File Title
1 Scientists See the Invisible: How Butterflies Make Transparent Wings
2 Experts Predict Wind Energy Costs to Drop Significantly in the Future
3 COVID-19 Creates Conditions for Emergence of Invasive "Superfungus" in Brazil
4 Science Made Simple: What Are Quantum Networks?
5 Dark Matter "Counterweight" Is Slowing the Spin of the Milky Way's Galactic Bar
6 Bio-Inspired Hydrogel Protects the Heart From Adhering to Surrounding Tissue After Surgery
7 Staged Alert COVID-19 System Linked to Shorter Lockdowns and Lives Saved
8 An Acceleration of Coastal Overtopping Around the World--By Up to 50x
9 New Species of Giant Rhino--the Largest Land Mammal That Ever Lived--Offers Clues to a Long-Running Mystery
10 NASA Has Announced Two Missions to Venus by 2030--Here's Why Space Scientists Are So Excited
11 Science Made Simple: What Are Isotopes?
12 Gamma-Ray Bursts--Bright Cosmic Explosions--Could Reveal Strange Interstellar "Knots"
13 Global Warming Already Responsible for 1 in 3 Heat-Related Deaths
14 Impenetrable Encryption for Data Communication: Researchers Take Quantum Key Distribution Out of the Lab
15 NASA Prepares "Moonikin" Commander for Artemis I Moon Mission
16 Solving a Long-Standing Biological Mystery: How Cells Measure Themselves
17 How Cells Use "Trash Bags" To Transport Their Waste for Recycling
18 Centuries-Old Smoke Particles Preserved in Ice Reveal a Fiery Past--And the Future of Global Climate Change
19 Weird Spider Hair Discovery May Inspire Powerful--Yet Reversible--Adhesives
20 For Transplant Recipients, A Third COVID Vaccine Dose May Offer Better Protection
21 NASA, NOAA Scientists: Earth's Energy Imbalance Has Doubled
22 Engineers Develop a New Water Treatment Technology That Could Also Help Mars Explorers
23 Drive to Destruction: Simulating Burn-Up During Atmospheric Reentry
24 Scientists Make Big Progress in Building Mini-Kidneys--"Essential Milestone Towards Building a Functional Organ"
25 Cosmic Mystery Deepens: Oddball "See-Through" Galaxy's Missing Dark Matter
26 Juneteenth in Galveston--General Order No. 3 by Union Troops Marked the Official End of Slavery in the U.S.
27 Biologists Raise Alarm: Brain Damage Caused by Even Small Amounts of Plasticizers
28 Breakfast Foods Are Fortified for a Reason: Skip Morning Meal, Miss Out on Nutrients
29 War Against Climate Change: Managed Retreat and Floating Cities of the Future
30 Scientists Discover a Novel Defense Mechanism Against the COVID-19 Coronavirus
31 Massive "Doomsday Glacier" May Be More Stable Than Initially Feared
32 Laser-Driven Semiconductor Switch for Next-Generation Communications
33 Pam Melroy Confirmed by Senate as NASA Deputy Administrator
34 Scientists Discover a New Genetic Mutation That Distinguishes Modern Humans From Neanderthals
35 Gorgeous New Sun Science Stamps Highlight a Decade of Sun-Watching From Space
36 How Some Fungi That Cause Diseases Can Grow Through Tiny Gaps
37 Freak Coincidence: The Curious Incident of Swarm and Sprites in the Night-Time
38 NASA Struggles to Fix Failure of Hubble Space Telescope's 1980s Computer
39 Highly Chirped Laser Pulses Defy "Conventional Wisdom"
40 Astrophysicists Solve a Mysterious Decades-Long Gamma-Ray Burst Puzzle
41 Doubling Down on Headache Pain: Effective Combo of Common Drugs
42 Unearthing Neanderthal Population History Using Ancient Nuclear DNA From Cave Sediments
43 Tarantula Toxin Attacks With Molecular Stinger--May Hold Answers to Better Control of Chronic Pain
44 NASA Picturing Earth: Behind the Scenes [Video]
45 Understanding Frustration Could Lead to Better Medications
46 Breakthrough in Stabilization of Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Harvesting Materials
47 RockOn! Student Experiments to Blast Off From NASA Wallops
48 During COVID-19 Pandemic, Increased Screen Time Linked With Increased Mental Distress
49 New Technique Enables Quick Identification of Potential Drugs to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
50 Potential Causes of Increased Transmission in COVID-19 Variants
51 Probiotic Protection? Gut Bacteria Discovered That Protects the Intestine From Invasion of the COVID-19 Virus
52 Quantization of Electric Charge: Absorption of an Individual Electron Captured on Film
53 59 Labs Around World Handle the Deadliest Pathogens--Only 1 in 4 Score High on Safety
54 Probing Deeper Into the Origins of Cosmic Rays With Geometric Brownian Motion
55 The Earth Has a Pulse: 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Geological Activity Discovered
56 Complementary Cognition: The Evolution of Collective Intelligence
