File Title
1 Bacteria are key to vaginal health, UArizona health sciences researchers say
2 Galactic gamma ray bursts predicted last year show up right on schedule
3 From 'distress' to 'unscathed'--mental health of UW students during spring 2020
4 Study assesses the prevalence of mental illness during the pandemic among folks aged 50-80
5 Long COVID: More than a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months
6 Rats prefer to help their own kind; humans may be similarly wired
7 Lesbian, gay, bisexual smokers are at a higher risk for smoking menthol cigarettes
8 Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood
9 5D imaging of ultrafast phenomena
10 Species of gut bacteria linked to enhanced cognition and language skills in infant boys
11 The two-thousand-year-old mystery of the havoc-wreaking worm
12 Farm marketing success linked to natural, cultural assets
13 Long-term memory setup requires a reliable delivery crew
14 One shot of the Sputnik V vaccine triggers strong antibody responses
15 Language isolation affects health of Mexican Americans
16 ICE violated internal medical standards, potentially contributing to deaths
17 Cuts to local government funding in recent years cost lives, study finds
18 US citizen migrant children in Mexico lacking adequate health insurance
19 COVID-causing coronavirus following predictable mutational footsteps
20 US-wide, non-white neighborhoods are hotter than white ones
21 Study: Racial/ethnic and language inequities in ways patients obtain COVID-19 testing
22 Google trends, the COVID-19 vaccine and infertility misinformation
23 Higher-order topological superconductivity in monolayer Fe(Te,Se)
24 Methamphetamine use drove surge in heart failure hospitalizations, costs in California
25 A history of drug dependence is associated with negative mental health outcomes
26 Smartphone photos can be used to detect anemia
27 Communication strongly linked to productivity in a software organization
28 Dogs may not return their owners' good deeds
29 New study from Monterey Bay Aquarium puts disparities of climate change on the map
30 COVID precautions may result in more breast cancer deaths
31 Hydrogel composite developed to help protective gear rapidly degrade toxic nerve agents
32 Hard to swallow: Coral cells seen engulfing algae for first time
33 Physicists describe sun's electric field
34 Mosquito-resistant clothing prevents bites in trials
35 Photorhabdus Virulence Cassette as a causative agent in Photorhabdus asymbiotica
36 High performance polarization sensitive photodetectors on 2D [beta]-InSe
37 Less is more: the efficient brain structural and dynamic organization
38 DNA from 1,600-year-old Iranian sheep mummy brings history to life
39 Are silver nanoparticles a silver bullet against microbes?
40 What you say in the first minute after a vaccine can be key in reducing a child's distress
41 Taming the Huntington's disease proteome: Mass spectrometry may provide answers
42 How well do consumers understand their dairy purchases?
43 Experts address the challenges of health disparity in the care of patients with cerebral palsy
44 TSUBAME supercomputer predicts cell-membrane permeability of cyclic peptides
45 Empathy may drive rats and other mammals to help friends over strangers
46 Synthesis of one of the most abundant organic lipids elucidates its structure
47 Combining plant-based diet and a healthy microbiome may protect against multiple sclerosis
48 The rat's whiskers: multidisciplinary research reveals how we sense texture
49 Preventing lung cancer's unwelcome return
50 WVU researcher leads effort to reduce data-transfer error in radiation therapy
51 Recent study identifies 11 candidate genetic variants for Alzheimer's disease
52 Mechanical stimuli significantly influence organ growth
53 The impact of COVID-19 on food-shopping behavior for food-insecure populations
54 New study provides a solution for engineering cellular materials
55 Cobalt-containing catalysts used to study super-viscous oil resins at Ashalcha oilfield
56 Blood test can track the evolution of coronavirus infection
57 Keeping the world up to date on irritable bowel syndrome research in China
58 Supermarket model to guide safer shopping amid pandemic
59 New evidence of menopause in killer whales
60 Highlighting the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines could hold key to converting doubters
61 Mathematical model predicts the movement of microplastics in the ocean
62 The Lancet Onc.: Alcohol consumption linked to more than 740,000 new cancer cases in 2020
63 Simulating microswimmers in nematic fluids
64 Survival for babies born with a birth defect--a "post-code lottery"
65 Nano-scale borate bioactive glass: Next generation material for skin-healing
66 Scientists discover nanoclusters effective for cancer in the second near-infrared synergy therapy
67 Lateral flow tests are 95% effective at detecting COVID-19 when used at the onset of symptoms
68 Lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes
69 Global study reveals effectiveness of protected areas
70 An archaeological study reveals new aspects related to plant processing in a Neolithic settlement in Turkey
71 Researchers resolve magnetic structures of different topological semimetals
72 Electrons in quantum liquid gain energy from laser pulses
73 Revealing the mystery behind the threat of non-alcoholic liver disease
74 Restless nights: Shelter housed dogs need days to adapt to new surroundings
75 'Hydrogel-based flexible brain-machine interface'
76 Data science technique helps measure atomic positions more precisely
77 DNA reveals the evolutionary history of museum specimens
78 Stopping illegal trade of Aussie lizards
79 Clinic boosts transgender young people's mental health
80 Aerin Medical announces results of randomized controlled trial supporting VivAer for treatment of nasal airway obstruction with nasal valve collapse
81 Poor and minority communities suffer more from extreme heat in US cities
82 The unexpected journey of the egg and the embryo through the fallopian tube
83 Infection prevention organizations say COVID-19 vaccines should be required for healthcare personnel
84 USC study shows dire impacts downstream of Nile River dam
85 New research identifies key set of signals that control mucus production in the lung
86 Study finds disparity in pay for female ophthalmologists in Ontario, Canada
87 Teens with a history of self-harm have a significantly higher threshold for pain
88 The user journey behind socially electric live event experience
89 Allocating COVID vaccines based on health and socioeconomic factors could cut mortality
90 CNIO researchers discover a new pathway to tackle follicular lymphoma
91 No benefit from PRP treatment for patients with debilitating Achilles tendon pain
92 A new approach to metastatic melanoma discovered
93 The path(way) less traveled in DNA double-strand break repair
94 Financial barriers fell for some cancer survivors after Affordable Care Act
95 Calling all couch potatoes: This finger wrap can let you power electronics while you sleep
96 Researchers use prenatal editing in preclinical model to correct lysosomal storage disease
97 Resilience, not collapse: What the Easter Island myth gets wrong
98 More complex than we thought: The body's reaction to contact allergens
99 Farm robots are the future; let's start preparing now, researcher argues
100 Allocating COVID-19 vaccines based on health and socioeconomics could reduce mortality
101 More Americans are receiving addiction treatment, but gaps persist
102 Teens knowing results of their cardiomyopathy genetic tests may improve family function
103 Leading cardiovascular organizations issue joint opinion on improving clinician well-being worldwide
104 Antibiotics in early life could affect brain development
105 Electric signals between individual cardiac cells regulate heartbeat
106 This device harvests power from your sweaty fingertips while you sleep
107 Eating whole grains linked to smaller increases in waist size, blood pressure, blood sugar
108 Escort services and strip clubs don't increase sex crimes
109 A genome of photosynthetic animals decoded
110 Visibly transparent radiative cooler under direct sunlight