File Title
1 Australia denies meddling in PNG rollout of Chinese jab
2 Moderna begins human trial for multi-strain mRNA flu vaccine
3 Suu Kyi vaccinated 19 in military custody; as China tightens Myanmar border over COVID
4 Tunisia hospitals struggle with COVID 'tsunami'
5 Iraqi restauranteurs pay bribes to dodge virus curfew
6 Flood-prone populations up nearly 25% since 2000: study
7 After historic floods, Germany grapples with mountains of debris
8 Sixteen more killed, dozens rescued in India's monsoon deluge
9 Flood-hit Belgians struggle to get over 'nightmares'
10 Death toll from Henan floods rises to 71 as China braces for more rain
11 India begins landslide, flood clean-up as deadly monsoon rains ease
12 Frontrunner to succeed Merkel on back foot after floods
13 Chinese city picks through the debris after record rains kill 33
14 Flood death toll rises to 165 in Germany
15 At least 34 killed in landslide, wall collapse in India monsoon rains
16 Satellites map floods in western Europe
17 Why have the floods in Europe been so deadly?
18 Rescuers draining flooded tunnel in search for trapped Chinese workers
19 Heavy rains in Crimea trigger floods, state of emergency
20 Death toll rises as monsoon floods hit Bhutan and Nepal
21 Cause, scope determined for deadly winter debris flow in Uttarakhand, India
22 Sri Lanka floods, mudslides kill 16
23 New Zealand military called in as hundreds flee floods
24 Emergency declared as New Zealand floods threaten thousands of homes
25 Thousands of families hit by Yemen floods: UN
26 4 killed in flash floods in Yemen's historic Tarim city
27 Stanford researchers reveal that homes in floodplains are overvalued by nearly $44 billion
28 Angola flood death toll rises to 24
29 Race to find dozens missing in deadly Indonesia, East Timor floods
30 Sandstorm engulfs desert city in China
31 Landslides kill 36 in India, dozens missing
32 Severe rainstorms kill 16 in central China
33 Deadly mudslides hit Uzbek-Kyrgyz border region
34 Flights cancelled and schools closed as Beijing hit by storm
35 Brutal storms lash Germany, Switzerland and France
36 Brutal summer storms lash Germany and Switzerland
37 Siberia feels the brunt of climate change as wildfires rage
38 Russia's forests store more carbon than previously thought
39 Finnish monks turn to forestry to cover virus losses
40 Index ranks vulnerability of rainforests to climate and human impacts
41 Colorado ranchers face not just drought but rising social pressures
42 India's poor can't afford to beat the heat
43 6.1-magnitude quake strikes eastern Indonesia: USGS
44 5.9 magnitude quake hits California-Nevada border
45 Apple update will check iPhones for images of child sexual abuse
46 Microsoft requires vaccinations for workers, as office returns slow
47 Bill Gates says time with Epstein a 'huge mistake'
48 Tech titans join US cyber team to fight ransomware
49 Facebook sparks row by cutting off researchers
50 India, China pull back from part of contested Himalayan border
51 Huawei revenue plunges further in 'challenging times'
52 Asian equities sluggish after fresh Wall Street records
53 COVID cases top 200 million worldwide as China vows massive vaccine boost
54 China pledges two billion vaccine doses to world: Xi
55 Court fines France record sum over air pollution
56 For hungry young sea turtles, plastic at ocean's surface is 'evolutionary trap'
57 Waste pickers fear for future at Senegalese mega dump
58 'AirBubble' offers respite from Warsaw pollution
59 Airborne paint, pesticide particles are deadlier than scientists thought
60 India's poor face outsized air pollution death risk
61 Hair today, green tomorrow: UK stylists join eco-drive
62 Smog tower to help Delhi breathe but experts sceptical
63 Britain, Australia brace for UNESCO world heritage rulings
64 A greener Games? Tokyo 2020's environmental impact
65 Legal complaint over lead pollution from Notre-Dame fire
66 Microbes from the guts of cows can break down plastic
67 Turks defend nature against Erdogan's development push
68 About 25% of chemicals in plastics are 'substances of potential concern'
69 New urban planning software may inspire more sustainable cities
70 Wildlife deaths blamed on ship disaster mount in Sri Lanka
71 Diving into the global problem of technology waste
72 Sri Lanka arrests captain over ship fire pollution
73 Ocean microplastics: First global view shows seasonal changes and sources
74 Small rise in airborne pollutant exposure increases dementia risk, study finds
75 Death toll in German chemical blast climbs to six
76 Wine from Germany's flood zone gives hope for future
77 Canada warns citizens about possible Hong Kong exit bans
78 Alps app tracks treasures melting glaciers expose
79 Heatwave causes massive melt of Greenland ice sheet
80 Solar radio signals could be used to monitor melting ice sheets
81 Earth's cryosphere shrinking with every passing year
82 Mountaintop glacier ice disappearing in tropics around the world
83 Ice shelf disintegration accelerating Pine Island Glacier descent toward sea
84 CryoSat reveals ice loss from glaciers in Alaska and Asia
85 Floods could triple across Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau as planet warms
86 Global glacier retreat has accelerated
87 Germany could lose last glaciers in 10 years
88 Cave deposits show surprising shift in permafrost over the last 400,000 years
89 Glacier melt is speeding up, raising seas: global study
90 Earth's cryosphere is vital for everyone
91 Rock glaciers will slow Himalayan ice melt
92 Abrupt ice age climate changes behaved like cascading dominoes
93 Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metres
94 In the deep sea, the last ice age is not yet over
95 Melting glaciers may speed emissions, fuel climate feedback loop
96 Glaciers and enigmatic stone stripes in the Ethiopian highlands
97 Effects of past ice ages more widespread than previously thought
98 India's glacier disaster highlights Himalayan dangers
99 Drop in CO2 helped dinosaurs migrate from South America to Greenland
100 Rapid ice retreat during last deglaciation parallels current melt rates
101 200 missing in India after burst glacier causes flash flooding
102 Sea ice kept oxygen from reaching deep ocean during last ice age
103 Unmatched dust storms raged over Western Europe during Ice age maximum
104 Microbes fuelled by wind-blown mineral dust melt the Greenland ice sheet
105 Researchers discover a new tool for reconstructing ancient sea ice to study climate change
106 Subsea permafrost is still waking up after 12,000 years
107 Study: Climate change accelerates emperor penguin extinction risk
108 Study: Giraffes are socially complex, misunderstood
109 Rhino killings on the rise in South Africa
110 Without genetic variation, asexual invasive species find other ways to adapt
111 Scientists create embyros to save northern white rhino