57 Mechanistic Link Between Red Meat Consumption and Development of Colorectal Cancer
58 An Inconstant Hubble Constant? New Research Suggests Fix to Cosmological Cornerstone
59 Anti-aging Protein in Red Blood Cells Helps Prevent Mental Decline, Poor Memory and Hearing Deficits
60 Rhino Anti-poaching Campaign Goes Nuclear
61 Smaller Bodies, Longer Wings, Earlier Migrations: Untangling the Multiple Impacts of Climate Warming on Birds
62 Rare but Possible: COVID-19-Related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Adults
63 Clash of the Titans: Hubble Spots a Cataclysmic Cosmic Collision
64 Sleep Apnea Worsens Heart Disease--Yet It Often Goes Untreated
65 Blood Pressure-Lowering Medications Linked to Less Memory Decline in Older Adults
66 The Paths COVID-19 Used To Spread Across Brazil--Super-Spreader Cities, Highways, Hospitals
67 Stanford's New Open-Source Software for Designing Sustainable Cities
68 ISS Astronauts Complete First Roll-Out Solar Array Installation During 6+ Hour Spacewalk
69 Fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Nanopore Technology: Passing the COVID Test in Just Five Minutes
70 Light in Darkness: Experiment Recreates Paleolithic Cave Lighting
71 New Space Telescope--GEOStare2--Goes Into Orbit
72 Doctors' Hopes Dashed: Antibiotics No Help for Mysterious Lung-Scarring Disease
73 Earth's Meteorite Impacts Tracked Over Past 500 Million Years
74 Homophobic Statements Trigger Elevated Stress in Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People--Can Contribute to Health Problems
75 A Simple Trick Can Help Couples Weather COVID-19 Pandemic-Related Stress
76 Teams Engineer Complex Human Vascular Tissues--Win Top Prizes in NASA Challenge
77 Birthdays and COVID-19: New Analysis Reveals a Link
78 Sperm Evolution Becomes Supercharged Only When They Swim Inside Females
79 Smelling in Stereo: The Real Reason Snakes Have Flicking, Forked Tongues
80 Does Statin Use for Cholesterol Control Cause Cognitive Decline, Dementia?
81 Venus' Geological Secrets Revealed Through "Pack Ice" Tectonics
82 NASA's ACE Mission: Total Solar Eclipses Shine a Light on the Solar Wind
83 When Employees Lack Power at Work, They Get Paranoid--And Aggressive
84 Drinking Any Type of Coffee (Even Decaf) Associated With Reduced Risk of Chronic Liver Disease
85 Major Ocean-Observing Satellite--Copernicus Sentinel-6--Goes Live!
86 Important Role That Planting New Commercial Forests Plays in Fight Against Climate Change
87 Aviation's Contribution to Cutting Climate Change Likely to Be Small--Non-CO2 Effects Important
88 No Northern Escape Route From Climate Change for Florida's Coral Reefs
89 Tackling Food Allergies at the Source: Developing a Non-GMO Soybean Without the Allergenic Protein
90 Using Sunlight to Alleviate Global Warming: Breakthrough in Decomposing CO2 With High Efficiency
91 Signs of Awakening: Analyzing Volcanoes to Predict Future Eruptions
92 Scientists Discover Unreported Plant Body Part--"I Thought It Must Be an Artifact of Genetic Contamination"
93 MIT Compares the Largest Satellite Internet Meganetworks: SpaceX, OneWeb, Telesat, and Amazon
94 Breakthrough Ultra-Thin Tech to Revolutionize Night Vision--"We Have Made the Invisible Visible"
95 High Risk of Extreme Drought: Unchecked Climate Change Will Cause Severe Drying of the Amazon Rainforest
96 12,000 Scientific Articles a Year--Can They All Be Wrong? XPS Can Give Misleading Analysis Results
97 To Prevent Hunger, Climate Adaptation Requires Billions in Additional Annual Investments
98 Mysteries of Epigenetics: There's More to Genes Than DNA
99 Researchers Discover New Drugs That Inhibit a "Master Switch" in a Deadly Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
100 Tree Pollen Facilitates COVID-19 Virus Spread--Carries SARS-CoV-2 Particles Farther
101 Straight Out of the Big Bang: New Type of Gravitational Wave Detector to Find Tennis Ball-Sized Black Holes
102 Take Part in ESA's Space App Camp 2021
103 The Give and Take of Stellar Mega-Flares: By Studying Thousands of Young Stars, New Information Has Emerged
104 Sweet and Salty Sonora: Chocolate Mountains and a Salty Lake
105 Signs of Geological Activity Discovered on Venus
106 Pathogenic Bacteria Rendered Almost Harmless: New Strategy to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterium
107 Reduced Risk of Cancer Among Heart Failure Patients That Use Statins
108 High Capacity DNA Data Storage: Could All Your Digital Photos Be Stored As DNA?
109 Cheaper & Better: This Molecule Is Made From Sugar, Shaped Like a Doughnut, and Formed Using Light
110 2021 Global Change Outlook: Why the Earth Needs a Course Correction Now