafia have lower profitability and more likely to go bust
48 This is how the visual system shows us a more persistent world
49 Chromosomes separation under focus
50 The weather forecast for Venus
51 New approach eradicates breast cancer in mice
52 Study finds calcium precisely directs blood flow in the brain
53 Dartmouth study explores race inequity in opioid prescribing among US health systems
54 Cognitive decline may help predict future fracture risk in women
55 Unexpected proteome plasticity in response to persistent temperature rise
56 What does a virtual roller coaster ride tell us about migraine?
57 Hundreds of chemicals, many in consumer products, could increase breast cancer risk
58 Increased physical activity after ICD implantation linked to less hospitalization, death
59 Breastfeeding, even for a few days, linked to lower blood pressure in early childhood
60 As many as one in eight (13%) Polish parents may regret having children
61 New analysis reveals global distribution of toxic pollution and climate change
62 Researchers reverse emphysema in mice by injecting blood vessel wall cells
63 Papua New Guineans show signs of biological adaptations to altitude
64 Oncotarget: Subtypes of thymic epithelial tumors independent of WHO type
65 Noisy gene expression may help improve stem cell therapies
66 Advanced bladder cancers respond to immunotherapy regardless of gene mutation status
67 Doctoral student bridges gap between electronics and optics
68 Mayo Clinic research suggests women over 65 be offered hereditary cancer genetic testing
69 New tests can detect tiny but toxic particles of coal ash in soil
70 Perfecting collagen production in osteogenesis imperfecta
71 Big data-derived tool facilitates closer monitoring of recovery from natural disasters
72 'Good cholesterol' may protect liver
73 Early-life social connections influence gene expression, stress resilience
74 Study: Young workers now value respect over 'fun' perks in the workplace
75 Synlogic publishes papers in Nature journals demonstrating proof-of-mechanism and potential of synth
76 Cattle losing adaptations to environment, MU researchers find
77 Investigational magnetic device shrinks glioblastoma in first-in-world human test
78 Surrey builds AI to find anti-aging chemical compounds
79 During COVID-19, nurses face significant burnout risks, reports American Journal of Nursing
80 'Wrapping' anodes in 3D carbon nanosheets: The next big thing in li-ion battery technology
81 Soft skin patch could provide early warning for strokes, heart attacks
82 New study provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement
83 Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis
84 California's carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself
85 Stanford researchers develop tool to drastically speed up the study of enzymes
86 Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments
87 Pathogens get comfy in designer goo
88 Eco-friendly plastic from cellulose and water
89 Silicon with a two-dimensional structure
90 Smartphone screens effective sensors for soil or water contamination
91 InSight mission: Mars unveiled
92 Study points to remotely supervised exercise classes as best option during lockdown
93 Rensselaer-designed platform could enable personalized immunotherapy
94 Characterized drugs show unexpected effects
95 Artificial intelligence models to analyze cancer images take shortcuts that introduce bias
96 Unlocking genetic clues behind aortic aneurysm
97 Surgeons endorse efforts to improve firearm safety and reduce firearm-related injuries
98 Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
99 Antimatter from laser pincers
100 Parkinson's disease: How lysosomes become a hub for the propagation of the pathology
101 Alpha variant spread via 'super-seeding' event in UK: Oxford research
102 Interaction identified between SARS-CoV-2 and unusual RNA structures in human cells
103 Visualizing a city's energy use
104 Disagreement may be a way to make online content spread faster, further
105 New insights into uncontrolled inflammation in COVID-19 patients
106 Informing policy for long-term global food security
107 Cannabidiol promotes oral ulcer healing by inactivating CMPK2-mediated NLRP3 inflammasome
108 Longitudinal serological and vaccination responses to SARS-COV-2 in dental professionals
109 New study reports strong indications of freshened groundwater offshore the Maltese Islands
110 Burden of oral diseases in emerging countries: A prediction model