File Title
1 Free New AI Tools Accelerate Functional Electronic Materials Discovery
2 Secret Behind Jupiter's "Energy Crisis" Revealed--Puzzled Astronomers for Decades
3 Light Therapy Treatment Helps Burn Injuries Heal Faster
4 Interior of Mars Revealed by NASA InSight Lander's Seismic Observations
5 California's Massive Dixie Fire Keeps Growing--Stunning Image Captured by Astronaut on Space Station
6 Ultrafast Terahertz Nanoscopy: Social Distancing on the Nanoscale
7 Machine Learning Breakthrough: Using Satellite Images To Improve Human Lives at a Global Scale
8 NASA Assembling a Response Team After Perseverance Rover's First Mars Sampling Attempt Comes Up Empty
9 Innovative New Way To Detect the SARS-CoV-2 Alpha Variant in Wastewater
10 Impact Crater Trio: ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter Releases Stunning Image From Lunae Planum, Mars
11 MIT Researchers Devised a Way To Program Memories Into Bacterial Cells by Rewriting Their DNA
12 Chemists Find an Effective Remedy for "Aged" Brain Diseases Such As Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
13 Mars Is Calling! NASA Is Recruiting for Yearlong Simulated Mars Mission
14 Metallic Glass Gears Up for Collaborative Robots, Coatings, and More
15 When Testing Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, Small Modeling Errors Can Add Up Fast
16 Deconstructing the Infectious Biological Weaponry of the COVID-19 Virus
17 Counting Carbon: Only 17% of the Carbon Budget Is Now Left
18 Optical Innovation Key to Unprecedented Accuracy in Beam Control of High-Power Lasers
19 Geologists Discover That NASA Rover Has Been Exploring Surface Sediments, Not Ancient Lake Deposits
20 Hubble Seeing Quintuple--But Appearances Can Be Deceiving
21 Major Milestone As NASA's X-59 QueSST Quiet SuperSonic Technology Aircraft Comes Together
22 Lateral Flow Tests Are 95% Effective at Detecting COVID-19 When Used Soon After Symptoms Start
24 Using Graphene Foam To Filter Uranium and Other Heavy Metals From Drinking Water
25 Record-Breaking Extreme Heat and Cold Events May Result From Similar Physical Processes
26 A Few Steps Closer to Jupiter's Moon Europa: Spacecraft Hardware Makes Headway
27 COVID-19 Pandemic Burdens May Contribute to Outbreaks of Violent Protest and Antigovernment Sentiment
28 Marine Ecologist Surprised To Find "Critically Endangered" Giant Sea Bass Thriving in Mexican Waters
29 The Future of Medicine: New Invention Yields More, Purer RNA at Fraction of the Cost
30 Innovative Coating for Blood Vessels Substantially Reduces Rejection of Transplanted Organs
31 Cutting-Edge Physics: Exotic Matter Is in Our Sights
32 Plans for Gravitational Wave Observatory on the Moon
33 Future Sea Level Rise: What Are We Missing, and How Much Should It Scare Us?
34 New Research Shows Decline in CO2 Cooled Earth's Climate Over 30 Million Years Ago
35 Public Health Experts: Global Eradication of COVID-19 Is Probably Feasible
36 Resonant Modes: Long-Period Oscillations of the Sun Discovered
37 New Carnivorous Plant Discovered in North America--Balances Trapping Prey and Being Pollinated
38 Rescuing the Integral Spacecraft: No Thrust? No Problem
39 SARS-CoV-2 Nanobodies Are Remarkably Active Against Mutations Found in COVID Variants--Including Delta
40 Scientists Turn Harmful Methane Into Methanol at Room Temperature
41 Science Made Simple: What Is Plasma Confinement?
42 Don't Miss "Prime Time" for the Perseid Meteor Shower
43 NASA SLS Moon Rocket Flight Software Readied for Artemis I Launch
44 New Technology That Can Block Cyberattacks From Impacting the Nation's Electric Power Grid
45 National Institutes of Health Small Business Funding Boosts Alzheimer's Science Advances
46 Triple Contagion: How Fears (of COVID and Vaccines) Influence Coronavirus Transmission
47 Bizarre, Metallic Star Spotted Hurtling Out of the Milky Way at 2 Million Miles an Hour
48 Exploring the Moon: CAPSTONE's CubeSat Prepares for Lunar Flight
49 Common Environmental Pollutants in Air and Water Damage Our Mucus Structure and Function
50 2/3 of Calories in Children and Teen Diets Comes From Ultraprocessed Foods
51 Mysterious "Lonely Cloud" Bigger Than Milky Way Found in a Galaxy "No-Man's Land"
52 Shark Diversity Unaffected When the Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out in Global Catastrophe
53 3D Kirigami Building Blocks Designed To Make Dynamic Metamaterial Structures
54 New Theory Proposed To Explain the Transparency of Metallic Oxides
55 As COVID Delta Variant Infections Surge, More Americans Favor Vaccine Mandates
