File Title
1 Moons of Free-Floating Planets Can Possess Enough Water for Life to Evolve and Thrive
2 The Mysterious Chinese Mountain Cat Was Likely Not Involved in Feline Domestication
3 Male Dragonflies Lose Their "Bling" in Hotter Climates--May Make It Difficult to Find a Mate
4 Surprising Results of a Decade-Long Investigation Advances Search for Leonardo da Vinci's DNA
5 Facemasks Provide a "Significant Reduction" in Expired Particles, Despite Leakage at Edges
6 Isotopes From Cave Stalactites Show More Intense and Frequent Thunderstorms Linked to Global Climate Variability
7 CO2-Rich Liquid Water Discovered in Ancient Meteorite--From an Asteroid That Formed 4.6 Billion Years Ago
8 Move Over Uncomfortable Nasal Swabs: Phone Swabs Can Accurately Detect COVID-19
9 Closing the Gap: Researchers Account for Some of the Lithium Missing From Our Universe
10 Astronomers Discover a Supra-Massive Black Hole Population in a "Fluffy" Star Cluster in Our Galaxy
11 Diversity of Tiny Bobtail Squid Driven by Major Ancient Biogeographic Events
12 Zombie Cells Hold Clues to Improved Healing of Spinal Cord Injuries
13 Space Chemistry Billions of Years Ago: Polymers in Meteorites Provide Clues to Early Solar System
14 Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Drugs Have Had Inconsistent Results--Now Scientists Think They Know Why
15 Newly Discovered Paleonursery Offers Rare, Detailed Glimpse at Life 518 Million Years Ago
16 Powerful X-class Solar Flare Erupts From Sun
17 New Molecule Discovered in Chestnut Leaves Disarms Dangerous Staph Bacteria
18 Alarming Discovery: Freshwater Methamphetamine Pollution Turns Brown Trout Into Addicts
19 Science Made Simple: What Are Atomic Nuclei?
20 Mysterious Population of Rogue Planets Spotted Near the Center of Our Galaxy
21 Physicists Uncover Secrets of World's Thinnest Superconductor--Answer 30-Year-Old Questions
22 Experiment Shows Vertical Greenery Can Act as a Stress Buffer
23 Viruses Are the Most Common Cause of Myocarditis in Children
24 MIT Physicists Find New Clues to Why There's So Little Antimatter in the Universe
25 Essential Amino Acids: Why Wild African Fruits Can Supplement Low Protein Staple Foods
26 Smart Spacewalker: European Robotic Arm (ERA) Ready for Space Station [Video]
27 God Forbid We Need This, but We Will Be Ready--Scientists Prepare for Next Coronavirus Pandemic, Maybe in 2028?
28 Unusual Dinosaurs Rapidly Shrank Down to the Size of Chickens As They Adopted a Remarkable New Diet
29 Cancer Cells Eat Themselves to Survive Life-Threatening Damage
30 The Obesity Society Issues New Position Statement on COVID-19 Vaccines
31 Possible Signs of Alien Life? Methane in the Plumes of Saturn's Moon Enceladus
32 Potential Treatment May Prevent Cancer Cells From Hijacking Metabolic Pathways
33 Oil Spill in the Canadian Arctic Could Be Devastating for the Environment and Indigenous Peoples
34 Solving a Tectonic Puzzle: Explaining "Silent Earthquakes" Along New Zealand's North Island
35 Mystery Star Explained by New Type of Massive Cosmic Explosion--10x More Energetic Than a Supernova
36 Archaeologists Discover That Ancient Islamic Tombs Cluster Like Galaxies
37 A Ketogenic Diet May Be Helpful With Brain Cancer
38 Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory: "Rare" Genetic Sequence Doesn't Mean the COVID Virus Was Engineered
39 Researchers Investigate the Striking Absence of Flu and Other "Usual Suspects" During COVID-19 Pandemic
40 New Study Finds Muscle Relaxants Largely Ineffective for Lower Back Pain
41 The Physics Behind the Bubble Cascade That Forms in a Glass of Guinness Beer
42 Climate Changed the Size of Our Bodies--And Our Brains
43 Tooth Loss Is a Risk Factor for Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
44 Meta-Analysis Finds That Omega-3 Supplements Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes--Type Matters
45 Dramatic Surge in U.S. Coastal Flooding Projected to Start in 2030s
46 Rapid Decrease in Lung Cancer and Melanoma Deaths in the United States
47 Vast Seabird Colony Creates "Halo" of Depleted Fish Stocks
48 Kids Are Using Soft Drinks to Fake Positive COVID-19 Tests--Here's the Science and How to Spot It
49 How a Squad of Small Satellites Will Help NASA Study Storms
50 Startling Research Shows How Physics Breaks Down in a Black Hole
51 Surprising Stripes: Turing Patterns Link Tropical Fish and Bismuth Crystal Growth
52 Here's What Scientists Say Is Needed to Prevent Large COVID-19 Outbreaks in Schools
53 Nail-Biter: Ingenuity Mars Helicopter's Latest Flight Was a Major Challenge
54 Sculpted by Starlight: An Unusual Meteorite Witness to the Solar System's Birth
55 Early Earth Was Bombarded by Barrage of City-Sized Asteroids--Perhaps 10x More Huge Impactors Than Thought
56 CoronaVac COVID-19 Vaccine Is Less Effective Against the P.1 Brazil Variant
57 Scientists Discover That Mating Can Cause Epigenetic Changes That Last for 300 Generations
58 3D Interactive 3D Police Lineups Improve Eyewitness Accuracy
