File Title
1 Portrait of a Swirling Galaxy: Hubble Peers Inside Horologium "The Clock"
2 Superconductivity in Cuprates: "From Maximal to Minimal Dissipation"--A New Model?
3 New ForCE Model Accurately Predicts How Coasts Will Be Impacted by Storms and Sea-Level Rise
4 Biological Invasions Are Threatening Bird and Mammal Diversity
5 American Physical Society Announces Fall 2021 Prize and Award Recipients
6 Cutting Just 250 Calories Daily and Exercising for Significant Weight Loss and Improved Heart Health
7 A Supermassive Black Hole Emitted a Flare Away From Us, but Its Intense Gravity Redirected the Blast Back in Our Direction
8 NASA Interns Take Space Washing Machine Designs for a Spin
9 Buzz About Thermoelectric Generators Heats Up With Promising New Magnesium-Based Materials
10 Innovative Nanomaterials To Decontaminate Water
11 Scientists Solve the Mystery of Romanesco Cauliflower Formation
12 Turning Used Diapers Into Sticky Notes: Using Chemical Recycling To Prevent Millions of Tons of Waste
13 Can Consciousness Be Explained by Quantum Physics? Fascinating Research Takes Us a Step Closer to Finding Out
14 Antibiotics in Early Life Could Lead to Brain Disorders
15 A Slowdown in Earth's Rotation Could Have Affected the Oxygen Content of the Atmosphere
16 Most Seizure Medications Carry a Life-and-Death Warning--Here's the Problem
17 Why Is the COVID Delta Variant Such a Worry? It's More Infectious, Can Cause Severe Disease, and Challenges Our Vaccines
