File Title
1 Novel coronavirus discovered in British bats
2 New Zealand drug agency provides model to insulate NICE from impacts of trade deals
3 Survey shows rise in vaccine hesitancy in Ghana
4 Championing chrononutrition with protein, the morning elixir for muscle growth
5 Mechanisms to separately regulate synaptic vesicle release and recycling
6 An automated flight control system for drone swarms has been developed
7 Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to the Arctic environment
8 No stone unturned: An extensive search for cation substitution in lithium-ion batteries
9 Chemists found an effective remedy for "aged" brain diseases
10 The mathematics of repulsion for new graphene catalysts
11 Understanding the physics in new metals
12 Scientists uncover drivers of phenotypic innovation and diversification in gymnosperms
13 African swine fever: No risk to consumers
14 Curtin study challenges recommended wait time between pregnancies
15 A breath of fresh air for emphysema research
16 Kids' sleep: check in before you switch off
17 Novel techniques extract more accurate data from images degraded by environmental factors
18 Inadequate protection for women and girls seeking refuge in Germany
19 The era of single-spin color centers in silicon carbide is approaching
20 Deconstructing the infectious machinery of SARS-CoV-2
21 Scientists on the scent of flavor enhancement
22 More bullying of LGBTQ+ students in politically conservative districts
23 Why is the eastern monarch butterfly disappearing?
24 COVID-19 made unequal access to food worse, study suggests
25 NIH-funded study shows imaging after mild brain injury may predict outcomes
26 Mathematical models and computer simulations are the new frontiers in COVID-19 drug trials
27 Stanford researchers use high-speed cameras to reveal bubbles popping like blooming flowers
28 USC study shows male-female differences in immune cell function
29 Personalized immunotherapy response studied in body-on-a-chip cancer models
30 COVID-19 antibodies persist at least nine months after infection
31 Researchers discover how cancer cells that spread to lymph nodes avoid immune destruction
32 Epicentre of major Amazon droughts and fires saw 2.5 billion trees and vines killed
33 New alpine moth solves a 180-year-old mystery
34 Why identical mutations cause different types of cancer
35 Bonding's next top model--Projecting bond properties with machine learning
36 Seismic surveys have no significant impact on commercially valuable fish in NW Australia
37 Discrimination and safety concerns barriers to accessing healthy food for food-insecure young adults
38 Preparing T cells for the long haul
39 Abelacimab effective blood clot treatment, McMaster-led study shows
40 For concussion patients, CTs offer window into recovery
41 High-income countries are failing to provide adequate mental health services for children
42 Health impacts of lockdowns no worse than large COVID outbreaks, at least in short term
43 Patient case strongly suggests link between COVID-19 vaccine and Bell's palsy
44 Using archeology to better understand climate change
45 Global satellite data shows clouds will amplify global heating
46 EHT pinpoints dark heart of the nearest radio galaxy
47 Researchers: HtrA1 augmentation is potential therapy for age-related macular degeneration
48 The climate impact of wild pigs greater than a million cars
49 Rapid screening, face masks may prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission at indoor mass-gathering events [plus additional topics]
50 Sleep twitches facilitate motor cortex development in rats
51 Preparing for the next pandemic: Harmonize vaccinations in Canada
52 Three key habitat-building corals face worrying future due to climate crisis
53 Oncotarget: Biomechanics in response to drug in hypoxia by atomic force spectroscopy
54 Oncotarget: Caspase-11 and AIM2 inflammasome involved in COPD and lung adenocarcinoma
55 Oncotarget: Cutaneous apocrine sweat gland carcinoma
56 Small-scale worker resistance impacts food delivery economy in China
57 Microbially produced fibers: Stronger than steel, tougher than Kevlar
58 Virginia Tech's COVID-19 testing demonstrates power, versatility of academic labs
59 A substance from Saussurea controversa will help bone tissue regeneration
60 Research shows employer-based weight management program with access to anti-obesity medications results in greater weight loss
61 Patients billed up to $219 million in total for preventive services that should be free
62 75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month later
63 COVID-19 shutdowns reveal racial disparities in exposure to air pollution
64 Muddied waters: Sinking organics alter seafloor records
65 Researchers develop novel method for glucagon delivery
66 New discoveries reveal how acute myeloid leukemia walks line between growth and cell death
67 Digital health technologies hold key to new Parkinson's treatments
68 American Board of Urology outlines processes to ensure diversity in leadership
69 Elite runners spend more time in air, less on ground, than highly trained but nonelite peers
70 Strong immune response underlies acute kidney injury related to COVID-19
71 Study: Wireless radiation exposure for children is set too high
72 Using snakes to monitor Fukushima radiation
73 Mind and matter: Modeling the human brain with machine learning
74 Health care providers missing opportunities to talk about sexual health with young people
75 UCI-led study finds unleashing Treg cells may lead to treatments for multiple sclerosis
76 Improving access to mental health services in low-income communities
77 Study refutes suspicion that dengue increases risk of microcephaly associated with zika
78 Study: Long-term prognosis for some patients with severe brain injury better than expected
79 Springing forward affects early birds less than night owls, study finds
80 Research shows microbes play critical role boosting vigor of hybrid corn
81 DNA assay aids in identifying and protecting North American wolves, coyotes
82 Child with rare genetic syndrome successfully treated in less than two years
83 SARS-CoV-2: Achilles' heel of viral RNA
84 Machine learning models to help photovoltaic systems find their place in the sun
85 Brain 'noise' keeps nerve connections young
86 Enzyme-based plastics recycling is more energy efficient, better for environment
87 The environmental toll of disposable masks
88 Fish friends help in a crisis
89 Spinal fluid biomarkers detect neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease in living patients
90 Review evaluates the evidence for an intensifying Indian Ocean water cycle
91 Digital technology driving tangible advancements in Parkinson's disease research and clinical care
92 Capturing electrons in space
93 Study highlights socioeconomic, racial differences in the financing of medical education
94 How green is your plastic?
95 Young forests are preferred summer vacation destinations for bats
96 Take your best shot: Which SARS-CoV-2 vaccine should I get, if any?
97 Virginia Tech scientists uncover how a molecule improves appearance of surgery scars
98 A foot tumor and two tail fractures complicated the life of this hadrosaur
99 15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
100 Millions of dollars saved when scheduled travel providers adapt to on-demand scheduling
101 Public trust in CDC, FDA, and Fauci holds steady, survey shows
102 New method predicts 'stealth' solar storms before they wreak geomagnetic havoc on Earth
103 Self-administered high-flow therapy for COPD and type 1 respiratory failure: benefit not proven
104 Long-period oscillations of the Sun discovered
105 No excuse to continue reliance on fossil fuels, says leading nano-technologist
106 The Indus basin: Untapped potential for long-term energy storage
107 Is bacterial acidity a key to tackle antimicrobial resistance?
108 Rapidly diversifying birds in Southeast Asia offer new insights into evolution
109 Shoppers' mobility habits: retailers overestimate car use
110 New method for uninterrupted monitoring of solid-state milling reactions