File Title
1 Chestnut Compound Shows High Bioactivity against Drug-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
2 Hubble Spots Enormous Galaxies in Perseus Cluster
3 Beautifully Carved Sandstone Relief Uncovered at Vindolanda
4 Earth-Sized Exoplanets May Be More Common than Previously Thought
5 Teeth of Cretaceous-Period Sharks Found at Iron Age Site in Israel
6 G-Quadruplexes are Fundamental, Functional Elements of Human Genome, Researchers Say
7 Palomar 5 Contains More Than 100 Stellar-Mass Black Holes: Study
8 CERN Physicists Test 'Lepton Flavor Universality'
9 Massive Stars near Solar System's Parent Molecular Cloud Affected Composition of Its Building Blocks
10 Kepler Data Reveal Four Earth-Mass Free-Floating Exoplanets
11 CERN Physicists Observe New Excited Beauty-Strange Baryon
12 51,000-Year-Old Engraved Bone is Neanderthal Artwork, Reseachers Say
13 New Modeling Study Points toward Biological Origin of Enceladus' Methane
14 Several Species of Pseudo-Horses Lived in Spain 37 Million Years Ago
15 Changes in Our Planet's Orbit May Have Allowed Life to Survive during 'Snowball Earth' Glaciations
16 Ancient Magneto-Rotational Hypernova Fuelled High Levels of Metals in Unique Star
17 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes, Review Says
18 Modestly Tilted Planets More Capable of Evolving Complex Life, Study Suggests
19 Tidal Stress May Be Causing Constant Icequakes along Enceladus' Tiger Stripes
20 Most Bacteria in Gut Microbiome are Heritable, New Study Suggests
21 Earth's Early Bombardment May Have Been Heavier than Previously Thought
22 Astronomers Detect Unusual Amount of Methanol in Comet 46P/Wirtanen
23 Songbirds Can Taste Sugar, Ornithologists Say
24 Hubble Space Telescope Focuses on NGC 6380
25 New Research Sheds Light on Giant Panda's Adaptation to Bamboo Diet
26 Planetary Scientists Solve Mystery of Jupiter's X-Ray Auroral Flares
27 New Dinosaur Species Identified in Spain
28 Theoretical Physicist Solves How Universe is Reflected near Black Hole
29 New Study Reveals How Romanesco Cauliflowers Develop 'Fractal' Shape
30 Phosphine in Atmosphere of Venus Points to Explosive Volcanic Activity
31 Study: Domestication Changed Not Just How Dogs Look, But Their Minds As Well
32 Small Impacts Mechanically Churn Uppermost Surface of Jupiter's Moon Europa, Researchers Say
33 HD 265435 Will Explode as Type Ia Supernova in 70 Million Years, Astronomers Say
34 25,000-Year-Old Human and Animal DNA Found in Georgian Cave
35 TESS Discovers Planetary Systems around Two Young Co-Moving Stars
36 Pre-Contact Easter Island Society Didn't Experience Ecologically-Induced Collapse, Study Suggests
37 Israeli Archaeologists Find 3,100-Year-Old Alphabetic Inscription
38 Parker Solar Probe Reveals New Insights on Electric Field of the Sun
39 Early-Life Penicillin Could Lead to Brain Disorders, New Study Suggests
40 3.42-Billion-Year-Old Filamentous Microfossils Found in South Africa
41 Potentially Pathogenic Fungi Thrive in the Gut, Influence Health and Disease: Study
42 Archaeologists Find Section of First Temple-Period Jerusalem's City Wall
43 Distant Relative of North American Rodents Lived in Puerto Rico 29 Million Years Ago
44 Study: Elevated Levels of Glucose in Blood Reprogram Stem Cells, Increase Atherosclerosis Risk
45 Astronomers Spot First Activity on Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein
46 Newly-Developed Material Has Extremely Low Thermal Conductivity
47 Astronomers Focus on Star-Forming Regions in Nearby Galaxies
48 New Research Sheds Light on Foodways and Plant Processing at Neolithic Catalhoyuk
49 Hubble Observes Multiply-Imaged, Gravitationally Lensed Supernova
50 Neutron-Star Mountains May Be Only Fractions of Millimeters High, New Model Shows
51 Excessive Caffeine Consumption May Increase Risk of Osteoporosis
52 Ancient Turkish Carvings on 3,200-Year-Old Stone Is a Pre-Historic Hittite Calendar and Cosmic Map
53 Third COVID-19 Wave to Hit India, Only 5% of Population Are Vaccinated
54 Green Fungus Explained: First Detected Rare Infection in India Causes, Symptoms, and Who Are At Risk [FAQ]
55 Biden Urges US Citizens to Get Vaccinated As Delta COVID-19 Variant Continues to Spread, Could Become Dominating Strain
56 'Black Fungus' Epidemic Plagues India Amid COVID-19 Emergency
57 The Russians Once Covered up a Deadly Lab Leak, Scientist Says Investigating the Origins of COVID-19 is 'Critical'
58 Parents Submit Face Masks for Lab Testing; Harmful Pathogens Found on Children's Face Masks
59 CDC, FDA Investigate Massive Tuberculosis Outbreak Linked to Contaminated Bone Repair Product Used in Over 100 Patients
60 COVID-19 Affects Human Brain, Causes 'Brain Fog' Resulting to Seizures, Depression, and Other Conditions
61 American Red Cross Encourages People to Donate Amid National Blood Shortage That Could Delay Life-Saving Transplants
62 Scientists Say Aging Is Inescapable Despite Greater Life Expectancy
63 Earth Has a Mysterious Heartbeat of Geologic Changes Every 27.5 Million Years That Baffles Scientists
64 COVID-19 Delta Variant: It Is the Fastest and Is More Lethal, WHO Says
