File Title
1 Water vole genome will help boost conservation of one of UK's most endangered mammals
2 Researchers solve a puzzle to design larger proteins
3 Quantum simulation: Measurement of entanglement made easier
4 Study examines 'red flag' gun laws and state efforts to block local legislation
5 No lab required: New technology can diagnose infections in minutes
6 New fossil discovery from Israel points to complicated evolutionary process
7 Ultralight material withstands supersonic microparticle impacts
8 Scientists can predict and design single atom catalysts for important chemical reactions
9 Nanotech and AI could hold key to unlocking global food security challenge
10 Many cancer patients may need a sequential one-two punch of immunotherapies
11 New fossils reveal previously unknown population of archaic hominin from the Levant
12 Marmoset study identifies brain region linking actions to their outcomes
13 Research team discovers Arctic dinosaur nursery
14 Study highlights racial inequity in health care access, quality
15 Uncovered: Crucial insight into how Ebola virus evades our immune defenses
16 Multiple dinosaur species not only lived in the Arctic, they also nested there
17 Genome study reveals East Asian coronavirus epidemic 20,000 years ago
18 When did the first COVID-19 case arise?
19 Genetic study of liver cancer reveals new drug target
20 Leopard gecko skin tumors traced to cancer gene
21 Unbroken: New soft electronics don't break, even when punctured
22 Optical tweezer technology tweaked to overcome dangers of heat
23 Backscatter breakthrough runs near-zero-power IoT communicators at 5G speeds everywhere
24 Mayo Clinic researchers study potential new CAR-T cell therapy for multiple myeloma
25 Muscle's smallest building blocks disappear after stroke
26 Loss of circadian regulation allows for increase in glucose production during lung cancer
27 Sleeper cells: Newly discovered stem cell resting phase could put brain tumors to sleep
28 Hydrofracking environmental problems not that different from conventional drilling
29 More intense predation in the tropics can limit marine invasions
30 Further hope for BCG vaccine in stemming type 1 diabetes
31 Texan voters unsure if state can tackle power grid issues
32 Differences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease research
33 Elephants solve problems with personality
34 Study confirms the low likelihood that SARS-CoV-2 on hospital surfaces is infectious
35 Scientists use NASA satellite data to track ocean microplastics from space
36 NUST MISIS scientists create unique alloy for air, rail transports
37 Hard-working enzyme keeps immune cells in line
38 Study finds structural changes in the SARS-CoV-2 Alpha and Beta variants
39 Makowski, Pierre publish findings on obesity and response to cancer therapy
40 Performance-enhancing substance use: A link to criminal offending
41 Argonne researchers use AI to optimize a popular material coating technique in real time
42 How brain cells compensate for damage from a stroke
43 Just mix it up: New synthetic method for making amphiphilic molecules without additives
44 One "Ring" to rule them all: curious interlocked molecules show dual response
45 Smart transfer rules can strengthen EU climate policy
46 Having the same nurse for home health visits may prevent rehospitalization for people with dementia
47 Actively addressing inequalities promotes social change
48 Bigger may not always be better: Density governs receptor activation on immune cells
49 Putting functional proteins in their place
50 An educational intervention can help vapers use their e-cigarettes to quit smoking
51 Scientists discover how dengue vaccine fails to protect against disease
52 Scientists discover key player in brain development, cell communication
53 Throwing an 'axion bomb' into a black hole challenges fundamental law of physics
54 People across the world favor paid parental leave, study finds
55 Structural biology reveals new opportunities to combat tuberculosis
56 TPU scientists synthetize unique molecule of verdazyl-nitronyl nitroxide triradical
57 Lighting the LAMP to reveal mystery of lysosomes
58 A direct look at OLED films leads to some pretty exciton findings
59 Curtin research finds 'fool's gold' not so foolish after all
60 A new concept stent that suppresses adverse effects with cells
61 Model of dielectric response promises improved understanding of innovative materials
62 Pushing the boundaries of colloidal quantum dots by making their sizes equal
63 Making house calls when everyone's staying home: COVID-19 pandemic in Tokyo
64 UC San Diego scientists develop the first CRISPR/Cas9-based gene drive in plants
65 Babies can see things that adults cannot
66 Emissions cause delay in rainfall
67 AI breakthrough in premature baby care
68 A major addition to chemists' toolkit for building new molecules
69 Small-scale engineering could bring big progress in medical care
70 AI used to predict unknown links between viruses and mammals
71 When pandemic hit, some people wanted more sexual activity
72 COVID-linked multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children diagnosed more in Black and Latino child
73 Engineered yeast could expand biofuels' reach
74 Antacids may improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes
75 Can a calculator predict your risk of dementia?
76 Edible Cholera vaccine made of powdered rice proves safe in phase 1 human trials
77 NIST method uses radio signals to image hidden and speeding objects
78 Test distinguishes SARS-CoV-2 from other coronaviruses with 100% accuracy
79 Researchers give yeast a boost to make biofuels from discarded plant matter
80 Nanotech OLED electrode liberates 20% more light, could slash display power consumption
81 Inflatable, shape-changing spinal implants could help treat severe pain
82 'Dragon man' fossil may replace Neanderthals as our closest relative
83 Toxicity of protein involved in Alzheimer's triggered by a chemical 'switch'
84 Saturated fatty acid levels increase when making memories
85 USTC realizes the first on-chip valley-dependent quantum interference
86 A novel method for controlling the microstructure and performance of 3D printed human implants
87 Researchers perform metabolomic profiling of individual enlarged lysosomes
88 Virome in marine ecosystems reveal remarkable invertebrate RNA virus diversity
89 Attomolar sensing: Fabrication of surface-enhanced raman scattering substrate
90 Has the stilling of the surface wind speed ended in China?
91 Multi-material multi-photon 3D laser micro- and nanoprinting
92 Small p values may not yield robust findings: An example using REST-meta-PD
93 Coral enhance its environmental adaptability by adjusting trophic status
94 Researchers develop world-first weight loss device
95 Study reveals over a 1 million pounds in payments from pharma companies to APPGs
96 AI learns to predict human behavior from videos
97 NYUAD study finds protein aggregation inhibitor can be used to develop cancer therapies
98 Males help keep populations genetically healthy
99 Microfilter device capable of detecting trace amounts of cancer cells in one mL of blood
100 NTU develops rapid malaria test kit that could aid diagnosis in developing countries
101 Sleep-deprived individuals less forthcoming with information about criminal history
102 New insight into photosynthesis could help grow more resilient plants
103 Two studies by CU Cancer Center researchers explore link between inflammation and leukemia
104 Evidence-based patient-psychotherapist matching improves mental health care
105 New study sheds light on evolution of photosynthesis
106 Maternal diets rich in Omega-3 fatty acids may protect offspring from breast cancer
107 Pop-up coffee table--no assembly required
108 GluN3A knockout mouse: Alternative model for Alzheimer's neurodegeneration
109 New type of metasurface allows unprecedented laser control
110 Study: Hundreds of lives saved in Kansas counties that adopted mask mandates