59 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Reveals New Understanding of Rock Record, Evidence of Possible Signs of Ancient Life
60 Harnessing AI to Discover New Drugs: Rewriting the Rulebook for Pharmaceutical Research
61 The Peregrine Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometer--Which Will Fly to the Moon--Has Been Delivered to NASA
62 Visualizing Metabolic Processes at the Single-Cell Level--Using Genetically Encoded Biosensor Paired With AI
63 200-Million-Year-Old Fossil Sheds Light on the Evolution of How Dinosaurs Breathed
64 NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Tracks Record-Breaking Heat Wave in Pacific Northwest
65 NASA Space Lasers Discover New Lakes Under Antarctic Ice
66 Wasting Taxpayers Money: Lottery-Based Incentives Do Not Increase COVID-19 Vaccination Rates
67 Conquering a Chemical Challenge Leads to Building a Better Biosensor Polymer
68 Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Detect Gravitational Waves--Orders of Magnitude Faster
69 Scientists Solve 40-Year Mystery Over Jupiter's Spectacularly Powerful X-ray Aurora
70 The Final Dance of Mixed Neutron Star-Black Hole Pairs: A New Type of Cataclysmic Event in the Cosmos
71 Nanoparticles Simplify Desalination: Simultaneously Removing Toxic Metals and Salt to Produce Clean Water
72 Harvard-MIT Quantum Computing Breakthrough--"We Are Entering a Completely New Part of the Quantum World"
73 Scientists Identify Specific Human Brain Circuit for Spirituality
74 What's This Weirdo?--A New Type of Supernova Illuminates an Old Mystery
75 Giant Quantum Tornados in Hybrid Light-Matter System Reveal Complex Physical Phenomena
76 Combining Three Brain-Imaging Techniques Boosts Precision--Could Have a "Profound Effect" on Human Neuroscience
77 Researchers Discover Orbital Patterns of Trans-Neptunian Objects Vary Based on Their Color
78 Mutant Genes Can Promote Genetic Transfer Between Totally Different Types of Organisms
79 A Super New Theory to Explain Superconductivity
80 Black Holes Gain New Powers When They Spin Fast Enough
81 Cutting Through Noise to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency
82 Global Plastic Pollution May Be Nearing an Irreversible Tipping Point
83 NASA Habitation and Logistics Outpost: Contract Finalized for Moon Outpost Living Quarters
84 Goldilocks Planets "With a Tilt" Like Earth Are More Capable of Evolving Complex Life
86 U.S. Postal Service Issues Stunning New Sun Science Forever Stamps
87 Exposure to Pollutants Damages Our DNA and Tissues--May Speed Up Aging for the Entire Body
88 Muon g-2 Experiment Results--Profound Implications for the History of the Universe
89 Ultrathin Semiconductors Equipped With Superconducting Contacts for the First Time
90 Recycling Lost Energy: Quantum Laser Turns Energy Loss Into Gain?
91 Innovative New Nanotechnology Will Enable "Healthy" Electric Current Production Inside the Human Body
92 Scientists Propose New Source for Rare Subatomic "Bullets"
93 New Evidence of Extreme Climate Change Thousands of Years Ago Revealed by Ancient Ostrich Eggshell
94 How Information Beyond the Genetic Sequence Is Encoded in Plant Sperm and Passed Down the Generations
95 Streetonomics: Quantifying a City's Cultural Values Using Street Names
96 The Bitumen Puzzle: Investigating Bitumen Surfaces Using Physicochemical Analysis
97 Rare 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Could Hold Secrets to Life on Earth
98 Last Ice-Covered Parts of Summertime Arctic Ocean--a Refuge for Polar Bears, Seals, Walruses--Vulnerable to Climate Change
99 Handwriting Surprisingly Faster and Significantly Better Than Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read
100 Cats and Dogs May Catch COVID-19 From Their Owners--High Risk for Cats That Sleep on Their Owner's Bed
101 Bigon Rings: Technique Inspired by Lace Making Could Someday Weave Structures in Space
102 By Jove! Stunning New Images Show Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Superstorms, and Gargantuan Cyclones
103 Incredible View of Tropical Storm Elsa Captured From Space
104 Zinc Sparks--A Biological Fireworks Show 300 Million Years in the Making
105 New Type of Topological Defect Observed in Chiral Magnets for the First Time
106 Can the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA COVID Vaccines Affect Your Genetic Code?
107 It Is Crucial to Talk Openly About Vaccine Side Effects if We Are to Defeat the COVID Pandemic
108 Machine Learning Using Collective Knowledge to Crack the Oxidation States of Crystal Structures
109 The Omega-3 Fatty Acid That Can Significantly Improve Heart Health
110 Golden Target: Unique Exoplanet Photobombs CHEOPS Study of Nearby Star System
111 New Sensor Detects COVID-19 and Variants on People's Breath--Even When They Are Asymptomatic
112 Answers to a Fundamental Puzzle: Why Are Some Fish Warm-Blooded When Most Are Not?
113 Globular Cluster in the Scorpion: Rediscovered, Renamed, Reclassified