File Title
1 Researchers Create World's Smallest Acoustic Amplifier
2 Hubble Captures Spectacular Image of NGC 4680
3 Gut-Innervating Neurons Can Sense What We Eat, Study Suggests
4 Two New Bird Species Identified in Tanzania
5 VLT Observes Grand Design Spiral Galaxy Messier 99
6 Physicists Capture Ultraprecise Images of Atoms
7 Tiny Passerine Bird Rediscovered in Venezuela: Urich's Tyrannulet
8 Scientists Synthesize New Crystalline Form of Silicon
9 New Titanosaur Species Uncovered in Australia
10 Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Magnificent Roman Basilica
11 Study: Lack of Mathematical Education Negatively Affects Developing Brain
12 Open Cluster NGC 2516 is at least 1,600 Light-Years Long, Study Shows
13 Frozen Microscopic Animals Brought Back to Life after 24,000 Years
14 NASA's Juno Orbiter Completes Close Flyby of Ganymede
15 CERN Physicists Observe Nonzero Mass Difference between Charm Meson and Its Antiparticle
16 Two New Species of Woolly Flying Squirrels Discovered
17 Neptune-Like Exoplanet Found Circling Nearby Red Dwarf
18 CHIME Telescope Discovers 535 New Fast Radio Bursts
19 Cretaceous Dinosaurs Lived in Warm and Variable Greenhouse Climate, Study Suggests
20 Giant 'Blinking' Star Spotted in Milky Way's Central Region
21 Two Giant Exoplanets Found around Sun-Like Star
22 Hubble Space Telescope Looks at NGC 3254
23 New Ancient Crocodile Species Identified in Australia
24 'Changing-Look' Blazar Spotted 6.3 Billion Light-Years Away
25 Israeli Archaeologists Find 1,000-Year-Old Intact Chicken Egg
26 Meet Satin Berrypecker, New Bird Species from New Guinea
27 Mammalian Cells Can Convert RNA Segments Back Into DNA, New Research Reveals
28 Scientists Discover New Species of Tree Hyrax
29 IBEX Produces 3D Map of Heliosphere
30 Oculudentavis is Bizarre Lizard, Not Bird-Like Dinosaur
31 Milky Way's Dark Matter Halo is Slowing Down Galactic Bar's Spin, Astronomers Say
32 Scientists Discover Two New Types of Glial Cells in Mouse Brain
33 Archaeologists Find Beaver Castoreum on 6,000-Year-Old Throwing Dart
34 Astronomers Spot Spinning Filaments of Galaxies
35 9,000-Year-Old Obsidian Tools Found at Bottom of Lake Huron
36 3.3-Billion-Light-Year-Long Arc of Galaxies Discovered
37 Two Compounds Derived from Hops Attenuate High-Fat Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis: Study
38 ALMA Detects Powerful Black-Hole Wind in Distant Quasar
39 Researchers Test Ancient Lighting Systems to See How Paleolithic Humans Illuminated Their Caves
40 Dust Cloud Caused Betelgeuse's Great Dimming Event, Astronomers Say
41 Study: Nocturnal Sweat Bees Able to Distinguish Dorsal Landmarks during Homing
42 Astronomers Confirm Existence of Dark-Matter-Deficient Galaxies
43 African Coelacanths Can Live for Up To 100 Years, Scale Analysis Shows
44 Fossils of New Giant Rhino Species Found in China
45 Geologic Activity on Earth Follows 27.5-Million-Year Cycle, New Study Says
46 Hubble Watches Cataclysmic Cosmic Collision: IC 1623
47 Scientists Convert Songbird's Brain Signals into Its Song
48 Does Self-Interacting Dark Matter Produce Seed Black Holes?
49 UK's Youngest Dinosaur Footprints Found
50 Siberian Volcanic Eruptions Triggered End-Permian Mass Extinction, New Study Confirms
51 All Types of Coffee are Protective against Chronic Liver Disease, Study Shows
52 Planetary Scientists Find Evidence for Crustal Block Tectonics on Venus
53 Giant Meteorite Landed in Ukraine 650,000 Years after Dinosaur-Killing Chicxulub Event
54 Ancient Fungal Parasite of Ants Found Preserved in Baltic Amber
55 Bumblebees Can Detect Humidity of Flowers, Biologists Say
56 Ancient Woodlice Cousins Lived in Ireland 360 Million Years Ago
57 Ancient Maya Maintained Native Tropical Forest Plants around Their Water Reservoirs
58 Australian Cup Moth Caterpillars Produce Highly Complex Venom
59 SOFIA Observes Stellar Wind-Driven Bubble around Westerlund 2
60 Chronic Psychosocial Stress Could Lead to Alzheimer's Disease
61 Alien Astronomers around 2,034 Nearby Stars Have Front-Row Seat to See Earth as Transiting Exoplanet
62 Scientists Sequence Genome of European Water Vole
63 Ancient DNA Analysis Sheds New Light on Occupational History of Denisova Cave
64 First Generation of Stars Emerged 250-350 Million Years after Big Bang, Astronomers Say
65 High Intake of Chocolate in the Morning Could Help Burn Body Fat, Reduce Blood Glucose Levels
