File Title
1 Biden to GOP Govs: Help With COVID or 'Get Out of the Way'
2 Tennessee Sued Over 'Bathroom Bill' for Public Schools
3 Will the Delta Variant Peak and Then Burn Out?
4 Multisite Left Ventricular Pacing Can Turn Failed CRT Into a Win
5 Same-Day Discharge for Elective PCI Safe in Real-World Analysis
6 Simple Compression Maneuver Curbs Pain on Coughing After Abdominal Surgery
7 Patients Can Pick Up Respiratory Illnesses at the Doctor's Office
8 Healthy Lifestyle May Dial Down High Genetic Cancer Risk
9 Sturgis Bike Rally Revs Back Bigger, Despite Virus Variant
10 Midodrine Reduces Fainting
11 Nursing Home to Workers: Get Vaccine or Lose Your Job
12 WHO Calls for Pause on Booster Doses
13 Short-term Approach Best for Seizure Prevention After Intracerebral Hemorrhage
14 Lilly's COVID-19 Drug Reduces Death Risk in Patients on Mechanical Ventilation
15 China's Wuhan to Test All 12 Million Residents as Delta Variant Spreads
16 Tougher Terms: Why the EU Is Paying More for New COVID Shots
17 Repurposed Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Alzheimer's
18 FDA's Accelerated Drug Approval Process Under Investigation by OIG
19 US Science Labs Getting Towering New Equipment
20 Children's Long-term Effects, Kids' Vaccinations, Lockdown Army Patrols: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights
21 Alzheimer's Disease: What's in the Research Pipeline?
22 Internal Mammary Lymph Node Radiation Safe Over the Long Term
23 Ophthalmologists Detail Eye Injuries From Huge Beirut Blast
24 Injectable Monoclonal Antibodies Prevent COVID-19 in Trial
25 Pandemic Amplifies Urgent Need for Long-term Care Reform
26 FDA Rejects Tenapanor for Control of Phosphorus in Kidney Disease
27 Childhood Reading Problems Linked to Worse Mid-Life Memory
28 'Munchausen by Internet' Crises a Warning for All HCPs
29 Can Older Adults Walk Their Way Out of Dementia?
30 Top Cancer Center Claims a Consultancy First. Critic Disagrees
31 More People Opting for Boosters Amid Scientific Uncertainty
32 New COVID Cases Among Children Far Outpace Vaccinations
33 Physical Activity Offsets Serious Health Risks of Poor Sleep
34 Scientists Use Gaming Technology to Monitor Tumors, Cancer Spread
35 Cut Aducanumab Cost, Speed Confirmatory Research, ICER Says
36 No Higher Risk for Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease Flares Seen After COVID-19 Vaccination
37 Myocarditis Tied to COVID-19 Shots More Common Than Reported?
38 Despite Retraction, Study Using Fraudulent Surgisphere Data Still Cited
39 Florida Hospital Defers Elective Surgeries, Beds in Meeting Rooms
40 COVID Nurse Is Thrilled to Be Back on Pro Bowling Circuit
41 Senate Uses Murky Math as It Shelves Drug Pricing Rule to Fund Infrastructure
42 Moderna Says Boosters May Be Needed After 6 Months
43 FDA Aiming to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month: NY Times
44 EU Seals Deal With Novavax for Up to 200 Million COVID-19 Vaccines
45 Israeli Airline El Al to Carry Out Mid-Flight COVID Test Trial
46 Walgreens Sees Surge in US COVID-19 Vaccinations in Recent Weeks
47 Barbie Debuts Doll in Likeness of British COVID-19 Vaccine Developer
48 Global COVID-19 Cases Surpass 200 Million as Delta Variant Spreads
49 Physician Group Pushes for Preoperative COVID-19 Tests Even Among Vaccinated
50 White House Says US Can Provide COVID-19 Boosters if Needed
51 Texas COVID-19 Wave Is Climbing More Steeply Than Past Waves
52 US Developing Plan to Require Foreign Visitors to Be Vaccinated: Official
53 Piece of Tape Improves Patients' Mask-Wearing Adherence
54 COVID-19 Vaccines May Protect Patients' Lungs
55 Thousands of Patients Were Implanted With Heart Pumps That the FDA Knew Could Be Dangerous
56 Hospital Intervention Fails to Improve Heart Failure Outcomes
57 Decompression Alone Not Inferior to Decompression With Fusion for Spondylolisthesis
58 HtrA1 Augmentation Promising for Chromosome 10-Driven Age-Related Macular Degeneration
59 Adolescent Depression, Suicide Risk Rose During COVID-19 Pandemic
