File Title
1 Efficient Light-Electricity Conversion: Changing a 2D Material's Symmetry Can Unlock Its Promise
2 COVID-19 Virus Produces microRNA That Can Have Impacts on Infected Cells
3 Genome-Wide Association Studies Accurately Flag More Deadly COVID-19 Variants
4 Finding "Missing" Matter: New Light on Baryonic Matter and Gravity on Cosmic Scales
5 Underwater Archaeology Team Finds 9,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Artifacts
6 Minimal, High-Quality Evidence Dietary Supplements Lead to Weight Loss
7 A Fair Society Evolves From "Veil of Ignorance"--Mongooses Solve Inequality Problem
8 Low-Cost Technology Developed for Finding New COVID Variants
9 Rising Greenhouse Gases Pose Climate Change Threat to Arctic Ozone Layer
10 Coping With Extremes: How the One-Humped Arabian Camel Survives Without Drinking
11 Don't Miss the Strawberry Moon--The Last Supermoon of 2021
12 NASA Struggles to Restore Aging Payload Computer on Hubble Space Telescope--May Resort to Backup System
13 Researchers Discover a Surprising Chemical Pathway That May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
14 Mind the Gap: Direct Link Uncovered Between Protoplanetary Disk Structures and Giant Exoplanets
15 New Research Reveals COVID-19 Leads to Cognitive and Behavioral Problems
16 SOFIA Captures First Clear View of a Boiling Cosmic Cauldron Where Stars Are Born
17 Psychosocial Safety Climate: Toxic Workplaces Increase Risk of Depression by 300%
18 Alien Life in These Star-Systems Could Have Spotted Earth After Human Civilization Blossomed
19 Prostate Cancer Linked to Obesity--The Actual Distribution of Body Fat Appears to Be a Significant Factor
20 Harvesting Fresh Drinking Water From the Atmosphere Around the Clock
21 Jezero Crater's "Delta Scarp"--A NASA Perseverance Rover Scientist's Favorite Martian Image
22 Researchers Identify People That Are Missing a Critical Cell Process--Unique Insight Into Human Physiology
23 Surgical Face Masks Provide Good Protection Against Aerosols--Plastic Face Shields Provide No Protection
24 COVID-19 Pandemic Drives "Massive" Decrease in US Life Expectancy--Largest Decrease Since World War II
25 Toward Safer Breast Implants: How Implant Surfaces Affect Immune Response
26 Energy Saving Electronics Breakthrough--Paving Way for a Carbon-Neutral Society
27 Data Inaccuracies Corrected: First Wave COVID-19 Data Underestimated Pandemic Infections
28 Earth's Mantle Provides New Clues To Explain Indonesia's Explosive Volcanoes
29 Exotic Superconductors: The Secret That Was Never There
30 Nanodecoys--Made From Human Lung Spheroid Cells--Bind and Neutralize SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Virus
31 MIT Makes a Significant Advance Toward the Full Realization of Quantum Computation
32 Fires Rage in Arizona: Hot, Dry Weather Parched Vegetation and Turned the State Into a Tinderbox
33 Space Defense Agency Launching Satellites Into Orbit Aboard SpaceX's Transporter 2 Commercial Rocket
34 Dark Matter Halo Collapse: How a Supermassive Black Hole Originates
35 Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded? Research Team Discovers Arctic Dinosaur Nursery
36 Strange Biology: The Very Venomous Caterpillar
37 Archaeologists Make Dramatic Discovery: A Prehistoric Human Type Previously Unknown to Science
38 AI Detects Incredible Stream of Stars That Extends Thousands of Light-Years Across the Milky Way
39 Yukon-Kuskokswim in Colorful Transition: Remarkable Example of How Water and Ice Can Shape the Land
40 Highly Efficient Solar Energy Collectors Grown From Microscopic Seeds
41 NASA's Webb Telescope Will Look Back in Time, Use Quasars to Unlock the Secrets of the Early Universe
42 Try the New Online Calculator That Predicts Your Risk of Dementia
43 New Technology Uses Radio Signals to Image Hidden and Speeding Objects
44 Witnessing Cosmic Dawn--250 Million to 350 Million Years After the Beginning of the Universe
45 Spintronics Advances: Efficient Magnetization Direction Control of Magnetite for High-Density Spintronic Memory Devices
46 Mesoscale Convective Weather System Sends Massive African Dust Cloud Into Europe
47 Rare Superconductor Discovered--May Be Critical for the Future of Quantum Computing
48 3,000-Year-Old Shark Attack Victim Found--Grim Remains Scarred by at Least 790 Deep, Serrated Injuries
49 New Geochemical Testing Confirms Cause of End-Permian Mass Extinction Event That Wiped Out Most Life on Earth
50 Older Men With Erectile Dysfunction Having More Sex Than Ever During COVID-19 Pandemic
51 Researchers Find COVID-19 Virus Was "Highly Human Adapted"--Exact Origins Still a Mystery
52 Strange Ghostly Galaxies Lacking Dark Matter Confirmed by Hubble Data
53 In Extraordinary Experiment, Physicists Bring Human-Scale Object to Near Standstill, Reaching a Quantum State
54 Newly Discovered Human Species "Dragon Man" May Replace Neanderthals As Our Closest Relative
