File Title
1 Voyage 2050 Sets Sail: Planning Pivotal Space Science Missions of the Future
2 Two New Species of Ancient, Burrowing Mammal Ancestors Discovered in China
3 Preventing the Spread of Plant Pandemics: New Tools Needed to Curb Threats to Global Food Security
4 Portal to the Dark Side: Sterile Neutrinos an Intriguing Possibility in the Quest for Understanding Dark Matter
5 Neanderthal and Early Modern Human Culture Co-existed Alongside Older Traditions for Over 100,000 Years
6 Out of This World Discovery by Citizen Scientists: Two Gaseous Planets Around a Bright Sun-Like Star
7 NASA Picturing Earth: Window On The World [Video]
8 New COVID-19 "Mexican Variant" Identified: Increasingly Spreading Across North America
9 Remarkable Heatwave Scorches the Middle East--"Heat Dome" Phenomenon
10 Trying Not to Overeat? Researchers Videotaped People Eating and Discovered That How You Eat Matters
11 Many COVID-19 Patients Produce Immune Responses Attacking Their Body's Own Tissues and Organs
12 Mysterious Extra-Galactic Discovery: 36 Dwarf Galaxies Had Simultaneous "Baby Boom" of New Stars
13 Coloring Tumors Reveals Their Bad Influence: Detecting the Very Initial Steps That Lead to Cancer Development
14 Catalytic Converter Theft Is on the Rise--Here's Why
15 Subatomic Particle Seen Changing to Antiparticle and Back for the First Time in Extraordinary Experiment
16 New Tool Created to Aid in Development, Efficiency of Hydrogen-Powered Cars
17 Hubble Spots a Galactic Powerhouse
18 Raucous Barks Reverberating in the Night Lead to the Discovery of New Species
19 Earliest Gigantic Black Hole Storm Ever Discovered--Supermassive Black Hole a Telltale Sign About Very Early History of the Universe
