File Title
1 Ongoing "Hubble Tension" in Expanding Universe Debate--"There May Not Be a Conflict After All"
2 Problematic Stuff--Tradition of Keeping Mementos in Memory of Loved Ones Goes Back at Least 2,000 Years
3 COVID-19 Mutation: SARS-CoV-2 Virus Can Find Alternate Route to Infect Cells
4 New Malaria Vaccine Shows Unprecedented Protection--Safe, Strong, and Lasting
5 Quantum Melting of Wigner Crystals: Creating a System for Studying Quantum Phase Transitions
6 Higher Risk of Pre-eclampsia and Hypertension in IVF Pregnancies Derived From Frozen-Thawed Embryos
7 Turning Nature's Virus Fighters Into Powerful Drugs: Synthetic "Peptoids" to Cure Diseases
8 Missing Piece Discovered in the Puzzle of Optical Quantum Computing
9 Astronauts Successfully Demonstrate CRISPR/Cas9 Genetic Editing in Space for the First Time
10 New Cold Atom Source Technology Enables Portable Quantum Devices
11 Oldest Black Death Victim Was 5,000-Year-Old Hunter-Gatherer--Had Earliest Known Strain of the Plague
12 Warning: Research Shows Pet Dogs and Cats May Easily Catch COVID-19 From Their Owners
13 Diet Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Help Reduce Migraine Headaches
14 Making Seawater Drinkable in Minutes: A New Alternative Desalination Membrane
15 Complex Metal Catalysts Used for Environmental Sustainability Found to Degrade and Become Less Effective
16 Uncovering the Mysteries of Milk: Using Genomic Data to Profile the Living Cells in Human Breast Milk
17 New Lifesaving Treatment for People Suffering From Vaccine-Related Blood Clots
18 Newly Discovered Prehistoric Armored Dinosaur May Have Been Able to Dig
19 A Smoldering Stellar Corpse on the Edge: Astronomers Spot a White Dwarf So Massive It Might Collapse
20 Growing "Metallic Wood" to New Heights: Radically Decreasing a Material's Density Without Sacrificing Strength
21 Easy 5-Minute Workout Lowers Blood Pressure As Much as Exercise or Medication
22 Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Skin Tumors Traced to Cancer Gene
