File Title
1 ESA's Solar Orbiter Encounters Tail of Fragmented Comet ATLAS
2 World's Thinnest Magnet Created
3 Event Horizon Telescope Captures Image of Centaurus A's Black Hole Jet
4 Scientists Find 14,400-Year-Old Microbes and Viruses in Tibetan Glacier Ice
5 DNA Plays Role in How Much Daylight Saving Time Change Affects Us, Study Says
6 Cretaceous Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had Foot and Tail Health Problems
7 Researchers Find No Link between Habitual Coffee Consumption and Arrhythmia
8 Perseverance Begins Search for Signs of Ancient Martian Life
9 Akatsuki Observes Nightside Equatorial Circulation in Atmosphere of Venus
10 Vitamin C is Key Ingredient for Immune Cell Function, Study Shows
11 Giant Stellar Stream Spotted around Sombrero Galaxy
12 Newly-Developed Portable Device Can Rapidly Detect Bad Breath
13 ESA's ExoMars Orbiter Detects No Methane in Martian Atmosphere
14 ALMA Detects Circumplanetary Disk around Young Exoplanet PDS 70c
15 Pterosaurs were Capable of Flapping Flight during Earliest Phases of Life, Study Suggests
16 Excessive Coffee Consumption is Associated with Smaller Brain Volumes, Increased Odds of Dementia
17 Archaeologists Find Submerged Roman Road in Venice Lagoon
18 Five New Species of Flowering Plants Discovered in Bolivia
19 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Interacting Galaxy Triplet
