File Title
1 History of Antarctic Ice Sheets Holds Vital Clues for Our Future
2 Scientists Help Solve Insulin Puzzle--Could Enhance Treatments for Diabetes and Cancer
3 Hubble Finds First Evidence of Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
4 Huge Volcanic Supereruption 74,000 Years Ago Disrupted Climate but Not Human Evolution
5 Unique Planet "With No Known Equivalent" Photobombs Exoplanet-Hunting Satellite
6 Harvard Researchers Discover a New Real-Life Spidey Sense
7 Controversial Stem Cell Treatments Alleviate Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms
8 Vaccines Do Not Cause Erectile Dysfunction and Male Infertility--But COVID-19 Could
9 Global Dementia Cases Forecasted to Triple by 2050 to More Than 152 Million
10 Science Made Simple: What Is Fusion Energy Science?
11 One Shot of the Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine Triggers Strong Antibody Responses
12 50 Years Ago: Apollo 15 Put Our First Wheels on the Moon--"Never Been on a Ride Like This Before"
13 Ancient DNA From 1,600-Year-Old Iranian Sheep Mummy Brings History to Life
14 Discovery of 10 Faces of Plasma: New Insights in Fusion and Plasma Science
15 New Research Shows HDL "Good Cholesterol" May Protect Liver
16 Earth's Interior Is Swallowing Up More Carbon Than Thought--Locking It Away at Depth
17 Neural "Vicious Cycle" in Fatty Liver Disease Revealed in New 3D Imaging
18 Heating Up in Tokyo--Challenging Temperatures Confront Athletes Competing in the Olympic Games
19 Atom Swapping Could Lead to Low-Cost, Ultra-Bright, Flexible Next Generation LED Lighting and Displays
20 Brain Mapping Method Illuminates Targets for Treating Depression and Parkinson's Disease
21 Healthy Lifestyle May Help Mitigate High Genetic Risk of Cancer
22 Combating Maritime Litter: Innovative Solutions for Fighting Pollution in the Oceans
23 Hearts From Donors Who Used Illicit Drugs or Died Due to an Overdose Are Safe for Transplant
24 Heart Cell Protein Discovery Could Lead to New Treatments for Heart Failure and Recovery
25 NASA Apollo to Artemis: Drilling on the Moon
26 Scent of a Vaccine: Many Advantages to Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccination
27 Complex Molecules Could Hold the Secret to Identifying Alien Life--And Creating New Forms of Life in the Lab
28 Scientists Model "True Prevalence" of COVID-19 in the United States Throughout Pandemic
29 Cold Interstellar Molecular Clouds as Cosmic Ray Detectors
30 Metaplasticity Discovery Points to Ketamine's Long-Term Antidepressant Effects
31 Strange Black Hole Discovery Confirms Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
32 DNA Hoarders: Genetic Duplication Linked to the Origin and Evolution of Pine Trees and Their Relatives
33 The Odd Couple: Groundbreaking New Discovery From Gravitational Whispers
34 GLAM: Keeping Track of Food Production From Space
35 Nanostructures Enable Record High-Harmonic Generation From Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses
36 Butterflies Cross the Vast Sahara Desert in Longest-Known Insect Migration
37 Cosmic Rays Help Supernovae Explosions Pack a Dramatically More Massive Punch
38 Half of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Develop a Complication
39 From the Sun to the Stars: A New Journey of Exoplanet Discovery Begins With the NEID Spectrometer
40 Study Shows "Harsh Parenting" May Lead to Smaller Brains
41 US Government Subsidies Boost the Expected Profits and Development of New Oil and Gas Fields
42 Climate Change Driving a Large Increase in Intense Storms Across Europe
43 What Is a Breakthrough Infection? What You Need to Know About Catching COVID-19 After Vaccination
44 Many People Want Secondary Genomic Findings After Initially Refusing
45 Chandra Catches Extraordinary "Slingshot" During Titanic Space Collision
46 Remarkable Things Happen When a "Squishy" Compound Is Compressed
47 We Are More Forgiving When People Close to Us Misbehave--But There Is a Danger
48 Are Laundry and Dish Pods Biodegradable? Not Exactly
49 Massive COCONUTS Exoplanet Discovery: Giant Planet Just 35 Light Years From Earth
50 Understanding Extreme Past Climate Change "Tipping Points" to Help Us Prepare for the Future
51 Using Sunlight to Acquire Energy: A Genome of Photosynthetic Animals Decoded
52 Reversing Obesity: Cytokine Treatment Causes Mice to Lose Weight by "Sweating" Fat
53 COVID-19 Associated With Long-Term Cognitive Dysfunction, Acceleration of Alzheimer's Symptoms
54 Scientists Find Way to Navigate a Heavy Uphill Climb With Tiny Motors That Behave Like Rock Climbers
55 Exceptionally Preserved Fossil Sheds Light on the Evolution of How Dinosaurs Breathed
56 Investigation Reveals FDA Allows Drugs Without Proven Clinical Benefit to Languish for Years on Accelerated Pathway
