File Title
1 Illinois Vaccine Lottery $1 million Prize Granted to Chicago Resident; Those Who Had At Least One Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Are Eligible
2 CDC Eases School Guidance, Sets New Recommendations
3 Myanmar to Receive 2 Million Vaccine Doses From Russia Amid Surge of COVID-19 Infections, Political Unrest
4 Electronic Devices Like Fitness Trackers Might Show COVID Recovery Time
5 Early Earth Was Regularly Struck by City-Size Asteroids for a Few Billion Years After Its Formation
6 Sydney Records First COVID-19 Death; Authorities Announce 77 New Cases
7 Human Grow Old Faster Due to Exposure in Pollutants That Affects Cell's Aging
8 Belgian Woman Dead After Contracting 2 Different COVID-19 Variants, Raising Concerns of Simultaneous Outbreaks
9 FDA Calls for Investigation of the Approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's Drug amid Backlash
10 Global Warming Effects: NASA Warns US Coasts Will Be Flooded in 10 Years, Here Are Some Flooding Predictions
11 FDA Affixes Warning About Rare Nerve Syndrome Reaction to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine; 100 People Contract the Syndrome
12 New Virus Plagues New Zealand After COVID-19 Pandemic
13 Gut Bacteria Produces Molecules to Assist the Body's Immune System in Combating Cancer
14 Going Beyond "The Talk" Proactive Tips to Parents With Sexually Active Children
15 SpaceX Starship SN20 Launch Date: When Is It Scheduled for Full Fledged Space Flight?
16 Persons Inoculated With AstraZeneca Manufactured in India Banned to Travel in Other European Countries
17 Delta Variant Could Leave Long-Lasting COVID in Infected Individuals
18 SARS-CoV-2 Lambda Variant With Evolved Spike Proteins Compared to Other Strains May be a Threat, But Still Not Verified
19 Washington's Last Vaccine Lottery Drawing On Tuesday; One Lucky Winner Awarded $1 Million
20 Johnson & Johnson Orders to Recall 5 US Sunscreen Products Due to Benzene Traces
21 COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation War: Biden Administration Prepares To Fight Back
22 Gene Editing Technology Proven Successful in Human Cell Experiments to Prevent Coronavirus Replication
23 Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Created a Giant Mile High Tsunami Left Proof of What Happened
24 WHO Pressures China to Cooperate in COIVD-19 Virus Origin Investigatons
25 Myanmar Doctors Accuse Military Junta of Hoarding Oxygen as COVID-19 Death Toll Rises
26 Critics Slam White House After Jen Psaki Reveals Flagging Facebook Misinformation; Some Say It Contravenes the First Amendment
27 Chronic Lung Disease Might Result in Severe COVID-19 Due to Cells Damaged by Respiratory Problems
28 Children Under 12 Could Become Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine in Midwinter
29 2,300-Year Old Spell from the Book of the Dead Completed by Matching Ancient Shrouds from New Zealand and US
30 FDA Grants Priority Review to Pfizer Vaccine; Full Approval Could Have an Impact on Vaccine Mandates
31 Long COVID-19 Has 200 Symptoms Affecting Ten Organs, Coronavirus Aftermath More Widespread Than Thought
32 Medical Health Workers Battle COVID-19 Underground as Myanmar's Military Junta Rules
33 Dr. Vivek Murthy States Mask Mandates Amid Delta Surge "Very Reasonable"; 58% of COVID-19 Cases Linked to Delta Variant
34 Indonesia Overtakes India and Brazil in the Rate of COVID-19 Cases, Becomes New COVID-19 Epicenter
35 Japan Constructs Cardboard Beds to Prevent Tokyo Olympic Athletes from Being Physically Intimate Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
