File Title
1 FSU researchers find most nitrogen in Gulf of Mexico comes from coastal waters
2 Post-pandemic rehabilitation
3 Researchers develop a new technique to treat middle ear infections
4 How to build a better wind farm
5 Drone tech's next big target: insect pest management
6 Mountaintop glacier ice disappearing in tropics around the world
7 Pulling wisdom teeth can improve long-term taste function
8 Using the ancient art of Kirigami to make an eyeball-like camera
9 New molecule found in chestnut leaves disarms dangerous staph bacteria
10 Transparent mask increases comprehension of speech by 10%, study shows
11 'Unexciting' an anxious brain: Novel drug reduces anxiety-like behavior in mice
12 Old oil fields may be less prone to induced earthquakes
13 Baby reef fishes swim for gold
14 Unique exoplanet photobombs CHEOPS study of nearby star system
15 How we measure biodiversity can have profound impacts on land-use
16 Excessive screen time linked to obesity in US preteen
17 COVID-19 vaccine generates immune structures critical for lasting immunity
18 Researchers discover protein complex that promotes cancer growth
19 Traits of a troll: Research reveals motives of internet trolling
20 Are we missing other earths?
21 Weird warbler reveals genetics of its mismatched colors
22 Mouse brain imaged from the microscopic to the macroscopic level
23 Emergency physician residents and health care workers at high risk of physical or verbal assault, new analysis shows
24 Pediatricians ID cause of muscle breakdown in rare disease found on newborn screening
25 Unique exoplanet photobombs Cheops study of nearby star system
26 US presidents' narcissism linked to international conflict
27 Plant physiology: A tale of three proteins
28 Mangrove forest study has takeaways for coastal communities
29 CHOP researchers discover unique immune response by cells critical to lung health
30 Public opinion surveys on vaccine hesitancy can help predict where vaccine uptake is likely to be lower
31 Key mutations in Alpha variant enable SARS-CoV-2 to overcome evolutionary weak points
32 Finding support for India during its COVID-19 surge
33 Connective tissue protein fights bacterial infection
34 Review by Temple scientists: Endovascular therapy best for superior vena cava syndrome
35 New report explains microbiome impact on glucose control
36 Scientists discover at the Dead Sea a mineral previously only known in meteorites
37 RAMBO speeds searches on huge DNA databases
38 Patients with high-deductible insurance plans less likely to seek care for chest pain
39 Acidic pH enhances butyrate production from pectin by faecal microbiota
40 Alzheimer's and aducanumab: Unjust profits and false hopes
41 CHEOPS unexpectedly detects a unique exoplanet
42 Study finds adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on cancer detection and surgical treatments
43 Preliminary results of clinical trial for Crigler-Najjar syndrome
44 No pressure: Maintaining normal BP over long term is the key to heart health, study finds
45 Hotels offering rooms to homeless in pandemic reap reputational reward
46 DNA data and modelling reveal potential spread of invasive species
47 Challenges and opportunities of nanomedicines in clinical translation
48 TPU scientists offer scalable technology to obtain polytetrafluoroethylene membranes
49 Danger caused by subdomains
50 New approach to drug design yields highly promising bladder cancer drug candidate
51 The Lancet Inf. Dis.: Coronavac COVID-19 vaccine safe in children and adolescents and triggers antibodies
52 Unusual prey: Spiders eating snakes
53 Fast IR imaging-based AI identifies tumor type in lung cancer
54 Love: How the feeling of power determines happy relationships
55 COVID-19 patients recover faster with metabolic activator treatment, study shows
56 Blood stem cells make brain tumors more aggressive
57 Deep machine learning completes information about the bioactivity of one million molecules
58 Striking gold: Synthesizing green gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy with biomolecules
59 HKUST scientists develop simple blood test for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
60 New tools for pandemic prevention research: DNA sequencing from water and leech
61 Honey, we shrunk the intense XUV laser
62 Sunflower peptide as 'template' for potential analgesic
63 Transforming the layered ferromagnet F5GT for future spintronics
64 Gut microbe secreted molecule linked to formation of new nerve cells in adult brain
65 An atlas of the bumblebee brain
66 A template for fast synthesis of nanographenes
67 A way to surmount supercooling
68 Researchers are using photos of toasters and fridges to train algorithms to detect COVID
69 Advanced care: Smart wound dressings with built-in healing sensors
70 Boring to study slow earthquakes
71 Angelenos versus New Yorkers: What do they talk about online?
72 Response to COVID-19 vaccines varies widely in blood cancer patients
73 Researchers engineer cells to destroy malignant tumor cells but leave the rest alone
74 Newly discovered sperm movement could help diagnose, treat male infertility
75 Gene discovery may hold key to better therapies for OCD
76 Evidence against physically punishing kids is clear, researchers say
77 Trauma patients with COVID-19 face greater risk of complications and death
78 Oncotarget: Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism promotes apoptosis in solid tumor cells
79 New, third type of supernova observed
80 Research identifies new ways to try and prevent lethal blood clots
81 Cancer risk in ART children and young adults is not increased
82 Anti-cancer immunotherapy drug with reduced side effects and increased therapeutic effects
83 Previous infection with COVID-19 does not affect the chance of success in IVF
84 AI and computer vision remove the need for cell biopsy in testing embryos
85 Don't worry, birds won't become dependent on you feeding them, study suggests
86 Virtual reality boosts brain rhythms crucial for neuroplasticity, learning and memory
87 Paleonursery offers rare, detailed glimpse at life 518 million years ago
88 Gene variant linked to unnecessary bone marrow biopsies in African Americans
89 UC study: Researchers question prevailing Alzheimer's theory with new discovery
90 Engineered yeast probiotic developed to treat inflammatory bowel disease
91 Oncotarget: Treatment outcomes in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma
92 New face mask prototype can detect COVID-19 infection
93 Oncotarget: Predicting clinical outcomes using cancer progression associated signatures
94 Oncotarget: Novel markers of colorectal tumors exhibiting microsatellite instability
95 Understanding black youth suicide: Steps toward prevention
96 Model that explains how charged biopolymers enhance protein clustering in amyloid diseases
97 Poor use of science jeopardizes climate lawsuits--Oxford research
98 Defect and interface engineering for e-NRR under ambient conditions
99 Heart failure is associated with an increased risk of cancer
100 A new type of supernova illuminates an old mystery
101 Shock find brings extinct mouse back from the dead
102 The discovery of a new type of supernova illuminates a medieval mystery
103 First-ever transient pacemaker harmlessly dissolves in body
104 COVID-19's socio-economic fallout threatens global coffee industry
105 The most curious babies become the most curious toddlers
106 People with high-deductible health plans less likely to seek ER treatment for chest pain
107 Escape room simulation promotes infection control adherence at the temple VA
108 Case reports thrombocytopenia with thrombosis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccine [plus additional topics]
109 Underground fiber optic sensors record sounds of COVID lockdown, reopening
110 Face masks that can diagnose COVID-19
111 Human 'time neurons' encode specific moments in time
112 National Poll: 1 in 4 parents worry that their child is behind in developmental milestones