60 3D-Bioprinted Cardiac Patches Promising for Myocardial Regeneration After Heart Attacks
61 Statin Use Linked to Improved Outcome in Tough-to-Treat Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
62 Malaria Transmission in Africa Worsened by Small Dams
63 Multidisciplinary Panel Develops New Grading System for Acute Allergic Reactions
64 New Guideline on Omalizumab for Adolescents With Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria
65 How Diet Affects NASH-to-HCC Progression
66 Management of Malignant Alimentary Tract Obstruction
67 Long COVID Symptoms Rare but Real in Some Kids
68 Patients With Diabetes More Likely to Be Hospitalized, Especially With Foot Infection
69 Pfizer Epilepsy Drug Prices Were 'Unfairly High,' UK Review Finds
70 Thrombophilia Not a Major Player in VTE in Patients With IBD
71 Novo Nordisk's New Weight-Loss Drug Getting a Boost From Pandemic: CEO
72 Britain Says China's BGI Must Register Prenatal Tests by September 1
73 'Routine' Use of Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer in Next 5 Years
74 Androgen Blockers Likely Boost Survival in Older Men With Nonmetastatic CR Prostate Cancer
75 Decline in Hospitalizations for Heart Attack and Stroke Persisted Through 2020
76 Researcher Who Faked Co-Authors Earns Two More Retractions, Publication Ban
77 'Abandoned' Man Dies in Hospital Waiting Room, Lawsuit Says
78 Schools Sue and Mayor Defies Arkansas Mask Mandate Ban
79 Arizona Doctors Urge Governor to Require Masks in Schools
80 House Lawmaker Suing Pelosi Over Mask Rule Says He Has COVID
81 Clarity on COVID Count: Pandemic's Toll on Seniors Extended Well Beyond Nursing Homes
82 Doctor: Delta Variant Spread 'Like a Tsunami' in Mississippi
83 California to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines for Health Workers
84 Potential Military Vaccine Mandate Brings Distrust, Support
85 COVID in Louisiana Shows Consequences of Delta Variant, Low Vaccination Rate
86 US COVID-19 Cases Hit 6-Month High at Over 100,000: Reuters Tally
87 Top French Court Approves Macron's COVID-19 Health Pass Rules
88 Novavax Seeks OK for COVID Vaccine in Needy Countries First
89 Are COVID Vaccine Passes Moving the Needle on Getting People Inoculated?
90 Italy Makes COVID-19 Health Pass Mandatory for Teachers
91 Argentina Handles Sputnik V Delay by Giving Second Jabs of Other Vaccines
92 SARS-CoV-2 Particles Found in Retina
93 Donald Milton on Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19
94 FDA Clears New Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Pompe Disease
95 CDC: Vaccination May Cut Risk of COVID Reinfection in Half
96 Class I Recall of Boston Scientific INGENIO Family of Pacemakers
97 Dangerous Price of COVID Rules for Women, Children in Africa
98 Switching From Cheap to Pricey HIV PrEP Drug Often Happens Without Clear Reason
99 Achieving a 'New Sexual-Health Paradigm' Means Expanding STI Care
100 MR Elastography Could Predict Cirrhosis in NAFLD
101 New-AF Risk May Not Rise With Light Drinking, May Fall With Wine
102 IBD: COVID-19 Vaccination Still Effective in Immunosuppressed
103 New Biomaterial Vaccines Aim to Ward Off Future Pandemic Threats
104 No Win for Milrinone Over Dobutamine in Cardiogenic Shock
105 FDA Clears Abbott's AI-Powered Coronary Imaging Platform
106 Tackle Obesity to Drop Risk for Secondary Cardiac Event
107 Biologics for Asthma Also Improve Chronic Rhinosinusitis
108 Flavonoids Dietary 'Powerhouses' for Cognitive Decline Prevention
109 Mobile Stroke Teams Treat Patients Faster, Reduce Disability
110 Better CNS Control in Children With ALL: 'Goldilocks' Approach
111 Fauci: Booster Shots for Immunocompromised People in the Works
112 Delaware Docs Doubt Expanded APRN Scope Will Aid Patient Access
113 Berotralstat Reduces Hereditary Angioedema Attacks in Phase 3 Trial
114 Schools Reopen With Masks Optional in Many US Classrooms
115 Judge: Norwegian Cruises Can Require Proof of Vaccination
116 Camel Milk: A Centuries Old 'Superfood' as Diabetes Treatment