20 Study: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos Spread Bin-Opening Behavior through Social Learning
21 Hubble Detects Water Vapor in Atmosphere of Ganymede
22 NASA's InSight Lander Provides New Information about Crust, Mantle and Core of Mars
23 100,000-Year-Old Fossil of Giant Vampire Bat Found in Argentina
24 Scientists Use DNA Barcoding to Identify Tool Materials of New Caledonian Crows
25 Excessive Body Fat Can Lead to Brain Atrophy, Increase Dementia and Stroke Risks: Study
26 Researchers Synthesize Square-Planar Silicon-IV
27 CERN Physicists Observe Triple W-Boson Production
28 Honeybees are Skilled Architects, New Research Confirms
29 Astronomers Detect Carbon-13 in Atmosphere of Young Super-Jupiter
30 Neanderthals Hunted with Leaf-Shaped Spears, Archaeologists Say
31 Shortest Supernova-Produced Gamma-Ray Burst Discovered
32 Galileo Project Will Search for 'Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technological Artifacts'
33 Gravitational-Wave-Detected Black Holes Could Be Product of Much Earlier Parent Mergers
34 Paleontologists Find Thousands of Jurassic-Period Echinoderm Fossils
35 Bumblebees Work Better after Caffeine Intake, New Study Shows
36 Researchers Decipher Blood Groups of Neanderthals and Denisovans
37 Sardinia Telescope Captures Most Detailed Radio Image Ever Seen of Andromeda Galaxy
38 Astronomers Detect Light Echoes Coming from Behind Supermassive Black Hole
39 Sponge-Like Animals May Have Lived in Oceans 890 Million Years Ago
40 Scientists Create Metallic Water Solution
41 'I would change nothing': Biles wins bronze in Olympic beam final
42 When Olympic spirit meets the free spirits of skateboarding
43 A heat wave blazes across southern Europe. How are people coping?
44 Haiti's history of resilience--beyond coups and natural disaster
45 With spotlight on Sunisa Lee, a moment of pride for Hmong Americans
46 As moratorium lifts, renters fill courts to stave off eviction
47 This Democrat wants to fix potholes with Republicans, not steamroll them
48 Florida city paints a different racial portrait of America
49 Bipartisan infrastructure bill unveiled. Up next, a Senate vote
50 As pandemic shifts, so does some Americans' view of it
51 What's the purpose of getting up in the morning?
52 A teen sports idol for a troubled Tunisia
53 A timely lesson from a tiny town long ago
54 Readers write: Pairing religion with higher education
55 The most powerful starting point
56 The U.S. economy looks strong. But can it maintain this pace?
57 Pay raise! Demand for employees in US drives hourly wage to $15.
58 Will interest rates finally rise? Fed Reserve debates this week.
59 For these young sisters, a period of family, love, and sacrifice
60 The pandemic pushed her to the limit. But this teacher carries on.
61 Duty or dirty deal? States put cost of package waste on companies.
62 US firefighters turn to AI to battle the blazes
63 Sewage equity? In Alabama, trust is as important as pipes.
64 Hazy skies blanket East Coast as wildfire smoke blows from West
65 Florida brought back its panthers. Can people live with them?
66 Hackers are getting craftier. Could this simple fix protect data?
67 All bite and no bark? Robotic police dogs force debate.
68 How a Texas city coped after debilitating ransomware hack
69 Safe delivery or security risk? Amazon wants your building key.
70 Twitter tests new misinformation labels. Will they backfire?
71 From Bezos to satellites, does new space era need new rules?
72 Why this space race to the moon will be different
73 Space race: Branson challenges Bezos in battle for first flight
74 Space tourism draws nearer with Virgin Galactic test flight
75 China lands a rover on Mars; NASA tweets congratulations
76 Like puzzles? Try searching for 'kangaroo words.'
77 The first time I made 'good trouble.'
78 In a return to Camelot, 'The Green Knight' considers the price of honor
79 Grab your oar: 'Jungle Cruise' takes viewers on a wild ride
80 As Americans fly the coop, county fairs spring back to life
81 What's the purpose of getting up in the morning?
82 Before 'The Wiz' and 'Dreamgirls,' there was 'Shuffle Along'
83 'How the Word Is Passed': The stories we tell about race
84 'The God Beat': Journalists reflect on questions of meaning and transcendence
85 The general who let Robert E. Lee get away
86 Laurie Colwin possessed a 'positive genius for comfort'
87 COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here
88 People with mood disorders have a higher risk of COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation, and death
89 Can hearing difficulties be linked to the onset of dementia in older adults?
90 If I've already had COVID, do I need a jab? How does the immune system respond? An expert explains
91 The 'most expensive drug in the world,' how it works and the devastating disease it treats
92 The 4-minute workout that torches fat
93 Long COVID: With 1 in 3 patients back in hospital after three months, where are the treatments?
94 COVID-19: Crisp on the challenges with SA's vaccine rollout
95 Nasal sprays as COVID vaccines? Two experts say it could stop the virus where it starts
96 OPINION: Pandemic has unfolded like a movie where the bad guy wins--but we are rewriting the end
97 OPINION: The benefits of a COVID vaccine far outweigh the small risk of treatable heart inflammation
98 People with malnutrition more likely to have severe COVID-19 outcomes
99 Apple removes anti-vaxx dating app Unjected from the App Store
100 Elon Musk's Neuralink gets funds to develop brain chip to aid quadriplegics to control tech
101 How to troubleshoot when your Zoom audio isn't working during a meeting
102 Search for Patient Zero: Would It Help Determine COVID-19 Origin, Nail Delta Variant?
103 Maryland COVID-19 Fatalities Were Unvaccinated, Maryland's Data a Trend in US States
104 New Jersey Legislation Puts Landlords in a Sticky Spot
105 Laboratory Developed Protein Spikes Similar to the COVID-19 Virus Shows How they Are Made
106 Early Humans Lived Through a Toba Super Eruption in Indonesia 74,000 Years Ago, Impacting the Environment
107 New COVID-19 Symptoms Include Headache, Runny Nose Amid Surge of Infections, Study Says
108 Pfizer Developing COVID-19 Booster Shot Against Delta Variant; Delta Variant Expected to Cause Surge in Cases in Fall
109 Oldest Virus Found? Neanderthals Had Common Colds Older Than Humans Itself By 500,000 Years Old
110 Researchers Isolate Several Rare Gene Mutations Capable of Preventing Weight Gain