65 Oxford University Scientists to Give Ivermectin Drug to COVID-19 Patients, Exploring If It Can Help Them Recover at Home
66 Older Volcanoes That Erupt Less Often Produce More Dangerous Explosions, New Research Reveals
67 South America Flesh Eating Parasites Reported in the US, Researchers Say It Can Infect Many By 2080 as Another Epidemic
68 6 Common Misconceptions About PTSD in Veterans
69 Discovery of Deleted COVID-19 Sequences Raises Suspicions About China's Secrecy
70 Debunking Myths about Dental Implants
71 Siberian Cave Yields DNA Showing that Denisovans and Neanderthals Were Cohabiting About 44,000 Years Ago
72 Human Civilization May Have Been Influenced by a Comet Strike, Shifting From Nomads to Permanent Settlers
73 CDC Group: There Is Likely a Link Between Heart Inflammation and COVID-19 Vaccine
74 Massive Coronavirus Epidemic Struck Mankind More Than 20,000 Years Ago, Study Reveals
75 Stele Dating Back 2,600 Years Tells of a Pharaoh Who Was Murdered by His Subjects
76 FDA to Add Warning to Moderna, Pfizer COVID Vaccines Literature; 309 Hospitalized Due to Heart Inflammation
77 Studies Show That COVID-19 Has Adapted to Infect Human Cells, Still Baffles How It Came to Exist
78 Families and Experts Claim India Undercounted Real COVID-19 Deaths, May Reach 2 Million
79 Johnson & Johnson to Pay $230 Million As Settlement for New York State's Opioid Claims
80 Internet Service Guide For First Time Home Owners
81 Altered Spike Protein in the Alpha and Beta Variants Challenges Immunity; Boosters and Improved Vaccine Needed
82 Combining Different COVID-19 Vaccines Produces 'Robust' Immune Response, Study Finds
83 FDA Announces Nationwide Recall of Frozen Shrimp Due to Salmonella Contamination
84 New Study: Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Could Provide 'Years' of Protection Against the Existing Coronavirus Variants
85 Series of Powerful Weather Phenomena Strike New Zealand, Grounding Flights and Closing Roads
86 Scientists Find an Exotic Mechanism in Cells That Work Like a Spider Web, Trapping Certain Viruses Including COVID-19
87 Russia Plans to Vaccinate Citizens Yearly Despite Guatemala's Plea to Return Money Over COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Failure
88 Illinois Summer Camp Believed to Have Caused a COVID-19 Outbreak Infecting 85 People
89 Early Variant of Bacteria that Caused Black Death Plague Preserved in 5,000-year-old Skeleton Found in Latvia
90 WHO Unaware of North Korea's COVID-19 Crisis
91 White House's Top Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci Warns There May Be 'Two Americas'
92 Is Iceland a Small Part of Super Continent Pangaea? [THEORY]
93 Mask Guidance Amidst the Delta Variant, Here's What Experts Say
94 J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Is Effective Against Delta Variant; SAMRC Data Shows Infections in Healthcare Workers Are Mild
95 Astronauts Genome Editing on ISS Investigating Regeneration of Damaged Cells Causing Cancer
96 Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Proves to Be Effective Against Delta Variant, Elicits Neutralizing Antibody Activity
97 Biden Administration Launches Process to Allow Deported Veterans to Return to the US, Committed to Those Unjustly Removed
98 CDC Warns New Deadly Soil Bacteria in the US; Infection's Origin Remains a Mystery
99 Mink Fur Farms To Be Banned Soon; Animals Found As Possible Carriers of COVID-19 Mutation That May Spread to Humans
100 Otto the Great's Millennium-Old Church Royal Palace of Helfta Discovered in a German Cornfield Along With Other Artifacts
101 Mucormycosis "Black Fungus" Continues to Spike in India, Causes Vision Loss
102 Joe Biden Misses Fourth of July Vaccine Goal, Vowed in March a "More Normal Fourth of July"
103 Alternative COVID-19 Vaccine That Uses T-Cells Will Likely Target Mutant Variants
104 UK PM Boris Johnson to Implement COVID-19 Lockdown Easing; Face Masks to Become 'Personal Choice'
105 CDC Recalls Precooked Chicken Over Listeria Outbreak; 1 Dead, 3 Hospitalized
106 Over 99% of People Who Died From COVID-19 in June Were Not Vaccinated; Fauci, Biden's Inoculation Goal Fell Short
107 Chinese Astronauts of Tiangong Station Executes First Space Walk, Stayed Out for Seven Hours Working
108 Unvaccinated People Can Become "Variant Factories" for COVID-19, Possible Source of Worse Mutations
109 CDC Launches Investigation Following Teen's Death After Receiving Second Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
110 Leaked Documents From Thailand Alleged Inefficiency of Sinovac Vaccine in Protecting From COVID-19 Virus
111 Epsilon Variants and Their Changes That Enable COVID-19 to Develop Evasive Measures Against Antibodies
112 Joe Biden Says Unvaccinated Americans Put Communities at Risk, Offers New Strategy After Missing Goals
113 Seven Viking Tombs from the 10th Century With Remains of Eight People Discovered by Swedish Archeologists
114 Veteran Diagnosed with Delta Variant Despite Being Fully Vaccinated; COVID-19 Strain Becomes Dominant in the US
115 Blood Shortage in the US Prompts Hospitals to Delay Surgeries; Donors Move on from Traditional Places