57 Thruster Misfire on Russian Module Knocks Space Station Out of Position
58 A Summer of Fire-Breathing Smoke Storms: Extreme Heat, Intense Wildfires, and a "Monster pyroCb"
59 A New Method to Preventing Human-Induced Earthquakes Caused by the Oil and Gas Industry
60 Graphene Nano-Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Supercapacitors
61 Significant Thawing of Permafrost Projected in Daisetsu Mountains in Japan
62 Breakdown in Atomic Structure Enables Engineers to Bend Light to Enhance Wavelength Conversion
63 Doubt Cast on Premise of Subsurface Liquid Water Lakes on Mars--May Just Be Frozen Clay
64 Intensity of 9/11 World Trade Center Dust Exposure Linked to Liver Injuries for the First Time
65 Keeping an Eye on the Fusion Magnet Technology of the Future
66 Three Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Discovered to Be Rotating in Orbit Around the Milky Way
67 New Research Shows Men With Low Testosterone Are More Likely to Die From COVID-19
68 Erupted Sea Glass Allows Geologists to Take Earth's Inner Temperature
69 Astrophysicists Discover Energetic Hot Wind from Low-luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus
70 Vaccine Hesitancy: Understanding Why People Refuse or Indefinitely Delay Vaccination
71 Low-Power Dynamic Manipulation of Single Nanoscale Quantum Objects
72 New Research Helps Explain the Diversity of Life and "Paradox of Sex"
73 Stem Cell Scientists Explore the Latent Regenerative Potential of the Inner Ear
74 Electron-Ion Collider Next-Generation Nuclear Physics Facility Achieves Critical Approval
75 New "Atlas" Charts How Antibodies Attack SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Spike Protein Variants
76 Scientists Generate Matter Directly From Light--Physics Phenomena Predicted More Than 80 Years Ago
77 Lung Cancer Resistance: The Key Is Glucose Metabolism
78 Bitter Brew: High Coffee Consumption Is Associated With Smaller Brain Volume
79 Advantages of Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccinations Over Injections
80 Science Made Simple: What Is Bioenergy Research?
81 New Device Harvests Power From Your Sweaty Fingertips While You Sleep
82 Dive Bombing Killer Flies Are So Fast--Over 3g Acceleration--They Lose Steering Control
83 Astrophysicists on the Hunt for "Hierarchical" Black Holes
84 Farm Robots Are the Future--We Must Prepare Now to Avoid Dystopia
85 Research Shows Cell Aging Can Be Slowed by Oxidants
86 Light Echo From Behind a Black Hole Confirms Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
87 Meeting Paris Agreement Global Climate Targets Will Lead to 8 Million More Energy Jobs Worldwide by 2050
88 Astronomers Show How "Tatooine" Planets Form in Binary Systems Without Getting Crushed
89 What Happens to Marine Life When There Isn't Enough Oxygen?
90 RNA Modification May Protect Against Fatty Liver Disease
91 Top 5 Things to Know About NASA's Astromaterials Research and Science (ARES) Division
92 Moderate Alcohol Drinking Associated With Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Death in Those With CVD
93 Optical Observations of BepiColombo Spacecraft as a Proxy for a Potential Threatening Asteroid
94 Researchers Investigate Newly Introduced Butterfly That Could Become Widespread in Canada
95 Dynamic Control of THz Wavefronts by Rotating Layers of Cascaded Metasurfaces
96 New Modelling of Ancient Antarctic Ice Sheets Helps Us See the Future of Global Warming
97 The Solar Wind Across Our Solar System [Infographic]
98 What Happens Inside a Black Hole's "Sphere of Influence?"
99 Unraveling a Mystery: Bird Brains Left Other Dinosaurs Behind
100 Black Carbon Aerosols in Beijing, China Become "Slim"
101 Do Spoilers Actually Harm Movie Box-Office Revenue?
102 Queqiao: The Bridge Between Earth and the Far Side of the Moon
103 Dogs' Got Talent: Gifted Skill in a Given Field Is Not a Uniquely Human Phenomenon
104 Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Dunduns: "Talking Drums" Shown to Accurately Mimic Speech Patterns
105 Astronomers Discover How to Feed a Supermassive Black Hole
106 Thermogenic Leaking: How Otters' Muscles Enable Their Cold, Aquatic Life
107 Eutelsat Quantum: Revolutionary Reprogrammable "Chameleon" Satellite Launched
108 The Symptoms of the Delta Variant Differ From Traditional COVID-19--Here's What To Look Out For
109 Exploring Earth From Space: Male, the Maldives--One of the Most Densely Populated Cities in the World
110 Gas Re-Accretion Observed in Dying Galaxies for the First Time
111 In Remarkable Experiment, Scientists Create a Golden Drop of Metallic Water
112 Astronomers Discover a "Changing-Look" Blazar--A Powerful Active Galactic Nucleus
113 Protein's 'Silent Code' Affects How Cells Move--"On a Global, Philosophical Level, This Expands Our Understanding of Genetic Code"