66 NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Watches Fast Blast Wave from Exploded Star
67 Nesher Ramla Hominin: Previously Unknown Type of Homo Discovered
68 Theoretical Physicists Show How Law of Charge Conservation Could Break Down near Black Hole
69 Hubble Observes Open Cluster NGC 330
70 Cretaceous-Period Bird from China 'Had Dinosaur Skull'
71 Fauci Says COVID-19 Came from Miners in 2012, While Chinese Whistleblower Claims It's 'Unrestricted Bioweapon'
72 New York Face Mask Guidelines Relax for Schools and Camps, Masks Will Not Be Required Outdoors
73 Obesity Drug That Helps People Lose 15% Weight Now FDA Approved, Pill Being Developed
74 COVID-19 Booster Shots: Is This Necessary? When Will It Be Available?
75 Recent Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Frozen Chicken From Aldi
76 New Alzheimer's Drug Aduhelm Now FDA Approved, Giving Hope to People With This Disease
77 Jeff Bezos is Going to Space, Another Seat in the Rocket is Available for Bidding
78 Did COVID-19 Come From a Wuhan Lab? Classified Report Provides Early Report for Previously Taboo Notion
79 What Is Maskne? Dermatologists Reveal Prolonged Wearing of Face Mask Cause Various Skin Reactions
80 Beech-Nut Recalls Infant Rice Cereal Due to Arsenic Concerns, a Threat to Babies' Brain Development
81 United States to Buy 500 Million Doses of Pfizer Vaccines to Send to 100 Nations, Biden Declares 'US Is Back'
82 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Effective Against Virus Variants, Severe Illness
83 Heart Disease and Diabetes Surge in the US Amid the Pandemic
84 World's Oldest Cave Painting is Being Erased by Climate Change, A Grim Sign?
85 G7 Expected to Donate 1 Billion COVID-19 Vaccines to Poorer Countries
86 Israeli Researchers Find Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Works as Booster
87 Newly Discovered Exoplanet Could Have Water Clouds, A Gaseous Planet Rather Than a Rocky One Like Earth
88 CDC: Evidence Growing Linking COVID-19 Vaccine to Heart Issue
89 Italian Woman Gave Birth While in Coma for 10 Months, Wakes Up to Discover She Now Has a Daughter
90 Two Britons From North Wales Are Afflicted With Monkeypox Which They Got Abroad
91 Can Humans Reproduce in Mars? Mice Study Shows Sperm Can Survive on Martian Surface
92 Quitting Cold Turkey: Side Effects of Giving Up Beer
93 Nearly 900 Americans Receive Expired COVID-19 Vaccines at Time Square Vaccination Site
94 Deadly COVID-19 Outbreak Hampers Thailand's Mass Vaccination Campaign
95 Scientists Detect Copper and Magnetic Iron in the Brains of Alzheimer's Sufferers
96 Antarctic Krill Not Totally Affected by Climate Change Caused by Human Activity, Further Study Needed
97 Illinois Residents Discovered to Have Been Infected With COVID-19 Before First Reported Cases in the US
98 More Than Half of Cosmetic Products Sold in the US, Canada Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients, Study Reveals
99 Safe Shopping: Cancer-Causing Products Found in the Common Household
100 New Hampshire Teachers Label Unvaccinated Students Ahead of Prom; Parents Petition for Superintendent to Resign
101 Russia Discovers New COVID-19 Variant; Testing Whether Vaccines Work Against 'Moscow Strain'
102 Indian Authorities Investigate Alleged Fake COVID-19 Test Amid Surge of Infections
103 Archeologists Find 130 Homes Around German Stonehenge, Indicates That Ritualistic Site Was Once an Ancient Community
104 Russia Cooperates With China to Advance Space Missions to Rival US, Other Nations
105 Monkey Brains Research Might Lead to New Drugs for Possible Alzheimer Cure
106 COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreads to 80 Countries; New Mutation Called 'Lambda' Explained
107 'Discovery' of Antarctica Predates Claims by 1,300 Years, Before the First Western Explorers Set Foot on the Frozen Continent
108 Lung Cancer Can Cause Immune Cells to Attack Healthy Tissues Assisting in Tumor Size Increase
109 Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine Fails to Suppress Coronavirus Outbreaks in Other Countries
110 United States to Spend $3.2 billion for Antiviral Drugs for Coronavirus, Expected to Arrive by Year's End
111 Delta COVID-19 Variant Spreads Across Indonesia, Killing At Least 5 Doctors, 1 Nurse
112 Illinois Offers $10 Million Worth COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives
113 Dozens of Common Blood Pressure Pills Recalled Over Fear of Containing World's Most Explosive Chemical That Causes Cancer