20 Missing Link Identified: Mystery of Photosynthetic Algae Evolution Finally Solved
21 NASA Selects 24 Flight-Quality Heat-Vision "Eyes" for Roman Space Telescope
22 Newly Synthesized Chemical Compound Reveals Fundamental Properties of Smallest Carbon Nanotubes
23 New Hope for Infertile Men--Mice Could Hold the Secret
24 Humans Are Creating Conditions That Could Lead to the Next Pandemic
25 Quantum Magic Squares Cannot Be As Easily Characterized As Their "Classical" Cousins
26 Photonic Crystal Fiber-Based "Parallel Reactors" Unveil Collective Matter-Light Analogies of Soliton Molecules
27 Coffee Lovers, Rejoice! Drinking More Coffee Linked With Decreased Heart Failure Risk
28 NASA Prepares to Stack Massive Moon Rocket's Core Stage
29 Why Do We Continue to See COVID-19 Outbreaks in Fully Vaccinated Care Homes?
30 New Species of Bizarre, Extinct Lizard--So Strange It Was Misidentified as a Hummingbird-Sized Dinosaur
31 Schizophrenia: Brain Capillary Structures Show a Correlation With Their Neuron Structures
32 New Ultrathin Liquid Crystal Metalens Offers Electric Zoom
33 What Is Your Earliest Memory? Can Start From the Age of Two-and-a-Half According to New Research
34 California Biodiversity "Hotspots" Threatened--Provide Habitat for Rare and Endangered Species
35 Genetic Mutation Reveals Surprising Role of Bioelectricity in Early Brain Formation
36 NASA: Progress on Giant SLS Moon Rocket, Close Encounter With Ganymede, and a Ring of Fire Eclipse
37 Reef-Building Corals and the Microscopic Algae Within Their Cells Genetically Evolve in Tandem
38 Cosmic Mass Monsters Clear the Way: Black Holes Help With Star Birth
39 New Insight Into Biosynthesis: How Cyanobacteria Evolve Their Photosynthetic Machinery
40 NASA Lunar Payloads: New Science Investigations for the Dark Side of the Moon
41 Photoactivatable Metabolic Warheads: Light-Sensitive Drug Acts As Trojan Horse to Kill Cancer Cells
42 Surfing Particles on Alfven Waves: Physicists Solve a Mystery Surrounding Aurora Borealis
43 Examining Head Impacts and Abnormal Imaging in Youth Football Players Over Consecutive Seasons
44 Human-Driven Climate Change Only Half the Picture for Antarctic Krill
45 Battlefield Map Reveals Malicious COVID-19 Content Exploits Pathways Between Platforms To Thrive Online
46 Solving a Mass Extinction Survivor Mystery With Help From Snails Carrying the World's Smallest Computer
47 High Levels of Potentially Toxic PFAS Chemicals Detected in Makeup Sold in the U.S. and Canada
48 Backbone of NASA's Massive SLS Moon Rocket Joins Boosters for Artemis I Mission
49 Australia's Largest Dinosaur--The Southern Titan--Has Just Stomped Into the Record Books!
50 The Sun's Clock: Periodic Solar Activity Fluctuations Can Be Clocked by Planetary Attractive Forces
51 The "Great Dying"--Rapid Warming Contributed to Abrupt Collapse of Forest-Mire Ecosystems
52 Artificial Intelligence for Rapid Exclusion of COVID-19 Infection
53 Astrophysicists Surprised by Unexpected Effect of Black Holes Beyond Their Own Galaxies
54 On Thin Ice: Arctic Coastal Sea Ice Thinning Twice As Fast As Thought
55 Common Cold Can Protect Against Infection by COVID-19 Virus
56 Dangerous Oscillations in Rocket Engines Driven by Fuel Flow and Heat Fluctuations
57 Brain Cell Membranes' Lipids Largely Overlooked for Alzheimer's Disease Therapeutics
58 ITER Global Fusion Energy Project: After a Decade of Design and Fabrication, World's Most Powerful Magnet Ready
59 Antidepressant Pollution Alters Crayfish Behavior--Impacting Stream Ecosystems
60 Artificial Photosynthesis Promises Clean, Sustainable Source of Energy
61 Cardiovascular Disease Deaths in Asia Are Rapidly Increasing
62 Boundary Between Our Solar System and Interstellar Space Mapped for the First Time
63 Junk Food Diet May Boost Risk of Dangerous Driving Among Truck Drivers
64 Social Secrets of Killer Whales Revealed by Drone Footage
65 Teenagers at Greatest Risk of Self-Harming Can Be Identified Almost a Decade Earlier
66 Scientists Make a Breakthrough Towards Solving the "Grand Scientific" Structural Mystery of Glass
67 Understanding Uncertainties in Climate Change: Ocean Circulation Is Key to Accurate Predictions
68 We Cannot Cheat Aging and Death: New Insights Into "Invariant Rate of Aging Hypothesis"
69 Largest Rotating Structures in the Universe Discovered--Fantastic Cosmic Filaments Where Galaxies Are Relatively Just Specs of Dust
70 Gluon Exchange Model Simplifies the Internal Structure of Protons and Their Collisions
71 NASA Contest: Help Name the "Moonikin" Flying on Artemis I Mission Around the Moon
72 New Fossil Research Reveals Woodlice Cousins Roamed Ireland 360 Million Years Ago
73 Switchable Mirrors Created From Liquid Metal
74 First-Ever Galaxy Observed in a "Blow-Away" State--Reveals Secrets of the Evolution of the Universe
75 Ozone Pollution Has Increased in Antarctica--From Both Natural and Human Sources
76 World's First Wooden Satellite Set To Launch--Can Plywood Survive in Space?
77 Just a Small Number of Cells in a Tumor Can Enable Cancer To Spread to Other Parts of the Body
78 Astronomers Were Puzzled by "Great Dimming" of Betelgeuse--Now the Mystery Is Solved
79 Treating Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure: How Platelets Help Resolve Lung Inflammation
80 NASA Finds Local COVID-19 Lockdowns Brought Unexpectedly Fast Global Ozone Reductions
81 Wonder Material Can Be Used to Detect COVID-19 Virus Quickly and Accurately
82 Bats in Switzerland Harbor Diverse Viruses--Some With Risk of Jumping to Humans
83 New Research: Intermittent Fasting "No Magic Bullet for Weight Loss"
84 Newly Named Asteroids Honor Pioneering Astronauts Who Have Helped Expand Our Horizons Beyond Earth
85 New Species of Humongous Prehistoric Crocodile "River Boss" Discovered in Australia
86 The Chemical Origins of Life: What Is Life? And Will We Find It on Other Planets?
87 Seabird Eggs Contaminated With Chemical Cocktail of Plastic Additives
88 Blistering Stars in the Universe: Rare Insights Into How Violent Supernova Explosions Affect Nearby Stars
89 Infection of Immature Red Blood Cells May Help Explain Low Oxygen Levels in COVID-19 Patients
90 The Case of the Pyrenean Ibex: What Can We Learn From Vanishing Wildlife Species
91 Improving People's Relationship With Food: Focus on Emotions Is Key to Improving Heart Health in Obese People
92 New Energy-Efficient AI System-on-Chip Runs on Solar Power
93 Quantum Breakthrough: New Invention Keeps Qubits of Light Stable at Room Temperature
94 Hired Blade: Anchoring Complex in Plant Cells Recruits Its Own Katana Sword To Cut New Microtubules
95 Unlocking the Mysteries of Human Development: Key Molecular Events in the Developing Human Embryo Identified
96 Hubble Space Telescope's Payload Computer Halts--NASA Operations Underway To Restore
97 Reversal of Fortunes: COVID Pandemic Adolescent Mental Health Study Reveals Turnaround Finding
98 New Understanding of Invisible--But Mighty--Particles
99 Minotaur I Rocket Launches From NASA's Wallops Flight Facility
100 Records Fall in Extreme Early Summer Heatwave
101 Recipe Revealed for Even More Powerful COVID-19 Vaccines--Better Protection Against Coronavirus Variants
102 Young Chaotic Star System Reveals Secrets of Planet Formation
103 How to Supply Emergency Power After the Big Storm
104 Stanford's Breakthrough New Manufacturing Technique for Ultrathin, Flexible Electronics
105 Coelacanths--Enormous Fish That Live Deep in the Ocean--May Live Nearly a Century
106 NASA and Boeing Progress Continues Toward July Launch of Second Starliner Flight Test
107 Engineered Natural Killer Cells Can Eliminate Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cells
108 NASA Astronaut Encounters Technical Glitches With Spacesuit During Spacewalk to Install First New Solar Array
109 Unraveling the Origin of Alzheimer's Disease--How the Disease Spreads in Human Brains
110 Fear of COVID-19: Psychological, Not Environmental Factors Are Important