55 A Common Type of Antacid May Improve Blood Sugar Control in People With Diabetes
56 Genetically Modified Yeast To Efficiently Make Biofuels From Discarded Plant Matter
57 Nuclear Batteries Offer a New Approach to Carbon-Free Energy
58 Quantum Birds: Breakthrough Discovery on Mechanism of Magnetic Sensing in Birds
59 New Research Suggests a Link Between Cannabis Use and Suicide in Young Adults
60 Edible Cholera Vaccine--Made of Powdered Rice--Proves Safe in Phase 1 Human Trials
61 Meringue-Like Graphene-Based Aerogel Material Could Make Aircraft As Quiet as a Hairdryer
62 Build a High-Resolution Microscope From LEGO and Affordable Phone Parts
63 Recently Discovered Letter Written by Albert Einstein Discusses Link Between Physics and Biology--Seven Decades Before Evidence Emerges
64 Watch (and Hear) How NASA's Perseverance Rover Took Its Epic First Selfie on Mars
65 Researchers Find Clean Air Act Saved 1.5 Billion Birds Over the Last 40 Years
66 Physicists Use Ultrashort Laser Pulses to Probe the Dynamics of Photoemission
67 Astronomers Discover a Massive Star Cluster--Hiding in Plain Sight--in the Constellation Scutum
68 Tougher Than Kevlar and Steel: Ultralight Material Withstands Supersonic Microparticle Impacts
69 Surprise Discovery Suggests Scientists May Need To Rethink Which Genes Control Aging
70 NASA Continues Work on Hubble Space Telescope--Backup Computer Turned On, but It Fails With the Same Error
71 Toxicity of Protein Involved in Alzheimer's Triggered by Chemical "Switch"
72 Spacewalking Astronauts Complete Second Roll Out Solar Array Installation on Space Station
73 Waste to Treasure: Using Crayfish Shells to Store Energy
74 Unexpected Discovery About Zinc Opens a New Way to Regulate Blood Pressure
75 Discovery of Tiny Bones and Teeth Reveals Multiple Dinosaur Species Lived and Nested in the Arctic
76 California Reservoirs Reflect Deepening Drought--Worst They Have Been Since the 1970s
77 Profiting on Crisis: How Shadow Banks Have Exploited the COVID-19 Pandemic
78 Evolutionary Unique: The Natural History and Conservation Importance of Elusive Chinese Mountain Cat
79 Habitable Planets With Earth-Like Biospheres May Be Much Rarer Than Thought
80 Mushroom Growing Out of 50-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Ant Reveals New Species of Fungal Parasite
81 It's True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray--But It's Reversible
82 Purging Bad Mutations: Males Help Keep Populations Genetically Healthy
83 Iron Age Warriors' Down Bedding Could Ease Journey to Realm of the Dead
84 RockOn! NASA Launches Student Experiments to Space on Terrier-Improved Orion Rocket
85 New and Improved CRISPR 3.0 System for Highly Efficient Gene Activation in Plants
86 It's Electrifying! How Earth Could Be Entirely Powered by Sustainable Energy
87 Are We Alone in the Universe? NASA's Search for Life in the Solar System and Beyond
88 Potential New COVID-19 Treatment: A Tapeworm Drug
89 Electric Blue Streaks: High, Dry, and Rare in the Sky
90 Genetics Research May Help Identify More Dangerous Strains of the Virus That Causes COVID-19
91 Invisible Gold--Scientists Discover "Fool's Gold" Is Not So Foolish After All
92 New Research Analyzes the Types of Relationships Between Cats and Their Owners--Take the Quiz Yourself!
93 Structural Changes Identified in COVID Alpha and Beta Variants--Suggests Need for Updated Vaccine Booster
94 When T. rex Dominated, Medium-Sized Predators Disappeared--Replaced by Juvenile Tyrannosaurs
95 Tracking Ocean Microplastics From Space--See the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Like Never Before
96 Rare Neurological Disorder--Guillain-Barre Syndrome--Following COVID-19 Vaccination
97 Earth's Radiation Budget Is Out of Balance--Doubled During 14-Year Period
98 New Research Uncovers Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners--Potentially Leading to Serious Health Issues
99 Dark Matter: Is It "Real Stuff" or Gravity Misunderstood?
100 Inkjet Printing "Impossible Materials"--Bend Light, Manipulate Energy, or Have Chameleon-Like Abilities
101 CIBER-2 Rocket Team to Discover if Our Count of Stars in the Universe Should Go Way Up
102 Cat-Borne Parasite Toxoplasma--Which Infects 2 Billion People Worldwide--Induces Fatally Bold Behavior in Hyena Cubs
103 A Scattering of Stars Shows Us Something New About the Universe and the Hubble Space Telescope
104 Exploring Earth From Space: Lake March Chiquita
105 Astronomers Capture Cosmic Hand Hitting a Wall--Watch Blast Wave Moving at 9 Million MPH
106 Statins Used to Lower Cholesterol Linked to Doubled Risk of Developing Dementia
107 New Imaging Technique Shows How Smartphone Batteries Could Charge in Minutes
108 Nightside Radio Could Help Reveal Details of Exoplanets in Distant Solar Systems
109 Newly Discovered Sperm Movement Could Help Treat Male Infertility
110 A Coronavirus Epidemic Broke Out in East Asia More Than 20,000 Years Ago