56 Dental Origami--How Snakes Got Their Fangs
57 Strange "Dancing Ghosts" Point to Surprising New Discoveries in the Cosmos
58 Vaping Just Once Raises Oxidative Stress Levels in Healthy Nonsmokers--Increases Disease Risk
59 Another Way HDL "Good" Cholesterol Is Good: Combatting Inflammation
60 Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Technology To Make MRI a New Experience
61 New Technique Identifies Proteins in the Living Brain--Offers Insight Into Brain Diseases and Treatments
62 Being Young in a School Class Puts a Child at a Long-Term Disadvantage Compared to Their Older Peers
63 NASA Science and Cargo Launches on Northrop Grumman Resupply Mission to Space Station
64 Enzyme Identified for Making Key Industrial Chemical in Plants
65 Brain-Inspired Electronics: An Artificial Ionic Neuron for Tomorrow's Electronic Memories
66 Harnessing the Power of Uranium To Treat Diseases Like Cancer
67 Bio-Inspired, Blood-Repelling Tissue Glue Can Seal Wounds Quickly and Stop Bleeding
68 Artificial Intelligence Classifies Brain Tumors With Single MRI Scan
69 Experienced Mouse Mothers Tutor Virgin Females To Parent, Helped by Hormone Oxytocin
70 Successful Installation of the CMS Pixel Tracker at the Large Hadron Collider
71 Unexpected Discovery: Marine Bacteria in Canadian Arctic Capable of Biodegrading Diesel and Oil
72 Lung Cancer: Breakthrough Offers Hope for Increasing Immunotherapy Efficacy
73 Microbes Turn Back the Clock: New Research Discovers Their Potential To Reverse Aging in the Brain
74 One Dose of a New Monoclonal Antibody Safely Prevents Malaria
75 Microbe Genetic "Rewiring" Technique Promises a Boom in Biomanufacturing of Fuels, Materials and Chemicals
76 Major Milestone for NASA's Revolutionary Roman Space Telescope
77 NASA Calculations Show Asteroid Bennu Has a Chance of Slamming Into Earth
78 Fasting May Help Ward Off Infections--Protects Against Foodborne Illness Such As Salmonella
79 New Feedback Loops: Climate Change Will Transform Cooling Effects of Volcanic Eruptions
80 Groundbreaking Discovery in Thermoelectrics: Decoding Thermal Conductivity With Light
81 The First-Ever Space Olympics Aboard the ISS! [Video]
82 NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan Announces Big Science Goals
83 Privilege and Politics Influence Vaccine's Racial Disparity--"Structural Inequities Pose a Serious Threat To Progress"
84 Research Shows Drug Reduces COVID Infection by Up to 70%--Already FDA Approved for Cholesterol
85 BepiColombo Spacecraft Skims Past Venus
86 Secrets of Highly Efficient Swimming Uncovered for Design of Next-Generation Underwater Drones
87 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Spots Perseverance Rover From Above--Can You See It?
88 Innovative New Material Inspired by Chain Mail Transforms from Flexible to Rigid on Command
89 Warfare, Not Climate Change, Is Driving Resurgent Hunger in Africa
90 LEDs Light the Way to COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfection
91 Mysterious Flickering Decoded: Supermassive Black Hole Size Revealed by Its Feeding Pattern
92 New Drug Molecules Could Prevent Skin Aging Caused by Ultraviolet Sun Exposure
93 Spectacular Set of Massive Concentric Rings Around a Black Hole
94 New Blood Test Improves Prostate Cancer Screening--Can Reduce the Number of MRIs Performed
95 2021 BMC Ecology and Evolution Image Competition: See the Spectacular Winning Photographs
96 Say Goodbye to the Dots and Dashes: Enhanced Optical Storage Media
97 Cold Sores: Discovery Reveals How Stress, Illness, and Even Sunburn Trigger Flare-Ups
98 Medical Marijuana? Cancer Patients Use Less Cannabis Than General Public
99 Keeping an Eye on Ocean Plastic Pollution...From Space! [Video]
100 Retracing the Astonishing Lifetime Journey of an 17,000-Year-Old Arctic Woolly Mammoth
101 Investigating Materials for Safe, Secure Nuclear Energy
102 Salt Marsh Resilience Compromised by Superabundant Crabs Along Tidal Creek Edges
103 FDA Authorizes Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Dose--But Not For Everyone
104 New DNA Technology Based on CRISPR Could Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics
105 Scientists Warn: Urgent Need for Improved Reporting of Biomedical Research on Mammalian Cells
106 An Invasive Moth Killed Thousands of Acres of Oak Trees, but Some Trees Survived--Here's Why
107 Missing Puzzle Piece Discovered: Critical Advance in Quantum Computer Design
108 Corals Survive the Heat With Help From Probiotic Bacteria
110 Venom Contributed to the Extraordinary Species Diversity of Fish and Insects