File Title
1 'Smart collar' could prevent tapeworms in dogs
2 Packaged water consumption linked to cholera outbreak in DRC capital
3 Scientists show how light therapy treats depression in mice model
4 Regular monitoring may be only way to prevent large COVID-19 outbreaks in schools
5 Meniscus implant superior to non-surgical care for patients with pain after surgery
6 Stem cells can use same method as plants and insects to protect against viruses
7 Tooth loss associated with increased cognitive impairment, dementia
8 Reading the rocks: Geologist finds clues to ancient climate patterns in chert
9 What kind of sea ice is that? Ask Knut!
10 Cell-type-specific insight into the function of risk factors in coronary artery disease
11 For pediatric patients with Crohn's disease, factors associated with statural growth differ by sex
12 Normal brain growth curves for children developed childhood brain disorders, infections and injuries
13 How otters' muscles enable their cold, aquatic life
14 The 'hijab effect': Feminist backlash to Muslim immigrants in Germany
15 Study model explores impact of police action on population health
16 New 3D printable phase-changing composites can regulate temperatures inside buildings
17 Huge volcanic eruption disrupted climate but not human evolution
18 COVID-19 pandemic linked to reduced access to gender-affirming care in 76 countries
19 Major revamp of SNAP could eliminate food insecurity in the US
20 The incidence of COVID-19 in a Brazilian regional soccer league is one of the highest
21 Anti-tumor agent from the intestine
22 Immune cells assemble--boosting the effects of chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
23 NIST uses method to understand the molecular underpinnings of a disease affecting corals
24 ACR/Vasculitis Foundation release three new guidelines for treatment of vasculitis
25 Elevated warming, ozone have detrimental effects on plant roots, promote soil carbon loss
26 How sweet it is: Study finds songbirds CAN taste sugar
27 Harvard-led physicists take big step in race to quantum computing
28 Genetics: Biosynthesis pathway of a new DNA nucleobase elucidated
29 Dying cells protect their neighbors to maintain tissue integrity
30 Neonatal meningitis: the immaturity of microbiota and epithelial barriers implicated
31 UCPH researchers prove powerhouse malfunction as the major cause of Parkinson's Disease
32 Tetanus toxin fragment may treat depression, Parkinson's disease and ALS
33 Hitting the right note
34 Highly mutated SARS-CoV-2 emerged from someone living with advanced HIV who could not clear SARS-CoV-2 until their HIV infection was suppressed with effective antiretroviral therapy
35 Study of antibodies produced in saliva after Pfizer COVID vaccine shows both importance of second vaccine dose and updating vaccines to combat new variants of concern
36 Efficient genetic engineering platform established in methylotrophic yeast
37 The giant panda's mystery revealed
38 How robots and brain-computer interfaces could transform stroke patients' recovery
39 RIXS demonstrates magnetic behaviour in nickelate superconductors
40 Computer-assisted biology: Decoding noisy data to predict cell growth
41 A super new theory
42 Using mice to open the way to prevent blocked arteries
43 Vocal music boosts the recovery of language functions after stroke
44 The fracking boom helps to rose crime rates in rural American states
45 View of Estonian artists on the Soviet political-aesthetic project was ironic and playful
46 Corona gets us tired
47 New guidance for mental health
48 Powerhouse of the cell has self-preservation mechanism
49 Turn off the blue light!
50 Estonian teachers have a strong belief in students' creativity
51 Seeing with radio waves
52 Virtual learning may help NICU nurses recognize baby pain
53 Discovery of a mechanism for efficient autophagosome formation
54 Thyroid cancer now diagnosed with machine learning-powered photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging
55 Reduced vs. standard CT dose for lung nodules in children, young adults with cancer
56 New genetic driver of autism and other developmental disorders identified
57 Recess quality influences student behavior, social-emotional development, OSU study finds
58 Researchers examine burden of electronic health record on primary care clinicians
59 Programmable structures from the printer
60 Trial shows that the antibiotic azithromycin does not prevent mild COVID-19 cases progressing to hospitalization or death
61 Study shows that poorer people less likely to be tested for SARS-CoV-2, and more likely to be hospitalised, enter ICU and die
62 Passing the ball: Shifting responsibility for care coordination from patient to provider
63 The ethics of split liver transplantation: Analyzing case studies to make the right decision
64 Sensitivity of the Delta variant to sera from convalescent and vaccinated individuals
65 Scientists solve 40-year mystery over Jupiter's X-ray aurora
66 Outpatient antibiotic use falling across the USA, suggests study of over 1,200 clinics
67 Common prescription drugs (not themselves antibiotics) may increase risk of developing antibiotic resistance
68 Testosterone therapy reduces heart attack and stroke
69 Interactive police line-ups improve eyewitness accuracy--study
70 Red Dead Redemption 2 teaches players about wildlife
71 Gender pay gap means fewer female candidates on the ballot
72 Combining gamification, cash incentive increases veterans' exercise
73 Match matters: The right combination of parents can turn a gene off indefinitely
74 MRI can cut overdiagnoses in prostate-cancer screening by half
75 New study: Lack of consideration of sex and gender in COVID-19 clinical studies
76 Remote control for plants
77 Surgical predictors of clinical outcome six years following revision ACL reconstruction
78 Quadriceps tendon autograft has lower MRI signal
79 Oncotarget: Urine RNA reveal tumor markers for human bladder cancer
80 Common household products should carry asthma warnings, research concludes
81 Watching a virus expand in E-coli bacteria offers new perspectives on adaptability of viruses
82 Scientists observe a new type of topological defect in chiral magnets for the first time
83 Resistance to last-resort antibiotic may be passing between pet dogs and their owners
84 Dog food sold across Europe contains antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including 'superbugs' found in hospital patients
85 90-year-old woman infected with UK and South African COVID-19 variants at the same time
86 New use of old drug reduces risk of kidney cancer returning
87 Obesity increases survival in advanced prostate cancer
88 Beautiful VR setting could reduce pain in unpleasant medical procedure
89 New concept drug hunts down late-stage prostate cancer
90 High-grade acetabular cartilage lesions versus low-grade lesions
91 Progression to glenohumeral arthritis after arthroscopic posterior stabilization
92 Subacromial balloon spacer versus partial repair for massive rotator cuff tears
93 Reviewing pressure effects on iron-based high-temperature superconductors
94 NTU Singapore study highlights media's important role in debunking COVID-19 misinformation
95 Every spot of green space counts
96 New study shows that silver foil could reduce the risk of infection in hospitals
97 High-tech toilets could spread antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals, Japanese study suggests
98 Hepatitis C vaccine could be rolled out within five years, says Nobel Prize winner who discovered virus
99 Flu jab protects against some of the severe effects of COVID-19, including ICU admissions, sepsis and strokes
100 Outbreaks of COVID-19 in French nursing homes traced back to staff
101 Care home residents are at risk of COVID-19 even after being fully vaccinated
102 Monitoring proves better than active treatment for low-risk prostate cancer
103 Smarter by the minute: Myriad of applications unlocked by artificial intelligence
104 Teaching sound topological tricks
105 Individual privacy and big data uses in public health
106 COVID-19 News from Annals of Internal Medicine
107 Emotions and culture are most important for acceptance of carnivore management strategies
108 Study shows forests play greater role in depositing toxic mercury across the globe
109 Discovery of 10 faces of plasma leads to new insights in fusion and plasma science
110 Do more visits with kidney specialists improve dialysis patient-reported outcomes?