File Title
1 Boeing Starliner launch delayed indefinitely
2 Boeing delays key uncrewed test flight to ISS
3 High-stakes Boeing capsule launch postponed due to mishap at ISS
4 Helicopter scouts ridge area for Perseverance
5 Aerial Scouting of 'Raised Ridges' for Ingenuity's Flight 10
6 NASA studies bigger, better Mars helicopter
7 NASA identifies likely locations of the early molten Moon's deep secrets
8 Government watchdog denies protests of SpaceX's lunar lander contract
9 North-By-Northwest for Ingenuity's 11th Flight
10 Juno joins Japan's Hisaki satellite and Keck Observatory to solve "energy crisis" on Jupiter
11 Hubble finds first evidence of water vapor on Ganymede
12 NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for the Europa Clipper Mission
13 Juno tunes into Jovian radio triggered by Jupiter's volcanic moon Io
14 Ride with Juno as it flies past Jupiter and Ganymede
15 Surface of Jupiter's moon Europa churned by small impacts
16 Scientists solve 40-year mystery over Jupiter's X-ray aurora
17 Next stop Jupiter as country's [China's] interplanetary ambitions grow
18 First images of Ganymede as Juno sailed by
19 NASA launches X-ray spectrometer mission to probe mysteries of solar corona
20 Punch mission advances toward 2023 launch
21 AI helps improve NASA's eyes on the Sun
22 Long-period oscillations of the Sun discovered
23 NASA's Fermi Spots a Supernova's 'Fizzled' Gamma-ray Burst
24 Galactic gamma ray bursts predicted last year show up right on schedule
25 Space scientists solve a decades-long gamma-ray burst puzzle
26 CHIME detects over 500 fast radio bursts in first year
27 Front-row view reveals exceptional cosmic explosion
28 LHAASO discovers a dozen PeVatrons and photons exceeding 1 PeV and launches ultra-high-energy gamma
29 Hundreds evacuated by sea as wildfire reaches Turkish power plant
30 Flames surround island monastery as fires rage in Greece
31 Deadly wildfires reach Turkish power plant, sparking evacuations
32 Flood-prone populations up nearly 25% since 2000: study
33 Lightning strikes kill 16 at Bangladesh wedding
34 German startups launch mini-rocket challenge to SpaceX and co.
35 From grey to green: world cities uprooting the urban jungle
36 Divining intervention: drought-hit Californians enlist 'water witch'
37 End tax breaks for gaming firms, says Chinese state media
38 Uber posts profit on one-time gains
39 Facebook sparks row by cutting off researchers
40 CORRECTED: Alibaba earnings down as China tech giants face turmoil
41 Activision Blizzard executive exits following sexism row
42 New vote recommended in US Amazon union election
43 TED talks seek to inject optimism into pandemic gloom
44 Google to build its own chip for new Pixel smartphone
45 Afterpay, the $29 billion Aussie startup
46 China pledges two billion vaccine doses to world: Xi
47 Biden offers Hong Kongers in US safe haven
48 China restarts coal mines to meet surging power demand
49 India flexes muscles with new aircraft carrier, task force
50 Asian markets hit as Delta, US data and China trump recovery hope
51 Canada warns citizens about possible Hong Kong exit bans
52 Asian markets swing as traders digest Delta, US data
53 Experiment bound for Space Station turns down the heat
54 Metallic glass gears up for 'Cobots,' Coatings, and More
55 Let's face the liquid-liquid interface
56 Cool flames created during a first for ISS research
57 Bacteria enlisted in French push for rare earths autonomy
58 Developing cohesive, domestic rare earth element technologies
59 A touch of sun heats up material scieces at ESTEC
60 A crystal made of electrons
61 Detergent maker helps NASA explore space laundry
62 Setting gold and platinum standards where few have gone before
63 Ultralight material withstands supersonic microparticle impacts
64 US Navy tests warship's metal with megablast
65 Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer
66 NASA satellites help plan future for Palau fish stocks
67 U.S., Seychelles sign maritime protection agreement
68 What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce
69 Trapped saltwater caused mangrove death after Hurricane Irma
70 Finnish monks turn to forestry to cover virus losses
71 Index ranks vulnerability of rainforests to climate and human impacts
72 NASA study finds tropical forests' ability to absorb carbon dioxide is waning
73 20% of intact tropical forests overlap with extractive industries
74 Warming, deforestation turn Amazon into source of CO2
75 The battle for Brazil's indigenous land hots up
76 New June record for deforestation of Brazilian Amazon
77 Colombian deforestation up 8% in 2020: ministry
78 A long day for microbes, and the rise of oxygen on Earth
79 Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind
80 Oldest fossils of methane-cycling microbes expand frontiers of habitability on early Earth
81 Rare meteorite could hold secrets to life on Earth
82 New beetle species found in the fossilized feces of ancient dinosaur ancestor
83 Dinosaurs were struggling long before the asteroid hit
84 New research reveals remarkable resilience of sea life in the aftermath of mass extinctions
85 Fossils suggest woodlice ancestors crawled across Ireland 360M years ago
86 World's tiniest computer shows how South Pacific snail survived mass extinction
87 Discovery of the oldest plant fossils on the African continent
88 Story of Cambrian Explosion complicated by ancient mudslides
89 Did Earth's early rise in oxygen help multicellular life evolve
90 Microfossil found in Scottish Highlands could be 'missing link' in early animal evolution
91 Researcher questions whether powered flight appeared on non-avialan dinosaurs
92 New insights from the ancients of the microscopic world
93 Billions of T. rexes walked on North America during the Age of the Dinosaurs
94 Massive flying pterosaurs had spoked vertebrae to support especially long necks
95 Complex shell patterns helped octopus ancestors fine-tune their buoyancy
96 Amber fossil proves Cretaceous beetle ate pollen of flowering plants
97 Microbe discovered in evolutionary stasis for millions of years
98 450-million-year-old sea creatures had a leg up on breathing
99 The chips are down: why there's a semiconductor shortage
100 Concepts for the development of German quantum computers
101 Ultrathin semiconductors electrically connected to superconductors for the first time
102 Broadcom settles US antitrust case on chip market
103 NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland Mission Leaves for Its Last Field Trip
104 Siberia feels the brunt of climate change as wildfires rage
105 'Problematic' Greenland polar bear may be shot
106 NASA tools could help fight fires from the sky and the ground
107 Hundreds evacuated by sea as wildfire reaches Turkish power plant
108 Greece hopes to bring wildfires under control 'in coming hours'
109 'Terrible proof': California fire documentary explores human failings behind blazes
110 Fires across Greece, Turkey force residents to flee homes