23 Throwing an "Axion Bomb" Into a Black Hole Could Break a Fundamental Law of Physics
24 Public Names NASA's "Moonikin" Flying on Artemis I Moon Mission--What Could Go Wrong?
25 Creating Precise Colors: New Algorithms Give Digital Images More Realistic Color
26 Folate Deficiency Demystified: Genetics of Why Some People May Be at a Greater Risk of Disease
27 A Laser Breakthrough: First Commercially Scalable Integrated Laser and Microcomb on a Single Chip
28 New Species of Beetle Discovered in Dinosaur Ancestor's 230 Million-Year-Old Poop
29 COVID-19: Sneeze Cam Reveals Best Fabric Combos for Cloth Masks
30 Autistic People More Likely to Use Recreational Drugs to Self-Medicate
31 Analysis of Thousands of Drugs Reveals Potential New COVID-19 Antivirals
32 Hawking's Black Hole Theorem Confirmed Observationally for the First Time
33 Global Climate Dynamics Drove the Decline of Mastodonts and Elephants, Not Overhunting by Early Humans
34 New Microchip Sensor Measures Stress Hormones in Real Time From Drop of Blood
35 Winner Takes All: Galaxies Headed for Collision on Intergalactic "Road of Matter"
36 Microbes in Cow Stomachs Can Break Down Plastic--Sustainable Way to Reduce Plastic Litter
37 Nanoscale Research Paves Way for "Next-Generation" Li-Ion Batteries
38 Active Laser-Cooling of LIGO's Mirrors to Near Quantum Ground State
39 Hubble Space Telescope's Computer Is Still Down--Here's What NASA Is Trying Now
40 Icelandic Volcano Fagradalsfjall Continues to Erupt--Still Spewing Lava After 3 Months
41 Ultra-Processed Foods Are Breaking Your Heart--Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Death
42 James Webb Space Telescope Passes Key Launch Clearance Review
43 Monitoring the Devastating US-Canada Heatwave From Space
44 Researchers Explore How Children Learn Language Far Faster Than Teenagers or Adults
45 Earth's Cryosphere Shrinking by 87,000 Square Kilometers per Year--"A Major Global Change"
46 Holes in the Solar Atmosphere: Artificial Intelligence Spots Coronal Holes to Automate Space Weather Predictions
47 RNA-Binding Proteins: Molecular Targeted Therapy for Difficult-to-Treat Breast Cancer
48 Skin Reactions After COVID-19 Vaccination: Rare, Usually Don't Recur After Second Dose
49 Martian AutoNav: NASA's Self-Driving Perseverance Mars Rover "Takes the Wheel"
50 More Effective Cancer Immunotherapies Without Side Effects?
51 Blazing Heat: Dangerous Wildfires Rage Across British Columbia
52 Scientists Discover a New Class of Memory Cells in the Brain--The Closest Thing to a "Grandmother Neuron"
53 Reconstructing Climate Conditions During the Migration of Homo sapiens Out of Africa
55 Protein "Big Bang" Reveals Molecular Makeup for Medicine and Bioengineering Applications
56 Engineering Breakthrough Paves Way for Chip Components That Could Serve As Both RAM and ROM
57 Scorching Heat in Siberia and Europe--Record Low Ice Coverage in Arctic Ocean's Laptev Sea
58 Engineered Yeast Could Boost Biofuel Production
59 A Crystal Made Exclusively of Electrons--"Holy Grail" Wigner Crystals Observed for First Time
60 COVID-19 Fallout Threatens Global Coffee Industry
61 Scientists Reveal Causes of Concrete and Asphalt Deterioration
62 New Universal Vaccine Targets COVID-19, SARS, and Other Coronaviruses to Prevent Future Pandemics
63 Millions of Red Crab Would Sometimes Wash Ashore Leaving People Bewildered--Now Scientists Have Solved the Mystery
64 Were Scientists Wrong About the Planet Mercury? Its Big Iron Core May Be Due to Magnetism!
65 Agricomb Measures Gas Emissions From...Cows
66 See the Dramatic High-Altitude Drop Test for ExoMars Parachute--Performed Flawlessly at Supersonic Speeds
67 Unexpected Benefits to Starting the Day Off With Chocolate
68 NASA Satellite Lets Scientists Track Ocean Microplastics From Space
69 New CRISPR/Cas9 Plant Genetics Technology to Improve Agricultural Yield and Resist the Effects of Climate Change
70 The City of David and the 80 Million-Year-Old Sharks' Teeth Mystery
71 New, Third Type of Supernova Discovered: An Electron-Capture Supernova
72 Deep Space Atomic Clock to Improve GPS, Increase Spacecraft Autonomy
73 Turning Plastic Into Foam to Combat Pollution: New Method to Reuse Previously Nonrecyclable Plastic
74 Scientists Resurrect "Forgotten" Genus of Symbiotic Algae Living in Marine Animals
75 Astronomers Use Artificial Intelligence to Reveal the Actual Shape of the Universe
76 NASA Continues to Try to Rescue Failing Hubble Space Telescope
77 The Avenues of America: Astronaut Captures Stunning Photo of US Capitol From Space Station
78 Long COVID Symptoms--Such As Fatigue, Brain Fog, and Rashes--Likely Caused by Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation
79 A Potential Goldmine: "Fool's Gold" Contains a Newly Discovered Type of Real Gold
80 A New Hope for Protection Against Flu Damage Inside the Lungs
81 NASA Satellites Find Upper Atmosphere Cooling and Contracting Due to Climate Change
82 New COVID-19 Test Distinguishes SARS-CoV-2 From Other Coronaviruses With 100% Accuracy
83 Breakthrough: The World's Thinnest Technology--Only Two Atoms Thick
84 NASA Offers $45 million to Reduce Risks for Artemis Astronaut Moon Landing Services
85 Why Are There Gold Deposits at All? Scientists Discover the Answer
86 Mediterranean Silver Trade Reconstructed--From Trojan War to Roman Republic
87 Potential Path Discovered to a Broadly Protective COVID-19 Vaccine Using T Cells
88 Axions Could Be the Fossil of the Universe Astrophysicists Have Been Waiting For
89 Lower Exposure to UVB Light From the Sun May Increase Colorectal Cancer Risk
90 Bursting the Hubble Bubble: Powerful Ground-Based Telescope Will See Further and Clearer Than Hubble Space Telescope
91 Hubble Captures Two Gargantuan Galaxies in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster
92 First Sample of Asteroid Ryugu Arrives at NASA's Johnson Space Center
93 Structures Discovered in Brain Cancer Patients Can Help Fight Tumors
94 Unusual Comet--1000 Times More Massive Than Typical--Discovered in Outer Solar System by Dark Energy Survey
95 New Method Developed for High-Speed Spectroscopic Measurements
96 Natural Human Molecule Identified That Blocks Toxic Forms of Parkinson's-Related Protein
97 Is Modern Society Too Clean, Leading to Defective Immune Systems in Children?
98 Threat of Sudden Destruction of Coastal Cities: Humanity Does Not Have Effective Tools to Resist the Tsunami
99 First-Ever Transient Pacemaker Harmlessly Dissolves in Body--Disappears After It's No Longer Needed
100 Is Reality a Game of Quantum Mirrors? A New Theory Helps Explain Schrodinger's Cat
101 Blood Clots Related to AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Can Be Treated With Early Detection
102 Psychedelic Drug Psilocybin "Magic Mushrooms" Spurs Growth of Neural Connections Lost in Depression
103 A Cirrus Sign of Tornadoes--An Early Clue of Destructive Weather
104 Deforestation Threatens One of the World's Largest Eagles
105 Ancient Fossil Shark Scales Provide a Glimpse of Reef Predator Populations Before Human Impact
106 Elite Freedivers Beat Seals During Deep Dives--Incredible Heart Rates and Brain Oxygen Levels
107 New Smart Cement Invented for Building More Durable Roads and Cities
108 New Forensics Method to Identify Dirt on Criminals Can Lead to Prosecution
109 Ancient Diamonds Show Earth Was Primed for Life's Explosion of Diversity at Least 2.7 Billion Years Ago
110 Surprising Insights Into Star Formation From Unprecedented Survey of the "Nurseries" Where Stars Are Born
111 A Comet Strike 13,000 Years Ago May Have Sparked Key Shift in Human Civilization
112 Researchers Discover How the Intestinal Epithelium Folds and Moves by Measuring Cellular Forces