File Title
1 Research sheds light on origins, age of massive impact crater
2 Lessons learnt from simulated strike
3 The role of the COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection
4 China launches home-grown aeronautic remote-sensing system
5 A machine learning breakthrough: using satellite images to improve human lives
6 The origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
7 Swarm yields new insight into animal migration
8 Digital corrections for Sentinel-1 satellite images
9 Scientists use NASA satellite data to track ocean microplastics from space
10 British-built satellites will help fight climate change and save wildlife
11 NASA helps map impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on harmful air pollution
12 How a sudden stratospheric warming affected the Northern Hemisphere
13 Global satellite data shows clouds will amplify global heating
14 NASA rocket, satellite tag-team to view the giant electric current in the sky
15 New approach could change how we track extreme air pollution events
16 NASA satellites see upper atmosphere cooling and contracting due to climate change
17 NASA rocket mission studying escaping radio waves
18 The curious incident of Swarm and sprites in the night-time
19 California's worst wildfires are helping improve air quality prediction
20 NASA study predicts less Saharan dust in future winds
21 Earth's 'vital signs' worsening as humanity's impact deepens
22 Pathfinder satellite paves way for constellation of tropical-storm observers
23 China launches new meteorological satellite
24 Use of additional Metop-C and Fengyun-3 CD data improves regional weather forecasts
25 New method predicts 'stealth' solar storms before they wreak geomagnetic havoc on Earth
26 Study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed
27 NASA's Fermi Spots a Supernova's 'Fizzled' Gamma-ray Burst
28 Galactic gamma ray bursts predicted last year show up right on schedule
29 Space scientists solve a decades-long gamma-ray burst puzzle
30 CHIME detects over 500 fast radio bursts in first year
31 Front-row view reveals exceptional cosmic explosion
32 A large tidal stream observed in the Sombrero galaxy
33 Hubble views a faraway galaxy through a cosmic lens
34 Hubble returns to full science observations and releases new images
35 SuperBIT: A low-cost balloon-borne telescope to rival Hubble
36 NASA returns Hubble Space Telescope to science operations
37 Webb Telescope to explore a neighboring, dusty planetary system
38 New radio receiver opens wider window to radio universe
39 Thousands of galaxies classified in a blink of an eye
40 Kepler telescope glimpses population of free-floating planets
41 Webb passes key launch clearance review
42 Green light given for construction of world's largest radio telescope arrays
43 NASA's Roman Space Telescope Selects 24 Flight-Quality Heat-Vision 'Eyes'
44 A revolutionary method to drastically reduce stray light on space telescopes
45 Cosmic rays help supernovae explosions pack a bigger punch
46 Seeing some cosmic X-ray emitters might be a matter of perspective
47 SwRI-led team addresses mystery of heavy elements in galactic cosmic rays
48 Unique use of ESA spacecraft 'housekeeping' data reveals cosmic ray behaviour
49 Japanese, Italian, US physicists reveal new measurements of high-energy cosmic rays
50 Coronal mass ejections and cosmic ray observations at Syowa Station in the Antarctic
51 Dark matter particle explorer measures cosmic ray helium energy spectrum
52 Probing deeper into origins of cosmic rays
53 More than 175 billion cosmic rays later
54 Search for sterile neutrinos: It's all about a bend in the curve
55 Decades of hunting detects footprint of cosmic ray superaccelerators in our galaxy
56 Missing baryons found in far-out reaches of galactic halos
57 Gamma Ray Observatory discovers origin of highest-energy cosmic rays in galaxy
58 IceCube detection of a high-energy particle proves 60-year-old theory
59 Scientists claim that all high-energy cosmic neutrinos are born by quasars
60 Antimatter from laser pincers
61 New clues to why there's so little antimatter in the universe
62 There may not be a conflict after all in expanding universe debate
63 Does outer space end or go on forever
64 When testing Einstein's theory of general relativity, small modeling errors add up fast
65 Discovery of the largest rotation in the universe
66 From atoms to planets, the longest-running Space Station experiment
67 Theoretical proof that a strong force can create light-weight subatomic particles
68 Novel chirped pulses defy 'conventional wisdom'
69 Scientists put the quantum freeze on human-scale object
70 US watchdog upholds SpaceX's Moon lander contract
71 SpaceX to launch NASA's Europa Clipper on Falcon Heavy rocket in 2024
72 High-stakes Boeing capsule launch postponed due to mishap at ISS
73 What you need to know about Starliner's Test-2
74 First test of Europe's new space brain
75 Finnish forestry firm gets approval to launch tiny satellite made of plywood
76 Exolaunch Delivers One Ton of Small Satellites into Orbit on SpaceX's Transporter-2 Rideshare Mission
77 Finnish company will test tiny, wooden satellite in space
78 Joint Livermore Tyvak space telescope goes into orbit
79 Russia's Nauka science module docks with ISS
80 Progress 77 and Pirs undocked from Station
81 China's space propaganda blitz endures at slick new planetarium
82 How Chinese astronauts stay healthy in space
83 World's first commercial re-programmable satellite blasts into space
84 German Space Operations Center commands satellite with software of the future
85 Government watchdog denies protests of SpaceX's lunar lander contract
86 Bezos offers NASA a $2 billion discount for Blue Origin Moon lander
87 Mini radar could scan the Moon for water and habitable tunnels
88 Kitchen robot in Riga cooks up new future for fast food
89 Wearable brain-machine interface turns intentions into actions
90 MDA awarded next contract for flagship Canadarm3 Program
91 Google parent launches new 'moonshot' for robotics software
92 Smart cards and robots: Saudi Arabia's 'digital hajj'
93 Geologists take Earth's inner temperature using erupted sea glass
94 Selenium may support deep microbial life in Earth's continental crust
95 Ball Aerospace completes preliminary design review of NOAA's Space Weather Satellite
96 ECOSTRESS data incorporated into new wildfire response tool
97 Forest fire near Turkish resort kills 3; Lebanon fire kills teenager
98 Firefighters battle California blaze generating its own weather
99 Wildfire spotting from the air and space boosted with $1.5 million grant
100 New York pollution alert amid smoke from wildfires in west and Canada
101 Shoring up the Corn Belt's Soil Health with NASA Data
102 From grey to green: world cities uprooting the urban jungle
103 From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the Table
104 Knives out in France for 'ersatz' lab-grown foie gras
105 RNA breakthrough inspires high-yield, drought-tolerant rice, potatoes
106 Paris start-up sees a future for lab-grown foie gras
107 Let's face the liquid-liquid interface
108 Clays, not water, are likely source of Martian lakes
109 Space food costs are out of this world
110 Chinese harvests first batch of 'space rice'
111 U.S., Seychelles sign maritime protection agreement
112 In Spain, dozens of villages struggle for drinking water