File Title
1 Fertility drugs do not increase breast cancer risk, study finds
2 Butterflies cross the Sahara in longest-known insect migration
3 Climate change may lead to more landfalling tropical cyclones in China
4 New method using profragrance nanoparticles promises longer-lasting scented products
5 Ramanome Database can help mining microalgal cell factories for reducing carbon emissions
6 Surgical treatment of brain tumors should also be considered for the elderly
7 The clean power of starch
8 A bright future: Using visible light to decompose CO2 with high efficiency
9 Understanding the impact of medical cannabis on kids, a meta-analysis
10 Keeping a vigilant watch on SARS-CoV-2
11 Plant probes make sense for sustainable farming
12 Projections of US high-tide flooding show rapid increases and extreme months
13 New geochemical study confirms cause of end-Permian mass extinction event
14 Study charts 60 years of treatments, health characteristics among people with dwarfism
15 Research suggests mask-wearing can increase struggles with social anxiety
16 Changes in farming practices could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2036
17 Risk of forced labour in clothing industry rises due to pandemic and industry response
18 Investigational Alzheimer's drug improves biomarkers of the disease
19 Protein linked to heart health, disease a potential therapeutic target for dementia
20 The paths through which COVID-19 spread across Brazil
21 Smartphone screening and referral increases access to care for people with eye problems
22 The risks of adopting 'body positivity' to make a sale
23 COVID-19 studies are bolstered by lung cells made from induced pluripotent stem cells
24 Scientists develop energy saving technique paving way for a carbon neutral society
25 The same cell type can help or hinder kidney repair after acute injury
26 Birthdays and COVID-19
27 Women who lose close elections are just as likely to run again as men
28 This molecule is made from sugar, shaped like a doughnut, and formed using light
29 How the surfaces of silicone breast implants affect the immune system
30 Virtual reality as pain relief: reducing dressing change pain in pediatric burn patients
31 Genetic cause of neurodevelopmental disorder discovered
32 Popular sepsis prediction tool less accurate than claimed
33 Stanford researchers develop new software for designing sustainable cities
34 Cuts to children's support centres in England linked to thousands more kids with obesity
35 Study shows registry data could support clinical trials
36 Childhood BMI may influence poorer health outcomes in adulthood
37 Inkjet printing 'impossible materials'
38 Some blood pressure-lowering meds linked to less memory decline in older adults
39 Sleep apnea worsens heart disease, yet often untreated
40 Drinking any type of coffee associated with reduced risk of chronic liver disease
41 Statin therapy not associated with cognitive decline, dementia in older adults, study says
42 Smaller bodies, longer wings, earlier migrations: Untangling the multiple impacts of climate warming
43 Slamming political rivals may be the most effective way to go viral--revealing social media's 'perverse incentives'
44 New study on climate change impacts on plants could lead to better conservation strategies
45 'Pack ice' tectonics reveal Venus' geological secrets
46 Study reveals racial and ethnic disparities in childhood cancers by single year of age
47 Blaming COVID-19 can help couples weather pandemic-related stress
48 Exposure to homophobic attitudes linked to higher stress levels among sexual minorities
49 Anti-gay statements trigger elevated stress in lesbian, gay and bisexual study participants
50 Females supercharge sperm evolution in animals
51 COVID-19-related multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults: rare but possible
52 Indigenous people travel long distances to give birth compared with non-Indigenous people
53 Implantable brain device relieves pain in early study
54 Listening to mix of sounds and silence preserves temporal sound processing in mice
55 Natural hazards threaten 57% of US structures
56 New report highlights best practices for sustainable rural infrastructure
57 Study reveals agriculture-related injuries more numerous than previously known
58 Salton Sea aerosol exposure triggers unique and mysterious pulmonary response
59 Advancing research on environmentally friendly, hydrogen-enriched fuel
60 Making our computers more secure
61 Songbirds and humans share some common speech patterns
62 Asymmetry in CO2 emissions and removals could skew climate targets: SFU research
63 SFRP2 and PD-1 immunotherapy combination halts osteosarcoma metastasis in model
64 New machine learning methods could improve environmental predictions
65 Not all dietary proteins are created equal
66 More intense and frequent thunderstorms linked to global climate variability
67 Some seafloor microbes can take the heat: And here's what they eat
68 It's true: Stress does turn hair gray (and it's reversible)
69 In many cases, MS starts long before the diagnosis
70 Flash mob in the nucleus
71 Experts highlight solutions to bolster long-term care workforce
72 Researchers find signs of inflammation in brains of people who died of COVID-19
73 Switching from Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin, joint inflammation
74 Marine sediments explain how part of Brazil's Northeast region became semi-arid
75 Investigating a better treatment sequence for esophageal cancer
76 Cities 'must become car-free to survive'
77 WVU research finds 'excess deaths' in Amish and Mennonite communities during pandemic
78 Parental monitoring and consistency in adolescence can reduce young Black men's likelihood of criminal behavior
79 Nightside radio could help reveal exoplanet details
80 Study provides MIS-C treatment guidance
81 Foreign-born status, but not acquired US citizenship, protects many immigrants from criminal victimization
82 Study finds common protein in blood enables human fertilization and fighting infection
83 Political variables carried more weight than healthcare in government response to COVID-19
84 Ontario students more likely to drive after consuming cannabis than alcohol
85 A more robust memory device for AI systems
86 Attention anti-vaccinators: Skin reactions to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are no cause for alarm
87 Rap1 controls the body's sugar levels from the brain
88 Sound-induced electric fields control the tiniest particles
89 Atmospheric water vapor in the city of Tel Aviv is suitable for drinking
90 Health care leaders call for national focus on preventing hospital-acquired pneumonia
91 Pandemic shift to home working could create UK tax crisis
92 Antelope's fate shrouded by social, political forces
93 How pancreatic cancer cells dodge drug treatments
94 Partisanship guided Americans' personal safety decisions early in the pandemic
95 Racism and segregation associated with advanced stage lung cancers among blacks
96 Self-reported declines in cognition may be linked to changes in brain connectivity
97 How a bone marrow fat hormone controls metabolism and bone cell development
98 Targeted tumors attack not-innocent bystanders
99 Did the ancient Maya have parks?
100 Scientists identify combination of biological markers associated with severe dengue
101 Researchers hope a protein blueprint might aid infertility treatments
102 Ready, set, go--how stem cells synchronise to repair the spinal cord in axolotls
103 Salt marsh plants may signal carbon capture capacity
104 Exotic superconductors: The secret that wasn't there
105 Progress in the functional characterization of human olfactory receptors
106 Synthetic tree enhances solar steam generation for harvesting drinking water
107 Testing several genes can lead to better effect of medicinal products
108 Personality traits relate to being a morning or evening person
109 Open learning spaces do not increase children's physical activity
110 The humidity of flowers acts as an invisible attractor for bumblebees