36 Ted Cruz Accuses Biden of Trampling Free Speech As He Attacks Social Media Sites Due to Vaccine Misinformation
37 COVID-19 Can Infect the Human Brain As Proven in Study Using Simulated Stem Cell Model
38 China Recorded First Rare Monkey B Virus Death; Will It Cause a New Pandemic?
39 Titanic Wreck Expedition Includes Glass Window, Other Debris From More Than 12,000-Feet Deep
40 China Opposes Wuhan Lab Leak Theory As COVID-19 Origin, But WHO Still Uncertain
41 FDA Issues Nationwide Recall of Kimchi Products After Samples Were Found to Have Listeria Contamination
42 Fauci Says Young People Don't Trust Him Because he is 'An Old Guy' in Exchance With Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo
43 South Korean Ship Crew Airlifted to the Mainland After Massive COVID Outbreak Infecting Hundreds
44 J&J Vaccine Less Effective Against Delta Variant, Study Says Amid Surge of Infections in the US
45 Dr. Fauci, Senator Rand Paul Argue on False Accusations About COVID-19 Origin
46 Swiss Alps Glacial Melting Caused by Climate Change Results to Drying of About 200 Lakes Out of 1,200
47 China Reveals Speediest 'Levitating' Train That Travels 370 Miles Per Hour Thru Maglev Technology
48 Parental Consent Would be Needed for Minors to get COVID-19 Vaccination in Some Regions
49 Fake COVID-19 Administered to at Least 800 Uganda Residents; 2 Suspects Arrested, 1 Still on the Run
50 Jerome Adams Says CDC Should Revise Guidelines Due to Delta Variant Prevalence, Urges People to "Vax It and Mask It"
51 Cannibal Chimpanzees Massacre Gorillas in Africa: Scientists Say First Ever Recorded Incident Caused by Global Warning
52 J&J Vaccines Recipients Develop Rare Nerve Condition; Experts Say Benefits 'Far Outweigh' Risks
53 COVID-19 'Pingdemic,' Brexit Leads to UK Food and Fuel Shortages As Number of Stay At Home Workers Increase
54 Young Gorillas in Disney World Seen Frantically Trying to Remove Snake in Enclosure
55 Scientists Discover Underwater Volcano in Australia the Eye of Sauron, After the Dark Lord of Mordor
56 COVID-19 Inoculation Rates Spike Up in States With Most Number of Infections
57 India's New Epidemic Maims Patients; Surgeons Remove Eyes, Nose, Jaw
58 Immune Cell's Reaction to Invading Viruses Connected to Age and Sex of Individual
59 Fatal, Untreatable "Superbug" Spreads from Patients in Two Cities; CDC Warns Global Health Threat
60 Pandemic, Epidemic, Monsoon? India Battered As At Least 100 Dead in Floods and Landslides
61 Fauci Says US Is Going in the 'Wrong Direction' Against COVID-19, CDC May Update Mask Guidelines
62 US Doctors Say COVID-19 Delta Variant More Dangerous Than Original With Slightly Different Symptoms
63 Meteor Blows Up in a Fireball, But Witnesses Think It Was Something Else
64 France Parliament Approves Law Necessitating COVID-19 Passes for Restaurants, Domestic Travel; Bill Applies to Adults
65 Moderna Considers to Include Children Aged 5-11 in the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials
66 Department of Veterans Affairs to Require Healthcare Workers To Receive Inoculation; 70 Percent of Workers in VA Centers Are Already Vaccinated
67 BioNTech Uses mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine to Develop Effective Shot Against Malaria, Tuberculosis
68 A Guide to Protecting Your Eye Health
69 Ancient Egyptian Shipwreck from Heracleion That Sunk 2,200 Years Ago Due to Cataclysmic Quake Discovered
70 6 Effective Ways to Naturally Whiten Teeth at Home; Easy, Fast, and Guaranteed Techniques
71 Best Teeth Whitening Kit: How to Choose the Right One For You
72 Distribution of $100 Incentive to Encourage New York City Residents to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Starts Friday
73 Experts Say There's No Way to Predict Super Volcano Eruption
74 Efficacy of Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Starts To Drop Every 2 Months, New Data Shows
75 McCormick Recalls Seasoning Products Over Potential Salmonella Contamination; Here is the List of Items to Avoid
76 CLAIM: Coronavirus NOT Vaccines Will Allegedly Cause Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction
77 Astronomers Discovered the Largest Known Comet
78 How to Remove Dental Calculus Without Going to the Dentist
79 Asteroid Belt Believed to Be Safe Reportedly Holds Space Rocks, Theory Says Dinosaur Catastrophe Might Happen Again
80 4 New, Never-Before-Seen COVID-19 Mutations Found in New York City Sewers
81 US Capitol Police Says Maskless People Should Not Be Arrested; New CDC Face Mask Guidance for Strict Compliance
82 Plaque and Tartar Remover: Does It Really Work?
83 COVID-19 Cases Surge in Japan Reportedly Not Due to Olympics
84 5 Simple and Easy At-Home Teeth Whitening Methods That Work Wonders
85 Why Mole and Skin Tags Grow on Your Body; Here's How to Get Rid of Them
86 Delta Outbreak Hit 5 Cities in China
87 6 Items Every Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer Should Own
88 International Space Station Avoids Hair Thin Disaster But Recovers Stability in Time
89 How to Use Teeth Whitening Gel?
90 China Implements New Guidance, Tests Millions After Spread of Delta Variant at an Airport
91 Fauci Assures That US Will Not Implement Mandatory Lockdown Amid Delta Variant Surge
92 Hair Loss Adds to Post-COVID-19 Complications; What to Do to Address This Most Frequent Reported Syndrome?
93 New Kind of Virulent COVID-19 Type Can Evolve with Relevant Changes
94 COVID-19 Lab Leak: Suspicions About the Origin of the Virus Continue to Grow
95 US Successfully Vaccinates at Least 70% of Americans as Residents Rush to Get Inoculated
96 Skull Fragment, Fossils Show Signs of Ancient People Possibly Living in Doggerland Britain's 'Lost Atlantis' Submerged Underwater Years Ago
97 UAE CITES Results of Clinical Trials in Approval of Sinopharm Vaccine to Children Aged 3 to 17 After Announcing Potential Booster Shots
98 Is the Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Capable of Operating in the Age of Hypersonic Missile and Standoff Weapons?
99 What Is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Skin Tags?
100 Alpha Male, Other Apes Kill First Ever Albino Baby Chimp in Uganda As They See It As a Threat
101 RSV Threatens Infants, Toddlers Despite Summer Season After Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions
102 Anthony Fauci Warns of Worsening COVID-19 Situation, Claiming US Trajectory Looks Similar to UK
103 China Lashes Out at GOP Report on Wuhan Lab Theory, Accuses US of Lying, Distorting Facts on COVID-19 Origins
104 What Mental Health Nurses Treat and the Professionals They Rely on For Support
105 Technology + Insurance = Happy (Safer) Drivers
106 How You Can Use Your Smartphone to Save Money
107 How to Survive a Move: Moving Rules, Procedure, Tips and Recommendations
108 Is My Heart Healthy? 7 Ways to Tell If You've Got Great Heart Health
109 6 Tips For Staying Healthy And Optimistic As We Move To A New Normal
110 Technology and the Changing World of Medicine