File Title
1 2.5 grammes of pure cocoa found to improve visual acuity in daylight
2 Magneto-thermal imaging brings synchrotron capabilities to the lab
3 Machine learning aids earthquake risk prediction
4 Rare genetic defect replicated in fish model
5 Black patients with cirrhosis more likely to die, less likely to get liver transplant
6 Fracture setting method could replace metal plates, with fewer complications
7 Odd smell: flies sniff ammonia in a way new to science
8 Researchers call for improvements to working culture and conditions for junior doctors
9 Viruses as communication molecules
10 A novel energy storage solution featuring pipes and anchors
11 New research reveals remarkable resilience of sea life in the aftermath of mass extinctions
12 Half of young adults with COVID-19 have persistent symptoms 6 months after
13 Use of additional Metop-C and Fengyun-3 C/D data improves regional weather forecasts
14 Phone swabs can accurately detect COVID-19
15 The origins of farming insects
16 China's EarthLab begins trials as country's first facility exploring Earth system interactions
17 Earth-like biospheres on other planets may be rare
18 Synthesis of a near-infrared light absorbing macrocyclic aromatic compound
19 Kit clashes affect performance in football matches, new study shows
20 Being Anglo-Saxon was a matter of language and culture, not genetics
21 Novel lncRNA, Caren, counteracts heart failure progression
22 Major risk of eye injuries from padel, research ophthalmologists say
23 Asian elephants do more than just trumpet--they buzz their lips to squeak
24 Outstanding organic solar cells' performance achieved by using new technology
25 10 keys to integrating health into urban and transport planning
26 Influence of land use on soil erosion in European Russia for the last 30 years
27 Junk food relief in lockdown
28 If the right hand is hypersensitive due to an injury to the left
29 Rapid progression in cardiovascular disease risk factors can reveal high-risk individuals
30 Bioinspired mineralization of calcium carbonate in peptide hydrogel
31 Study reveals formation mechanism of first carbon-carbon bond in MTO process
32 AI spots healthy stem cells quickly and accurately
33 East Antarctic summer cooling trends caused by tropical rainfall clusters
34 Tuckered out: Early Antarctic explorers underfed their dogs
35 Machine learning for solar energy is supercomputer kryptonite
36 Virtual training helps underserved middle schoolers hone social skills
37 Declining treatment during maternity care can foster tension between patients and providers
38 Bourneville's tuberous sclerosis: everything unfolds in the brain shortly after birth
39 People overestimate Black Americans' chances of economic success
40 Single dose of Pfizer or Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine offers substantial protection to residents of long-term care homes
41 Delayed infection after injected buttock fillers in a 29-year-old woman
42 Dutch study finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria common in veterinary staff
43 An unexpected discovery: Inflammatory proteins may slow cognitive decline in aging adults
44 How to make lithium-ion batteries invincible
45 New research uncovers how cancers with common mutation develop resistance to targeted drugs
46 Language trade-off? No, bilingual children reliably acquire English by age 5
47 Scientists uncover new mechanism that enables development of cancer
48 Study shows surgical face masks provide good protection against aerosols, while plastic face shields provide no protection
49 Methodology from GWAS accurately flags more deadly SARS-CoV-2 variant
50 Long COVID symptoms likely caused by Epstein-Barr virus reactivation
51 Differences in countries' COVID-19 guidelines created confusion for healthcare professionals
52 Universal health care benefited colon cancer survival
53 Mind the gap: Scientists use stellar mass to link exoplanets to planet-forming disks
54 New UN report calls for urgent help for world's oceans
55 Bird migration takes plants in wrong direction to cope with climate change
56 Study: Environmental risks exacerbated for vulnerable populations in small towns
57 Subconscious changes in movement may predict Alzheimer's disease
58 How does the one-humped Arabian camel survive without drinking?
59 Low energy hydrogenation without hydrogen: Efficient catalysis in a stable emulsion gel
60 Critical cell process shown to be missing in humans
61 Using virtual populations for clinical trials
62 Number of NHS doctors taking early retirement has tripled since 2008
63 Long COVID has resurfaced tensions over treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
64 Decreases in life expectancy in 2020 much larger in the US than other high income countries
65 Geckos might lose their tails, but not their dinner
66 Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300%
67 COVID-19 disruptions in sub-Saharan Africa will have substantial health consequences
68 Systolic blood pressure above 120 mmHg increases rate of cardiovascular disease
69 Pandemic drives largest decrease in US life expectancy since 1943
70 Recycling of the eye's light sensors is faulty in progressive blindness of older adults
71 Study on fiscal policy advocates for making hay while the sun shines
72 Schools should strive to improve students' food literacy
73 Skin reactions after COVID-19 vaccination: Rare, uncommonly recur after second dose
74 Leopard gecko skin tumors traced to cancer gene
75 Research may help identify more dangerous strains of the virus that causes COVID-19
76 Can genetic tests predict children's risk of developing scoliosis?
77 Insights on the link between chronic stress and Alzheimer's disease
78 Do hormonal contraceptives impact glaucoma risk?
79 Life in these star-systems could have spotted Earth
80 Antibody therapy rescues mice from lethal nerve-muscle disease
81 Pandemic air quality due to weather, not just lockdowns
82 The mysterious Chinese mountain cat probably was not involved in feline domestication
83 Minority groups in the US experience cognitive issues earlier in life
84 Researchers use AI to track cognitive deviation in aging brains
85 Rising greenhouse gases pose continued threat to Arctic ozone layer
86 First clear view of a boiling cauldron where stars are born
87 Harvesting drinking water from humidity around the clock
88 Quantum birds
89 Immune cells in the human biliary system mapped
90 Cellular signatures of kidney tumours discovered
91 Low-cost method for finding new coronavirus variants
92 Climate change makes arctic ozone loss worse
93 Mongooses solve inequality problem
94 Pleistocene sediment DNA from Denisova Cave
95 Starchy snacks may increase CVD risk; fruits and veggies at certain meals decreases risk
96 Mining precious rare-earth elements from coal fly ash with a reusable ionic liquid
97 Low-cost imaging technique shows how smartphone batteries could charge in minutes
98 Mapping methane sources in Paris
99 Combining three techniques boosts brain-imaging precision
100 Had COVID-19? One vaccine dose enough; boosters for all, study says
101 Review shows minimal, high-quality evidence dietary supplements lead to weight loss
102 Common moles could serve as players in battling melanoma and preventing its recurrence
103 New algorithm helps autonomous vehicles find themselves, summer or winter
104 Providing clean, safe and private toilet, menstrual hygiene management for the homeless: An audit
105 After stroke, more than one try to remove blood clots may be tied to worse outcome
106 English neighborhoods which have less-healthy diets estimated by modelling study
107 Anglo-Saxon ancestry was 'mixed and mutable'
108 US children pay high price for gun violence
109 People willing to pay more for coffee that's ethical and eco-friendly, meta-analysis finds
110 Stopping the onset and progression of intractable immune diseases