File Title
1 When a single tree makes a difference
2 Genome editing for food: how do people react?
3 BU researchers develop novel, woman controlled contraceptive product
4 Neutron-clustering effect in nuclear reactors demonstrated for first time
5 Harnessing the dark side
6 Demonstration of World Record: 319 Tb/s Transmission over 3,001 km with 4-core fiber
7 Direct flights save lives! New airline routes can increase kidney sharing by more than 7%
8 Shape-memory alloys might help airplanes land without a peep
9 Selective, toxin-bearing antibodies could help treat liver fibrosis
10 Crystal clear: Lepidopterans have many ways of being transparent
11 Sweet success: CABBI demonstrates first precision breeding of sugarcane with CRISPR-Cas9
12 Gene therapy offers long-awaited hope for children with rare, incurable disorder
13 Magnetic field from MRI affects focused-ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier
14 Mapping extreme snowmelt and its potential dangers
15 New technique reduces nicotine levels, harmful compounds simultaneously in tobacco
16 Artificial intelligence could be new blueprint for precision drug discovery
17 Quantum phase transition discovered in a quasi-2D system consisting purely of spins
18 Officers' tone of voice reflects racial disparities in policing
19 The Equalizer: An engineered circuit for uniform gene expression
20 A redundant modular network supports proper brain communication
21 The fine nose of storks
22 Novel screening approach improves diagnosis of metabolic disorders in newborns
23 Role of host genetics on gut microbiome is near-universal, but environmentally-dependent
24 Improving transitional care improves outcomes important to patients in the 'real world'
25 New study may offer treatment guidance for MIS-C
26 Electric delivery vehicles: When, where, how they're charged has big impact on greenhouse gas emissions
27 Teardrop star reveals hidden supernova doom
28 Genetic analysis to help predict sunflower oil properties
29 MaxDIA--taking proteomics to the next level
30 Study shows mental health, support, not just substance misuse key in parental neglect
31 Hijacked immune activator promotes growth and spread of colorectal cancer
32 Training helps teachers anticipate how students with learning disabilities might solve problems
33 A third of teens, young adults reported worsening mental health during pandemic
34 Sensing "junk" RNA after chemotherapy enhances blood regeneration
35 Fear of rejection vs. joy of inclusion: Faith communities from LGBTQ+ perspectives
36 People given 'friendly' bacteria in nose drops protected against meningitis
37 Sea-level rise may worsen existing Bay Area inequities
38 Preferred life expectancy and its association with hypothetical adverse life scenarios
39 Rise in Southeast Asia forest clearance increasing greenhouse gases
40 Sussex mathematicians develop ground-breaking modelling toolkit to predict local COVID-19 impact
41 Danish student solves how the Universe is reflected near black holes
42 New research reveals how the impact of ENSO on Asian-Western Pacific climate would change under global warming
43 India national school meal program linked to improved growth in children of beneficiaries
44 Urban areas with high levels of air pollution may increase risk of childhood obesity
45 Species of algae with three sexes that all mate in pairs identified in Japanese river
46 How more than 30 years of China's meteorological satellite data is used by the world
47 Humans can learn from animals and insects about impact of climate change
48 RUDN University mathematicians calculate the density of 5G stations for any network requirements
49 RUDN University chemist strengthens the catalyst for oxidiazoles synthesis by 3 times
50 Human environmental genome recovered in the absence of skeletal remains
51 Researchers: Let crop residues rot in the field--it's a climate win
52 Training an AI eye on the moon
53 Phasecraft reveals a more efficient method for modelling electrons in materials
54 Naturally abundant venom peptide from ants can activate a pseudo allergic pathway unravelling a novel immunomodulatory pathway of MRGPRX2
55 HKU ecologists develop a novel forensic tool for detecting laundering of critically endangered cockatoos
56 Songbirds like it sweet!
57 Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
58 Near the toys and the candy bars
59 Technology that restores the sense of touch in nerves damaged as a result of injury
60 Getting to the bottom of all life: Visualizing a protein key to enabling photosynthesis
61 Giving a "tandem" boost to solar-powered water splitting
62 Theoretical model able to reliably predict low-temperature properties of compounds
63 Study sheds light on precise personalized hepatocellular carcinoma medicine
64 UN's new global framework for managing nature: 1st detailed draft agreement launched
65 Remarkable new insights into the pathology of Usher syndrome
66 Study reveals ways to preserve employee morale during cost-cutting
67 AAN issues ethical guidance for dementia diagnosis and care
68 Childhood lead exposure may adversely affect adults' personalities
69 Want to avoid running overuse injuries? Don't lean forward so much, says CU Denver study
70 Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
71 Immune system 'clock' predicts illness and mortality
72 New study supports medical safety of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
73 A fermented-food diet increases microbiome diversity and lowers inflammation, study finds
74 Haziness of exoplanet atmospheres depends on properties of aerosol particles
75 Families caring for dying relatives at home need better support with medication management
76 New research suggests explosive volcanic activity on Venus
77 Coastal ecosystems worldwide: Billion-dollar carbon reservoirs
78 A Trojan horse could help get drugs past our brain's tough border patrol
79 Scientists blueprint bacterial enzyme believed to "stealthily" suppress immune response
80 New electronic paper displays brilliant colors
81 Ecosystem destruction endangers local soy agriculture in Brazil
82 First actionable clock that predicts immunological health and chronic diseases of aging
83 Promising new research on aggressive breast cancer
84 Sea-level rise solutions
85 Marijuana legalization linked to temporary decrease in opioid-related emergency visits
86 Modest increase in heart attack hospitalization rates after years of decline
87 Men appear to bully more commonly than women in academic medicine
88 Athletes may have more than twice the risk of irregular heart rhythm
89 Teardrop star reveals hidden supernova doom
90 Changes in gut microbiome in longitudinal study of infants precede onset of celiac disease
91 Innovative gene therapy 'reprograms' cells to reverse neurological deficiencies
92 Symbionts sans frontieres: Bacterial partners travel the world
93 USC researchers discover better way to identify DNA variants
94 A common ancestor for cells involved in hearing and touch
95 You can snuggle wolf pups all you want, they still won't 'get' you quite like your dog
96 Two-thirds of romantic couples start out as friends, study finds
97 Heart risk 'calculators' overlook increased risk for people of South Asian ancestry
98 Addressing social needs may help mitigate distress and improve the health of women with cancer
99 Neither remdesivir nor HCQ affect viral clearance in hospitalized patients with COVID-19
100 How learning Braille changes brain structure over time
101 Just 25 mega-cities produce 52% of the world's urban greenhouse gas emissions
102 Oncotarget: LAPAS1 is required for S phase progression and cell proliferation
103 Oncotarget: Modulating Tau Post-translational modifications and cytoskeletal network
104 Oncotarget: Inhibitory effects of Tomivosertib in acute myeloid leukemia
105 New Argonne study puts charge into drive for sustainable lithium production
106 Opening the gate to the next generation of information processing
107 Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
108 Baylor study evaluates biodiversity impacts of alternative energy strategies
109 Early anticoagulant treatment shown to reduce death in moderately ill COVID-19 patients
110 Microcrystal electron diffraction supports a new drug development pipeline