File Title
1 Boeing Starliner launch faces further delays
2 NASA mulls how to dispose of International Space Station
3 Size of supermassive black hole divulged by eating pattern
4 Huge rings around a black hole
5 Astronomers detect light from behind a black hole for the first time
6 Army successfully tests high-energy laser weapon
7 Israel says used 'airborne laser' to down drones
8 AFRL directed energy industry days
9 Israel unveils laser-guided 'precision' mortar system
10 Army partners with Air Force's THOR for base defense
11 OSIRIS-REx helps scientists model the orbit of hazardous asteroid Bennu
12 Hermeus fully-funded to flight with US Air Force Partnership
13 Netflix plans series on historic SpaceX Inspiration4 mission
14 Spacesuit delays threaten moon landing plans, NASA watchdog says
15 US watchdog upholds SpaceX's Moon lander contract
16 Siberian region announces day off as wildfire smoke spreads
17 Niger's flood death toll rises to 55
18 Don't bet on eruptions to lessen climate change: study
19 Only slight chance of asteroid Bennu hitting Earth: NASA
20 Algeria mourns 69 dead as Mediterranean wildfires spread
21 Experts eye unstable glacier within Italy's Mont Blanc
22 Algeria mourns 65 dead as Mediterranean wildfires spread
23 Drink and drive: whisky waste powers Scottish trucks
24 In blistering drought, California farmers rip up precious almond trees
25 Microsoft protests Amazon win of big US cloud contract
26 Facebook delays return to campus as Delta variant rages
27 Gates offers $1.5 billion in climate help if US takes legislative action
28 Disney streaming booms as theaters grapple with pandemic
29 Disney+ subscriptions climb as earnings beat expectations
30 TikTok ramps up privacy protection for teens
31 Twitch vows to fight racist 'hate raids'
32 US legislation aims to break grip on app stores
33 Hackers return portion of record crypto heist haul
34 Samsung unveils new foldable smartphones as competition heats up
35 China says bringing Delta-driven COVID outbreak under control
36 Asian markets drop as traders eye Fed move, Delta spread
37 China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe
38 21 dead as torrential rainfall batters central China
39 Friends call for China to release Australian journalist
40 Why a Hong Kong artist chose 'self-exile' in Taiwan
41 WHO asks China for more data on COVID origins as Russia deaths spike
42 Stocks mixed as traders eye data, China regulation
43 Documentary probing COVID source puts China lab back under spotlight
44 Only slight chance of asteroid Bennu hitting Earth: NASA
45 Commander offers strategies for deterring aggression from China and Russia
46 Air Force Materiel Command takes on role as servicing major command for Space Force
47 DARPA Comb Technologies Yield Breakthroughs in Defense and Civilian Sectors
48 Rocket Lab launches US Space Force mission
49 Space Force chief seeks European alliances to counter threats
50 AFRL conducts 1,300 experiments on record-breaking satellite
51 US to build spy base in UK to identify threats to satellites: reports
52 Space Force reluctant to spearhead Pentagon's UFO Investigation Program
53 Lockheed Martin to upgrade US missile defense system's Multi-Domain Command and Control Capability
54 Raisi tells Macron nuclear talks must guarantee Tehran's 'rights'
55 Iranian Kurd party accuses Tehran of killing official in Iraq
56 Raisi says to back any diplomatic moves to lift Iran sanctions
57 Scientists detect characteristics of the birth of a major challenge to harvesting fusion energy on Earth
58 Department of Energy to provide $100 million for high energy physics research
59 Department of Energy announces $9.35 million for research on high energy density plasmas
60 Gaming graphics card allows faster, more precise control of fusion energy experiments
61 Manipulating magnets in the quest for fusion
62 Revisiting a quantum past for a fusion future
63 Aviation Week awards NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter with laureate
64 Satellites reveal how forests increase cloud and cool climate
65 China to release updated climate plans 'in near future': envoy
66 No 'eureka moment': the evolution of climate science
67 Climate past provides tipping point 'early warning': study
68 India skips key London climate meet; UK gets warmer and wetter
69 Earth's vital signs worsen amid business-as-usual mindset on climate change
70 Next Vega mission to orbit Pleiades Neo 4 EO bird and 4 small science sats
71 ESA contracts Arianegroup to make a more versatile Ariane 6
72 Ariane 6 targets new missions with Astris kick stage
73 New evidence of recent Venusian volcanism
74 ESA gets ready for double Venus flyby
75 Dragonfly mission to Titan announces big science goals
76 Glenn researchers study new, futuristic concept to explore Titan
77 Johns Hopkins Scientists Model Saturn's Interior
78 South Korea commissions first SLBM submarine
79 Iran's Raisi presents conservative, male-only cabinet
80 CIA chief visits Israel amid Iran tensions
81 Nagasaki marks atomic bomb anniversary with sombre ceremony
82 Israel strikes Syria after attack near secretive nuclear site
83 US, Japan, S. Korea show united front on N. Korea
84 NATO says to support Afghan govt. 'as much as possible'
85 Four dead in shooting rampage at Malaysian military base
86 Turkish army fire kills Iraqi Kurd farmer: local official
87 France suspends military cooperation with Ethiopia
88 NATO envoys to hold urgent meeting on Afghanistan
89 S. Korean sailor found dead after alleged sexual abuse
90 Northrop Grumman set to launch 16th cargo delivery mission to ISS
91 Russia to stop using ISS by 2028, create own National Space Station
92 Finding the cause of a fatal problem in rocket engine combustors
93 Tianhe astronauts use free time to watch ping-pong and exercise
94 Shanxi company helps astronauts keep fit in space
95 BlackSky to expand constellation with three back-to-back missions
96 Skykraft to begin launch of space-based air traffic management constellation
97 Next batch of OneWeb satellites set to launch August 20
98 Space company in search for professionals
99 NASA Exploration has LEGS
100 NSF awards funding for next-generation VLA antenna development
101 Upgrades to NASA's Space Communications Infrastructure Pave the Way to Higher Data Rates
102 Experiment bound for Space Station turns down the heat
103 DARPA selects research teams to enable quantum shift in spectrum sensing
104 The truth about space traffic management
105 New ESO observations show rocky exoplanet has just half the mass of Venus
106 Small force, big effect: How the planets could influence the sun
107 Did nature or nurture shape the Milky Way's most common planets
108 Astronomers find evidence of possible life-sustaining planet
109 NASA, international panel provide a new window on rising seas
110 Climate-vulnerable island nations call on world to save 'our very future'
111 Key Atlantic Ocean current system could be collapsing
112 From the toilet to the sink: water recycling battles scarcity
113 Drop in the bucket: US infrastructure plan may fall short on water
114 Resource-starved Singapore turns sewage into ultra-clean water
115 Stanford researchers use artificial intelligence to unlock extreme weather mysteries