File Title
1 Back-to-School and COVID: What You Should Know
2 To Shake Hands or Not? An Age-Old Human Gesture Now in Limbo
3 Heart Doc Offering 'Fountain of Youth' Jailed for 6-1/2 Years
4 Florida Broke COVID-19 Records Several Times During Past Week
5 COVID-19 Vaccine Could See Full FDA Approval Within Weeks: Fauci
6 Delta a Concern on Campus: Back to College Amid COVID Surge
7 Canada Allows Fully Vaccinated US Visitors
8 Biden Supports Mandating Vaccine for Military
9 Plant-Based Lignan Intake Linked to Lower CHD Risk
10 Colorectal Polyps Often Recur After Incomplete Resection
11 Early Signs COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Stop Delta Transmission, England Says
12 Seven Die After Outbreak of Colombian Variant of COVID-19 at Belgian Nursing Home
13 Rapid COVID Tests Reliable in Close Contacts Without Symptoms
14 US Nurses' COVID-19 Grief Pours Out Online: 'I Just Don't Want to Watch Anyone Else Die'
15 United Airlines Makes COVID-19 Shots Compulsory for US Employees
16 South African Study Shows High COVID Protection From J&J Shot
17 Men Dominate Discussions at Academic Medical Conferences
18 Elevated Anemia Risk Even Years After Bariatric Surgery
19 Early Cholecystectomy for Mild Gallstone Pancreatitis May Also Have Economic Benefits
20 Guinea Records Probable Case of Marburg Virus
21 Preprocedural Urinalyses Common but Often Not Indicated
22 Minimally Invasive Pneumonectomy Seems Safe, Effective for NSCLC
23 New DNA Sequencing Panel Improves Malignancy Detection in Biliary Strictures
24 Will We Need Vaccine Passports to Do Fun Things?
25 Novel Dose-Dense Multidrug Regimen Shows Promise in Relapsed/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma
26 Women Still Under-represented in CVD Trials, Despite Requirements
27 COVID-19 Mitigation Measures Led to Shifts in Typical Annual Respiratory Virus Patterns
28 Low Glycemic Diet Improves A1c, Other Risk Factors in Diabetes
29 CMS' Proposed 22% Cut to Radiation Oncology Is 'Tone Deaf'
30 Physician 'Predator' Sentenced for Opioid-Related Patient Death; More
31 CMS Proposes to Reverse Decision on 2021 Inpatient-Only List; Orthopedists Hope Total Joints Are Next
32 Injuries Mount as Sales Reps for Device Makers Cozy Up to Surgeons, Even in Operating Rooms
33 Exposure to Marijuana Smoke Linked to Increased Risk for Respiratory Infections in Children
34 Texas Gov. Abbott Seeks Out-of-State Help Against COVID-19
35 EU Approves Dapagliflozin for Kidney Disease, Regardless of Diabetes
36 How Do Border Policies Affect US Infection Rates?
37 Critics Face Legal Threats as Journal Takes More Than 3 Years to Act
38 Anaplasmosis Quadruples in New York State
39 Androgenetic Alopecia Has an Adverse Effect on Emotions, Quality of Life
40 Little Variation in Outcomes Across US Liver Transplant Programs
41 Congress Likely to Extend Virtual Care Coverage After COVID: Telehealth Exec
42 Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
43 US Settles Scientist's Whistleblower Complaint About Trump COVID-19 Response
44 BioNTech Says Vaccine Repeats Beat Devising New One for Now
45 Florida Governor Threatens School Leaders' Pay Over Mask Mandates
46 Facebook Bans Firm Behind Pfizer, AstraZeneca Smear Campaign
47 COVID Vaccine Hesitancy: 90 Million Still on the Fence
48 Beyond Delta, Scientists Are Watching New Coronavirus Variants
49 As COVID Resurges, Vaccinated Americans Rage Against Holdouts
50 France Seeks Volunteers to Help Battle COVID-19 in Caribbean Territories
51 Global Youth Depression and Anxiety Doubled During Pandemic
52 Israeli Survey Finds 3rd Pfizer Vaccine Dose Has Similar Side Effects to 2nd
53 Cervical Cancer Screening Tied to Stable or Declining Incidence, Mortality
54 Stop Vincristine-Dexamethasone Pulse Therapy in Low-Risk Childhood ALL After One Year: Trial
