File Title
1 No Sign of Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines in Breast Milk
2 Mystery Solved: Astronomers Unravel the Puzzle of Betelgeuse's "Great Dimming"
3 Gigantic Jet in Dark Heart of the Nearest Radio Galaxy Imaged in Unprecedented Detail
4 Why Is the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Disappearing? Is There Something We Can Do About It?
5 Willingness To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Much Higher in Developing Countries Than in the US
6 A Bug's Life: Mountains on Neutron Stars May Be Only Fractions of Millimeters Tall
7 Patient Case Strongly Suggests Link Between Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine and Bell's Palsy
8 Some Brain Disorders--Such As Autism and Schizophrenia--Exhibit Similar Circuit Malfunctions
9 Greater Impact Than a Million Cars: Unrecognized Threat to Global Soil Carbon by a Widespread Invasive Species
10 Steer Clear of the Influencers? Surprising Source of Social Influence Discovered in New Research
11 Hubble Space Telescope Is Back in Business--Releases Stunning New Images
12 A Mother's Age and Diet Influences Offspring Health--Shown in Research on Tropical Flies
13 Will Reefs Survive? Biodiversity, Climate Change and the Fate of Coral Reefs
14 Novel Coronavirus Discovered in British Bats--Related to the Virus That Causes COVID-19
15 Lucky Encounter: Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Flies Through the Tail of a Disintegrated Comet
16 Massive Study Over 27 Years Shows Social Ties and Rank Are Inherited Among Spotted Hyenas
17 SuperBIT: A Low-Cost Telescope To Rival Hubble--Carried by a Balloon the Size of a Football Stadium
19 New Research Examines COVID-19 Spread on School Buses
20 3D "Assembloid" Shows How the COVID-19 Virus Infects Brain Cells
21 High-Speed Cameras Reveal Bubbles Popping Like Blooming Flowers
22 Microbial Predators at Hydrothermal Vents Play Important Role in Deep-Sea Carbon Cycling
23 How the Visual System Shows Us a More Persistent World
24 Older People Are Just As Good at Learning To Help Others--Worse at Learning to Self-Help
25 Vitamin C Is a Key Ingredient for Immune Cell Function--A Leg Up in Treating Autoimmune Diseases
26 NASA Celebrating 20 Years of International Space Station Spacewalks [Video]
27 New Research Reveals Immune Cell's Response to Pathogens Differs Greatly by Sex and Age
28 Signs of Martian Life? NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Begins the Hunt!
29 Scientists Have Created the First Genetically Engineered Marsupial
30 New Algorithm Flies Drones Faster Than World-Class Human Racing Pilots
31 Planetary Shields Will Buckle Under Furious Stellar Winds From Their Dying Stars--Nearly Impossible for Life To Survive
32 MIT Physicists Discover "Magic-Angle" Trilayer Graphene May Be a Rare, Magnet-Proof Superconductor
33 Minimal Differences in Environmental Impact of Hydrofracking vs. Conventional Gas/Oil Drilling
34 Brain Cells Snap Open Their DNA To Make Memories--Extent of DNA Double-Strand Breaks Is "Surprising and Concerning"
35 Capturing Negative Ions in Interstellar Space
36 The Latest Research on Coffee and Your Risk for Heart Rhythm Problems--Good News
37 Cause of Jupiter's X-Ray Aurora Revealed--Mystery Has Puzzled Scientists for 40 Years
38 Biomolecular Bonsai: Controlling the Pruning and Strengthening of Neuron Branches in the Brain
39 Major Milestone: NASA Perseverance Mars Rover To Acquire First Sample
40 2.5 Billion Trees and Vines Killed in Epicenter of Major Amazon Droughts and Fires
41 New Inorganic Material Discovered With Lowest Thermal Conductivity Ever Reported
42 First Clear Detection of a Moon-Forming Disc Around a Planet Outside Our Solar System
43 New Early Alert System to Detect Wildlife Illness and Death
44 Geneticists Reveal How Mutation Causes a Devastating Childhood Cancer--Use Drug To Reverse Its Effects
45 15,000-Year-Old Viruses Discovered in Tibetan Glacier Ice--Previously Unknown to Humans
46 Neurotransmitter Levels in the Brain Predict Math Ability
47 The Environmental Toll of Disposable Masks--And How To Reduce It
48 DeepMind Releases Accurate Picture of the Human Proteome--"The Most Significant Contribution AI Has Made to Advancing Scientific Knowledge to Date"
