File Title
1 Soft robots--smart elastomers are making the robots of the future more touchy-feely
2 Patents help build a global map of new space industry
3 Improving asphalt road pavement with nano-engineered particles
4 Childhood trauma can make people like morphine more
5 Producing hydrogen using less energy
6 AR can improve the lives of older adults, so why are apps designed mainly for youngsters?
7 What Facebook can tell us about dietary choices
8 As many state of emergency declarations during first pandemic wave as in preceding decade
9 Running to music combats mental fatigue a study suggests
10 Actively addressing inequalities promotes social change
11 Perovskite memory devices with ultra-fast switching speed
12 Secretin hormone induces satiation by activating brown fat
13 A new type of gravitational wave detector to find tennis ballsized black holes
14 How shadow banks have exploited the COVID-19 crisis
15 SUTD researchers use nanoscale 3D printing to create high-resolution light field prints
16 Virtual pupils make for more confident teachers
17 Children separated from their families are not just victims in need of help
18 The very venomous caterpillar
19 Sports: Men and women react differently to a missing audience
20 Illuminating the mechanism behind how plants regulate starch synthesis
21 Gestational diabetes increases the risk of fetal hypoxia during labor
22 Boost for mouse genetic analysis
23 Does bubble cascade form only in a glass of Guinness beer?
24 Cohesin opens up for cell division
25 New study: Eating prunes daily improves risk factors for heart disease and inflammation
26 Mushroom growing out of fossilized ant reveals new genus and species of fungal parasite
27 USC study shows inherited risk of early-onset cancer is higher among minority families
28 Clickbait headlines might not lure readers as much, may confuse AI
29 Study uncovers major breakthrough in understanding and treating respiratory inflammation
30 A 'bio-refinery': using the chemistry of willow trees to treat municipal wastewater
31 UCI-led study finds that cancer immunotherapy may self-limit its efficacy
32 UM student, researchers analyze Montana childhood under vaccination
33 Engineering nanobodies as lifesavers when SARS-CoV-2 variants attack
34 Ben-Gurion U. develop new measure continuous traumatic stress impact
35 Metal catalysts used for environmental sustainability found to degrade and become less effective
36 UBC Sauder study shows cigarette tax hikes can help boost bigger brands, hurt consumers
37 New universal vaccine targets coronaviruses to prevent future pandemics
38 Bee-impersonating flies show pollinator potential
39 New device refines scientists' ability to sort and process human cells
40 Teachers want to encourage children to take a public stand against climate change
41 Statin use is linked to reduced risk of cancer among heart failure patients
42 Researchers discover a novel class of drugs that may help treat a deadly type of lymphoma
43 More than 6% of Europeans suffer from depression
44 Worrying insights into the chemicals in plastics
45 12,000 scientific articles a year--can they all be wrong?
46 Tree pollen carries SARS-CoV-2 particles farther, facilitates virus spread
47 Multiple long-term physical health problems increase risk of depression later in life
48 Julia programming language tackles differential equation challenges
49 Unchecked climate change will cause severe drying of the Amazon forest
50 A warming climate and intensifying land use increase mercury content in fish
51 Aviation's contribution to cutting climate change likely to be small
52 Future wood use assures long-term climate benefit from commercial forests
53 Fortifying tea with folate and vitamin B12 may help counter serious health issues in Indian women
54 First wave COVID-19 data underestimated pandemic infections
55 Twin study is first to reveal genetic risk factors for PTSD and migraine
56 Study shows brain differences in interpreting physical signals in mental health disorders
57 Cannabis use may be associated with suicidality in young adults
58 No northern escape route for Florida's coral reefs
59 Analysing volcanoes to predict their awakening
60 Mental well-being higher in the summer vs. fall
61 Four-component, and asymmetric radical 1,4-oxy-trifluoromethylation to olefins
62 Shifting sands, creeping soils, and a new understanding of landscape evolution
63 Microspheres quiver when shocked
64 High-resolution microscope built from LEGO and bits of phone
65 Food protein can eliminate pungency and bitterness of extra virgin olive oil
66 Smoother silicone breast implants may reduce severity of immune system reactions
67 Coral offspring physiology impacted by parental exposure to intense environmental stresses
68 Increased organizational support for employees' adoption efforts yields positive benefits
69 NASA helps map impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on harmful air pollution
70 Research provides a roadmap to HIV eradication via stem cell therapy
71 Firearm injuries in children, teens costly for US health care system, study finds
72 Study finds abnormal response to cellular stress is associated with Huntington's disease
73 'On/off' switches for self-assembling hydrogels could advance wound healing and more
74 Powerful people are less likely to be understanding when mistakes are made
75 New class of compounds found to block coronavirus reproduction
76 You can have too much of a good thing, says study financial analysts' work-life balance
77 Drug doubles down on bone cancer, metastasis
78 Flipping a molecular switch for heart fibrosis
79 Scientists obtain real-time look at how cancers evolve
80 Flavored e-cigarettes may affect the brain differently than non-flavored
81 Compost improves apple orchard sustainability
82 Reactive and inconsistent practices hamstring efforts to manage invasive plants in the US
83 More seniors may have undiagnosed dementia than previously thought
84 US beekeepers continue to report high colony loss rates, no clear improvement
85 Cat-borne parasite Toxoplasma induces fatally bold behavior in hyena cubs
86 Wild bees need deadwood in the forest
87 Cold weather cost New England electric customers nearly $1.8 billion in one month; A new study suggests ways to mitigate fuel shortages
88 Cancer survivors' tongues less sensitive to tastes than those of healthy peers
89 Study explores how readers at partisan news sites respond to challenging news events
90 Concepts from physics explain importance of quarantine to control spread of COVID-19
91 Western high-fat diet can cause chronic pain, according to UT Health San Antonio-led team
92 3,000-year-old shark attack victim found by Oxford-led researchers
93 'Lady luck'--Does anthropomorphized luck drive risky financial behavior?
94 A triple-system neural model of maladaptive consumption
95 Melatonin in mice: there's more to this hormone than sleep
96 NIH scientists describe 'multi-kingdom dialogue' between internal, external microbiota
97 Nature article: Dieting and its effect on the gut microbiome
98 Researchers outline specific patterns in reading in Russian
99 Addressing inequity in air quality
100 Seeking a treatment for IBS pain in tarantula venom
101 Milk protein could help boost blueberries' healthfulness
102 Sneeze cam reveals best fabric combos for cloth masks (video)
103 University of Minnesota Medical School report details the effects of COVID-19 on adolescent sexual health
104 Tiny ancient bird from China shares skull features with Tyrannosaurus rex
105 Spirituality can promote the health of breast cancer survivors
106 These sea anemones have a diverse diet. And they eat ants
107 Study links sleep apnea in children to increased risk of high blood pressure in teen years
108 Roughness of retinal layers, a new Alzheimer's biomarker
109 Blood test promising for predicting response in metastatic HPV-positive throat cancer
110 Higher selenium and manganese levels during pregnancy may protect babies from future high blood pressure