File Title
1 Space station mishap caused orbiting lab to rotate 1-1/2 times, NASA says
2 Raisi says to back any diplomatic moves to lift Iran sanctions
3 Fukushima blooms of 'hope' in Olympic bouquets
4 New Iranian president to take oath before parliament
5 Iran ultraconservative Raisi inaugurated as president
6 A year after the mushroom cloud, Lebanon still bleeds
7 Iran's Raisi set to focus on economy and nuclear deal
8 China nuclear reactor shut down for maintenance after damage
9 China nuclear reactor shut down for 'maintenance': operator
10 Berlin says Iran 'delaying' nuclear talks
11 Blinken says nuclear talks with Iran 'cannot go on indefinitely'
12 Israel strikes Syria after attack near secretive nuclear site
13 IDF strikes Syria after 'missile' targets southern Israel
14 Greece to lend Patriot battery to Saudi as Huthi attacks spike
15 Huthi missile debris sparks fire at Saudi university
16 US, Japan, S. Korea show united front on N. Korea
17 UN report points to Huthis for December attack on Aden airport
18 Security Council meets on North Korea tests without action
19 Israel conducts first Lebanon air strikes in seven years: military
20 Areas of Iraqi province lose power after attack on pylons
21 Finding the cause of a fatal problem in rocket engine combustors
22 Rocket tanks of carbon fibre reinforced plastic proven possible
23 NASA performs field test of 3D imaging system for descent and landing
24 ESA advances Vega rocket evolution beyond 2025
25 China's suborbital aerospace plane makes maiden flight
26 India's ISRO tests high-powered rocket engine for country's first manned mission
27 NASA announces Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Reactor Concept Awards
28 SpaceX to launch NASA's Europa Clipper on Falcon Heavy rocket in 2024
29 Earthly rocks point way to water hidden on Mars
30 China's Mars rover travels 585 meters on red planet
31 The Red Planet has a larger core and a thinner crust
32 Next batch of OneWeb satellites set to launch August 20
33 Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed
34 In Spain, dozens of villages struggle for drinking water
35 UN tells Iran to fix water crisis, stop crackdown
36 Using graphene foam to filter toxins from drinking water
37 Vapor-collection technology saves water while clearing the air
38 Red bodies similar to Kuiper objects found in main asteroid belt
39 NASA Lucy mission's message to the future
40 Eye of ESA's asteroid mission
41 Asteroid-hunting space telescope gets two-year mission extension
42 SwRI team zeroes in on source of the impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs
43 Tail without a comet: the dusty remains of Comet ATLAS
44 LCO discovers activity on largest comet ever found
45 Abnormally high alcohol and mystery heat source detected on Comet Wirtanen
46 Ball Aerospace completes preliminary design review of NOAA's Space Weather Satellite
47 Pathfinder satellite paves way for constellation of tropical-storm observers
48 China launches new meteorological satellite
49 Use of additional Metop-C and Fengyun-3 CD data improves regional weather forecasts
50 Earth's 'vital signs' worsening as humanity's impact deepens
51 China launches home-grown aeronautic remote-sensing system
52 A machine learning breakthrough: using satellite images to improve human lives
53 The origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
54 Swarm yields new insight into animal migration
55 How a sudden stratospheric warming affected the Northern Hemisphere
56 Global satellite data shows clouds will amplify global heating
57 NASA rocket, satellite tag-team to view the giant electric current in the sky
58 New approach could change how we track extreme air pollution events
59 NASA satellites see upper atmosphere cooling and contracting due to climate change
60 NASA's Fermi Spots a Supernova's 'Fizzled' Gamma-ray Burst
61 Light-bending technique for wavelength conversion may boost imaging technologies
62 Controlling brain states with a ray of light
63 New light on making two-dimensional polymers
64 UMD team demonstrates swarm of photons that somersault in lockstep
65 With a zap of light, system switches objects' colors and patterns
66 Study suggests that silicon could be a photonics game-changer
67 Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost
68 New warp research dashes light speed travel but reveals stranger possibilities
69 A molecule that responds to light
70 Scientists achieve single-photon imaging over 200km
71 A new phase in Bose-Einstein condensate of light particles observed
72 Harnessing light to enable next-generation microwave systems
73 National laboratories' look to the future of light sources with new magnet prototype
74 New Horizons spacecraft answers question: how dark is space
75 Light-carrying chips advance machine learning
76 High-brightness source of coherent light spanning from the UV to THz
77 Hubble returns to full science observations and releases new images
78 SuperBIT: A low-cost balloon-borne telescope to rival Hubble
79 NASA returns Hubble Space Telescope to science operations
80 Hubble views a faraway galaxy through a cosmic lens
81 A large tidal stream observed in the Sombrero galaxy
82 Webb Telescope to explore a neighboring, dusty planetary system
83 New radio receiver opens wider window to radio universe
84 Thousands of galaxies classified in a blink of an eye
85 Kepler telescope glimpses population of free-floating planets
86 Magnetic 'balding' of black holes saves general relativity prediction
87 On the hunt for 'hierarchical' black holes
88 Supermassive black holes put a brake on stellar births
89 Astronomers detect light from behind a black hole for the first time
90 Collisions of Light Produce Matter/Antimatter from Pure Energy
91 From atoms to planets, the longest-running Space Station experiment
92 Theoretical proof that a strong force can create light-weight subatomic particles
93 Antimatter from laser pincers
94 New clues to why there's so little antimatter in the universe
95 There may not be a conflict after all in expanding universe debate
96 Does outer space end or go on forever
97 'Our homeland is burning': Volunteers join Siberia wildfire fight
98 'We need more people': Exhausted firefighters battle Siberia blazes
99 US making plans to reopen to fully vaccinated foreigners as China curbs travel
100 COVID returns to China's Wuhan as global Delta variant woes mount
101 China outbreak spreads as WHO sounds alarm on Delta
102 Delta variant drives virus spread to three China provinces
103 Myanmar rebel group says received COVID jabs from China
104 Myanmar news anchors told to mind their language as COVID spikes
105 Travel restrictions lifted at 95% of U.S. military installations
106 APEC leaders agree to cooperate on global vaccine push
107 China rebuffs WHO claims it obstructed COVID investigation
108 BioNTech produces 10 times more antibodies than China's Sinovac
109 New Zealand's Ardern to host emergency APEC virus summit
110 Iraq virus surge stretches health system after COVID unit fire