18 Our Brains Encode Musical Predictions Even When Music Doesn't Play
19 Prehistoric Cave Art: Neanderthals Indeed Painted Andalusia's Cueva De Ardales
20 A Cousin of Table Salt Could Make Rechargeable Batteries Faster and Safer
21 Increase in Childhood Short-Sightedness May Be Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic
22 One of World's Rarest Chameleons Found Clinging to Survival in Patches of Rainforest in Malawi
23 When a Single Tree Makes a Difference
24 Research Shows Common Insecticide Is Harmful to Bees in Any Amount
25 Century-Old Mysterious Puzzle Solved: How Sex Cells Get the Right Genetic Mix
26 What You Need To Know About NASA's Boeing Starliner Spacecraft Launch + How To Watch It Live
27 How Three Artificial Intelligence Technologies Can Sharpen a Company's Strategic Edge
28 The Hubble Deep Field: Looking Back In Time [Video]
29 Breakthrough: Magnetizing a Material Without Applying an External Magnetic Field
30 Evidence That Giraffes Are a Highly Socially Complex Species--As Socially Sophisticated As Elephants
31 Discovering the Cause of a Deadly Problem in Rocket Engine Combustors
32 Phantom Head Used To Devise Strategies To Reduce Aerosolization of SARS-CoV-2 During Dental Procedures
33 Double Venus Flyby! Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo Set To Make Space History
34 Safety of Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain Confirmed in New Study
35 Cholesterol-Lowering Statins May Improve Survival for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients
36 Oral Vaccines Sometimes Fail in Resource-Poor Countries--New Research Helps Explain Why
37 Lollapalooza Is "A Recipe for Disaster"--Spike in COVID-19 Infections Expected in Two Weeks
38 Extraordinary New Material Converts Waste Heat Into Energy
39 Scientists Catch Shape-Shifting Coronavirus Protein Complex in the Act
40 Scientists Declare Climate Emergency: Earth's Vital Signs Worsen Amid Business-As-Usual on Climate Change
41 Global Response to COVID-19 Hurt by Inadequate Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 Variants
42 New Insights Into How Central Supermassive Black Holes Influence the Evolution of Their Host Galaxy
43 NASA Says Cold Shadows on the Lunar Surface Can Explain Moon Water Mystery
44 Prolonged Sitting Linked to Worse Job Performance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
45 High Lipid Levels in Early Pregnancy Linked With Congenital Heart Disease in Children
46 Research Yields New Insights on the Genetics of Height
47 Higher Risk of Dementia Associated With Fine Particulate Air Pollution
48 Cancer Survivors Are More Likely To Experience Accelerated Aging
49 Are the Negative Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Worse for Girls Than Boys?
50 COVID-19 Vaccination Affects on Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease Flares
51 High Risk of Bias in Studies of COVID-19 in Patients With Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
52 Big Differences Exposed Among Amazonian Countries in Their Rates of Forest Recovery As Well as Deforestation
53 Highly Potent COVID Treatment: New Nanobodies Stop SARS-CoV-2 and Its Dangerous Variants
54 100 Days of Space Science for ESA Astronaut Thomas Pesquet
55 A History of African Dust Transport Across North Atlantic
56 Rocket Tanks Made of Lightweight Carbon Fiber Proven Possible
57 Flexible, Wearable X-Ray Detector Doesn't Require Toxic Heavy Metals
58 Launch Preparations Underway for NASA's First Mission to the Trojan Asteroids
59 Measuring Photovoltaic Performance Indoors--Under Artificial Ambient Light
60 Triboelectric Nanogenerators: Harvesting Energy From Ocean Waves
61 Self-Harvesting Energy To Power Rechargeable Devices, Sensors
62 Pacemaker of the Future Could Harvest Kinetic Energy From the Heart--No Battery Needed
63 Neurodegenerative Disease Protein Linked to Defective Cholesterol Metabolism
64 Incredible 3700-Year-Old Babylonian Clay Tablet Is World's Oldest Example of Applied Geometry
65 NASA Identifies Most Likely Locations of the Early Molten Moon's Deep Secrets
66 Prototype Artificial Stomach Reveals Fluid Dynamics of Food Digestion
67 What We Now Know About the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant That's Wreaking Havoc Globally
68 Founding Father of Lithium-Ion Batteries Helps Solve Persistent 40-Year Problem With His Invention
69 How "Overwhelming" Government Guidance Held Schools Back As COVID Hit
70 Hidden Supernova: Stars Are Exploding in Dusty Galaxies--We Just Can't Always See Them
71 How Cells Use Memories of Past Inflammation To Respond to New Threats
72 Simple New Way to Desalinate Water Using Solar Energy
73 The First "Bionic Bird"--New Foot for "Mia" the Bearded Vulture
74 Mysterious Dimming of Red Supergiant Betelgeuse Explained by New Theory
75 Two Types of Blood Pressure Medicine Prevent Heart Events Equally, but Side Effects Differ
76 NASA PUNCH Mission Advances Toward 2023 Launch
78 Astronomers Find Small Rocky Planet--Just Half the Mass of Venus
79 Breakthrough in Supercharging Reactions for Clean Energy Fuel Cells
80 Toxin Sponges May Protect Poisonous Birds and Frogs From Their Own Poisons
81 Ocean Current System--That Influences Weather Patterns Globally--Seems To Be Approaching a Tipping Point
82 Women More Likely To Feel Like "Impostors" in Disciplines That Prize Brilliance
83 Quantum Crystal With "Time Reversal" Could Be a New Dark Matter Sensor
84 Investigation Into the Origin of Elements in the Universe Yields New Insights
85 Coffee and Veggies May Help Protect Against COVID-19
86 Long-Theorized Neutron-Clustering Effect in Nuclear Reactors Demonstrated for First Time
87 Immune Cells Assemble: Boosting Chemotherapy Effects in Pancreatic Cancer
88 Stanford Research Shows Why Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Shouldn't Be Skipped
89 Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration With Deep Learning Neural Networks
90 Smoke Billows From Deadly Wildfires in Turkey
91 Nitrogen Inputs in the Ancient Ocean: Underappreciated Bacteria Step Into the Spotlight
92 COVID Antibodies Remain Stable--or Even Increase--7 Months After Infection
93 Gene Targets of Stress Hormones Identified in the Brain Could Lead to Prevention and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
94 Experts Warn That Minor Volcanic Eruptions Could "Cascade" Into Global Catastrophe
95 NASA Scientist's Favorite Martian Image: Helicopter Scouts Ridge Area for Perseverance
96 Mediterranean Continues To Bake--Surface Temperatures Over 120 in Turkey and Cyprus
97 Olympic Sound Design: 3,600 Microphones and Counting
98 Japanese Scientists Tried Mailing Freeze-Dried Mouse Sperm on a Postcard--Here's What They Discovered
99 Discovery Alert: A "Cool" Neptune-Like Planet--With Plenty of Atmosphere?
100 Russia's Forests Store More Carbon Than Previously Thought--Estimated 3.9 Trillion Cubic Feet of Wood
101 A COVID Diagnostic in Only 20 Minutes, Using Two CRISPR Enzymes
102 New Device Can Diagnose COVID-19 and Variants From Saliva Samples
103 Proteins and Inflammation: Breakthrough Into Leading Cause of Blindness
104 Astronomers Spot Unusual, Enormous Rings Around a Black Hole
105 Satellites Reveal How Forests Increase Clouds and Cool the Climate
107 First US Case of Human-Led Insect Extinction Confirmed by DNA From 93-Year-Old Butterfly
108 Remarkable Evolutionary Accessory: Sticky Toes Unlock Life in the Trees
110 More Than 1.5 Million Children Lost a Caregiver Due to the COVID Pandemic
111 New Research Reveals How Smell Receptors Work--Answers Decades-Old Question of Odor Recognition
112 Tiny Organisms Shed Big Light on Ocean Nutrients--And the True Impacts of Climate Change
113 NASA's TESS Tunes Into an Unprecedented All-Sky "Symphony" of Pulsating Red Giant Stars
114 Decades of Research Brings Quantum Dots to Brink of Widespread Use in a Range of Technology Applications
115 Astronomers Probe Layer-Cake Structure of Monster Brown Dwarf's Alien Atmosphere
116 Translation Software Enables Efficient Storage of Massive Amounts of Data in DNA Molecules
117 Ancient Herbal Medicine From Asia May Offer Relief to Veterans With Gulf War Illness
118 The Secret History of Corn--And Its "Jumping Genes"--Revealed in Its Genome
119 Scientists Surprised: Fighting Off Food Poisoning Depends on the Time of Day