55 Inconsistencies Common in Provider Guidelines for Respiratory Protection During Pandemic
56 Task Force Affirms Routine Gestational Diabetes Testing
57 Vancomycin Powder Falls Short for Infection Prevention in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
58 Why Aren't More Women Doctors in the Top-Paying Specialties?
59 Opioid Prescribing Laws Having an Impact
60 Real-World COVID Vaccine Protection High in Transplant Patients
61 Pandemic Demand for NPs Soars, Softens for Primary Care: Report
62 Neuroimaging Use Soars in the ED
63 Leadless Endocardial LV Pacing: Another Way to Extend CRT's Reach
64 Hysterectomy, Chemo Fraud Allegations Settled by Hospitals, DOJ
65 DeSantis' Executive Order Is Misleading About Lack of Scientific Support for Masking in Schools
66 ED Docs Are Cleaning Up the Messes of Medical Tourism
67 AI Hones in on CMR Markers of Mortality in Aortic Stenosis
68 Public Favors Masks in Classrooms but Balks at Mandating Vaccinations for Students
69 Surge of Child COVID Cases Continues for 6th Consecutive Week
70 'You Have Cancer': When the Computer Pre-empts the Doctor
71 Ambulances Wait Outside Hospitals as COVID Infections Spread
72 COVID-19 During Pregnancy Can Lead to Preterm Birth, Study Says
73 Iron Deficiency in Children With Cow's Milk Allergies: Are Restrictive Diets to Blame?
74 Yelp's New Feature Shows if Businesses Require Vaccinations
75 Fauci: COVID-19 Vaccinations Should Be Required for Teachers
76 Diabetes Drugs Tied to Less Amyloid, Slowed Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's
77 Cesarean Delivery Linked to Higher Risk for Allergy Hospitalizations
78 Continuous Smartphone Screen Time Linked With Nearsightedness in Teens
79 Florida Kids Head Back to School Amid COVID-19 Surge
80 White House Reacts to Battle Over School Mask Mandates in Florida
81 Oxford Researcher Urges Britain to Donate Vaccines Rather Than Give Boosters
82 California to Require COVID-19 Vaccine or Test for Teachers
83 COVID Booster Doses on the Horizon for Vulnerable Adults
84 COVID-19 During Pregnancy Linked to Preterm Birth, Study Says
85 As COVID Resurges, Vaccinated Americans Rage Against Holdouts
86 Potential Endgame Scenarios for COVID-19
87 How to Stay Safe as the Delta Variant Spreads
88 Federal Judge Rules Against Several Indiana Abortion Laws
89 Study: Those Vaccinated Still Face Risk of COVID-19
90 Back to School, Back to COVID-19? Delta Changes the Situation
91 COVID-19 Vaccinations Should Be Required for Teachers, Fauci Says
92 White House Responds to Battle over School Mask Mandates in Florida
93 Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Nurses Are Underpaid
94 4th Case of Tropical Bacterial Illness Found in the U.S.
95 How Heat Kills: Deadly Weather 'Cooking' People From Within
96 Camel Milk: A Centuries Old 'Superfood' as Diabetes Treatment
97 Ever Heard of Lignans? Eat Them and Your Heart Will Thank You
98 Hospitals Struggle to Find Nurses, Beds, Even Oxygen as Delta Surges
99 Mosquito-Resistant, Bite Proof Clothing in the Works
100 Dancing to Music Can Curb Parkinson's Disease Progression
101 Recall: Carrots Sold Nationwide Over Salmonella Fears
102 Recall: Muffins Sold Nationwide Over Possible Listeria Contamination
103 Stop Using Neutrogena and Aveeno Spray Sunscreen, J&J Warns
104 Beech-Nut Recalls Baby Food Over High Arsenic Levels
105 Recall: Cooked Chicken Because of Listeria Contamination
106 Humans Harness AI To Speed Drug Development
107 CRISPR and the End of Genetic Diseases
108 How Hackers Hold Hospitals, and Your Health, for Ransom
109 The Therapist in Your Smartphone
110 New Rules for Unvaccinated People, Delta Continues to Surge: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights
111 Federal Judge Rules Against Several Indiana Abortion Laws