File Title
1 Renewable energies: No wind turbine disturbing the scenery
2 Solar cells: Layer of three crystals produces a thousand times more power
3 Revealing the secrets of cell competition
4 Synthesis of new red phosphors with a smart material as a host material
5 Tree-ring records reveal Asian monsoon variability
6 No IgA leads to intestinal inflammation in mice
7 Farm consolidation has negative effect on wild pollinators
8 Removal of barred owls slows decline of iconic spotted owls in Pacific Northwest, study finds
9 A machine learning breakthrough: using satellite images to improve human lives
10 Strong signals
11 The origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
12 Untrained beer drinkers can taste different barley genotypes
13 Study identifies MET amplification as driver for some non-small cell lung cancers
14 New algorithm may help autonomous vehicles navigate narrow, crowded streets
15 Coffee doesn't raise your risk for heart rhythm problems
16 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
17 New 3D images of shark intestines show they function like Nikola Tesla's valve
18 Main attraction: Scientists create world's thinnest magnet
19 Copper transporter potential new treatment target for cardiovascular disease
20 More than 1.5M children lost a primary or secondary caregiver due to the COVID-19 pandemic
21 Thinking about getting pregnant? First check your risks for heart disease
22 Study finds surprising source of social influence
23 New research could help clear backlog of surgery since it shows use of airway device in
24 SuperBIT: A low-cost balloon-borne telescope to rival Hubble
25 Mycoplasma mobile moves into overdrive: Twin motor modified from ATP synthase discovered
26 Dearth of mental health support during pandemic for those with chronic health problems
27 Planetary shields will buckle under stellar winds from their dying stars
28 The Lancet: 1.5 million children worldwide have lost parent, grandparent, caregiver due to COVID-19
29 Tropical fly study shows that a mother's age and diet influences offspring health
30 Women's heart health is strongly related to pregnancy outcomes
31 Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic
32 Urgent need for anti-smoking campaigns to continue after pregnancy
33 Biodiversity, climate change and the fate of coral reefs
34 Gene expression mechanism may have immunity, cancer implications
35 DNA from 93-year-old butterfly confirms the first US case of human-led insect extinction
36 Climate change threatens food security of many countries dependent on fish
37 Bleak cyborg future from brain-computer interfaces if we're not careful
38 Data identifies turbine wake clustering, improves wind farm productivity via yaw control
39 Babies at risk for diabetes may have microbiota restored
40 Tomato fruits send electrical warnings to the rest of the plant when attacked by insects
41 New insight into "training" highly reactive chemical compounds
42 UCI scientists make X-ray vision-like camera to rapidly retrieve 3D images
43 Scientists provide new insight on how to stop transcription of cancer cells
44 Fully renewable energy feasible for Samoa--Otago study
45 'Backpacking' hedgehogs take permanent staycation
46 Long COVID and severe COVID-19 infections associated with Epstein-Barr virus reactivation
47 David Williams named 2021 recipient of the IADR Gold Medal Award
48 Evidence of sustained benefits of pimavanserin for dementia-related psychosis
49 A history of African dust
50 Inheriting mother's friends key to hyena success
51 New framework applies machine learning to atomistic modeling
52 New quantum research gives insights into how quantum light can be mastered
53 New simulator helps robots sharpen their cutting skills
54 How does the structure of cytolysins influence their activity?
55 Exoskeletons have a problem: They can strain the brain
56 New study confirms relationship between toxic pollution, climate risks to human health
57 Researchers find immune component to rare neurodegenerative disease
58 Origami comes to life with new shape-changing materials
59 Take two: Integrating neuronal perspectives for richer results
60 Dynamic heart model mimics hemodynamic loads, advances engineered heart tissue technology
61 Team streamlines neural networks to be more adept at computing on encrypted data
62 How a unique sponge 'goes with the flow' could improve man-made structures
63 Policy changes to kidney allocation may unintentionally reduce access to transplant for South Carolina
64 Study links vaccine immune response to age
65 Existing drug is shown to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 virus
66 Why weren't New World rabbits domesticated?
67 Study: Ibrutinib effective treatment for difficult to treat forms of hairy cell leukemia
68 The challenge of capturing carbon
69 Kids eat more fruit and vegetables with longer seated lunch time
70 Thumb-sized device quickly 'sniffs out' bad breath
71 Toward one drug to treat all coronaviruses
72 Rounding errors could make certain stopwatches pick wrong race winners
73 Nanostructures enable record high-harmonic generation
74 New method predicts COVID-19 severity, could help with hospital triage
75 Advancing the long-term well-being of people living with HIV
76 Sandia designs better batteries for grid-scale energy storage
77 A new model of coral reef health
78 New scoring system for assessing wound healing
79 Study innovates in gluten-free formulations, creating more palatable and nutritious bread
80 Toxicity testing on the placenta and embryo
81 Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions
82 A global comparison of life-cycle GHG emissions from passenger cars
83 Microbes play role in corn 'hybrid vigor'
84 Patients may face barriers due to race, ethnicity and language at hospital discharge
85 Awareness without a sense of self
86 Researchers develop tool that may help in understanding inaccuracy in eyewitness testimony
87 A novel method for the rapid repair of peripheral nerve injuries
88 Researchers discover nucleotide sequence responsible for effectively fighting pathologies
89 Traditional Japanese food may hold building blocks of COVID-19 treatments
90 The need for nuance in carbohydrate recommendations
91 Unravelling the knotty problem of the Sun's activity
92 Glass sponges have properties for the design of ships, planes and skyscrapers
93 SMART breakthrough in detection of SARS-CoV-2 variant in wastewater
94 Who eats the invaders?
95 SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.617 gives the immune system a hard time
96 Many ICU staff have experienced mental health conditions in COVID-19 pandemic
97 Using ultra-low temperatures to understand high-temperature superconductivity
98 Cell couriers deliver clue to cancer metastasis
99 Large-scale study finds greater sedentary hours increases risk of obstructive sleep apnea
100 Zero-dimensional molecular sieve membranes enhance gas separation selectivity
101 Scientists offered using methanol in power generation for electric cars
102 A large tidal stream observed in the Sombrero galaxy
103 UM researchers publish study on genomics of pregnancy-induced diabetes
104 Print perovskite solar cells
105 Cancer: Information theory to fight resistance to treatments
106 Pandemic changed perceptions of masked faces
107 Study finds lifting advice doesn't stand up for everyone
108 Effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against the Alpha and Beta variants in France
109 Reaping the benefits: Training in rice growing system ups yields and well-being
110 A mutual exchange: Synthesizing aryl sulfides from non-smelling, non-toxic compounds