49 The Space Shuttle's Last Flight / An End. A New Beginning. [Video]
50 Predicting a "Boiling Crisis"--Infrared Cameras and AI Provide Insight Into Physics of Boiling
51 How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Our Sleep and Our Dreams?
52 NASA's InSight Mission Reveals the Detailed Internal Structure of Mars
53 Remarkable Structures of Deep-Sea Venus Flower Sponges Useful for Design of Ships, Planes and Skyscrapers
54 Kirigami-Inspired, Snakeskin-Like Stent With Pop-Out Needles Offers New Drug Delivery Method
55 Researchers Discover New Insights About the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale
56 Stunning First Images From Rebooted Hubble: Bizarre "Oddball" Galaxies
57 New Gene Therapy Developed That Could Be Effective Against Many Types of Cancer
58 Helping Avoid a "Tipping Point"--New Way To Measure Tropical Forest Vulnerability
59 Undersea Volcano Discovered Near Christmas Island That Looks Like the Eye of Sauron
60 Strong Isotope Effects Revealed in Water Photochemistry by Dalian Coherent Light Source
61 Stanford Device Enables Thousands of Synthetic DNA Enzyme Experiments To Run Simultaneously
62 Inherited Social Networks--Passed From Mothers to Offspring--Are Essential to Hyena Life and Survival
63 NASA Awards SpaceX With Launch Services Contract for Europa Clipper Mission
64 Extending Human Lifespans: Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Anti-Aging Chemical Compounds
65 Early Antiviral Response in the Nose May Determine Mild / Severe Course of COVID-19
66 Breastfeeding--Even for Just a Few Days--Linked to Lower Blood Pressure in Early Childhood
67 Agile Fliers: Newly-Hatched Pterosaurs May Have Been Able To Fly
68 Space-Based Infrared Imaging Reveals the Nighttime Weather on Venus
69 Tiny Hairlike Structures Could Help Treat Lung Illnesses Like COVID-19
70 Unprecedented Resolution of Novel Microscope Pins Down the Miracle of Molecular Oxygen
71 Enhancing Drug Delivery With Ultrasound--Boosts Treatment of Gastrointestinal Tract Disorders
73 Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic: Progress Toward One Drug To Treat All Coronaviruses
74 Exploring Earth From Space: Tarso Tousside--Volcanic Massif
75 NASA's Webb Space Telescope to Explore a Neighboring, Dusty Planetary System
76 Acoustic Tweezers Can Pick Objects Up With Sound Waves--Without Any Physical Contact
77 Feel Good Brain Chemical Dopamine Can Be Willfully Controlled
78 Qubit Spin Ice: Emergent Magnetic Monopoles Isolated Using Quantum-Annealing Computer
79 Main Attraction: Scientists Create World's Thinnest Magnet--Just One Atom Thick!
80 Needle in a Haystack: Planetary Nebulae Detected in Distant Galaxies
81 Nearly 20% of Intact Forest Landscapes Overlap With Extractive Industries Such As Mining, Oil and Gas
82 A "Golden Nail"--Quarry Near Salzgitter, Germany Becomes Global Geological Reference Point
83 Scientists Analyze Marsquakes To Determine the Structure of Mars' Crust
84 Clean Energy Breakthrough: Making Hydrogen Is Hard, but Researchers Just Solved a Major Hurdle
85 How a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event Over Antarctica Affected the Northern Hemisphere
86 Turning at Top Speed: Scientists Observe a New Kind of Light Emission
87 How Organisms Have Evolved To Address Imbalances in Sex Chromosomes
88 Return to Campus: Anxiety, Depression and Burnout Are All Rising Among College Students
89 Hubble Captures a Spectacular Three-Way Gravitational Tug-of-War Between Interacting Galaxies
90 Less Popular Blood Pressure Medication Is the (Slightly) Safer Choice
91 American Heart Association: Including Ethnicity, Ancestry, Race in Genomic Research
92 Citrus Mystery: Juicy Past of Favorite Okinawan Fruit Revealed
93 Aerial Scouting of "Raised Ridges" for NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter's Flight 10
94 Higher Levels of Omega-3 in the Blood Increase Life Expectancy by Almost Five Years
95 The Lucy Plaque--Spacecraft Will Carry It on Journey to the Trojan Asteroids
96 Scientists Warn: Anticipate a Resurgence of Respiratory Viruses in Young Children
97 NASA Satellites Show Smoke Across North America
98 Incredible Fibers Produced by Engineered Bacteria: Stronger Than Steel, Tougher Than Kevlar
99 Scientists Rewrite the Rulebook of Flowering Plant Genetics
100 Improving Air Quality May Improve Cognitive Function and Reduce Dementia Risk
101 People Who Had Allergic Reactions to First COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Dose Tolerate Second Dose Without Complications
102 A Bathing Suit That Doesn't Get Wet?
103 Artificial Intelligence Helps Resolve Long-Running Astrophysics Debate on Supermassive Black Holes
104 NASA Lucy Mission's Message--Not for Unknown Aliens--But for the Future
105 New Treatment Breakthrough: Helping the Immune System Search Out and Destroy Cancer Cells
106 Better Understanding of Earth's Atmospheric Chemistry From Studying Mars
107 New Research Finds Children With Autism Have a Distinctive Gut Microbiome
108 Solving the Plastic Shortage With an Efficient New Chemical Catalyst
109 NASA's Fermi Spots a Weird Pulse of High-Energy Radiation Racing Toward Earth
110 Hard To Swallow: Coral Cells Seen Engulfing Algae for First Time--"It Was Amazing To See!"
111 First Measurement of Isotopes in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet