File Title
1 Doctors, student help establish way to prioritize surgeries during COVID-19
2 System linked to operational hospitals, shorter lockdowns, lives saved
3 Cognitive care using medicinal plant peptides
4 Bio-inspired hydrogel protects the heart from post-op adhesions
5 Breathing new life into existing tech: FT-IR spectrometer shows molecular orientation
6 There's a good reason online retailers are investing in physical stores
7 mRNA vaccine yields full protection against malaria in mice
8 Surprising spider hair discovery may inspire stronger adhesives
9 Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer
10 Greenhouse gas data deep dive reaches new level of 'reasonable and true'
11 Study examines symptoms before and after kidney transplantation
12 An acceleration of coastal overtopping around the world
13 Tai chi shows promise for relief of depression and anxiety in stroke survivors
14 Study examines heart and kidney outcomes of adults with nephrotic syndrome
15 Carcinogen-exposed cells provide clues in fighting treatment-resistant cancers
16 Researchers dig deeper into how cells transport their waste for recycling
17 Depression in dads of preemies deserves more attention
18 The 'Mozart effect' shown to reduce epileptic brain activity, new research reveals
19 Common antibiotic found useful in accelerating recovery in tuberculosis patients
20 Novel interactions between proteins that help in recovering from brain injury
21 Robot-assisted surgery: Putting the reality in virtual reality
22 Pregnant women with migraine at higher risk of complications, new research finds
23 Blackologists and the Promise of Inclusive Sustainability
24 HKU scientists reveal silver-based antimicrobials can be utilized as antibiotic adjuvants to combat antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
25 Ancient bones provide clues about Kangaroo Island's past and future
26 HKU physics Ph.D. student obtained the Higgs mode via dimensional crossover in quantum magnets revealing importance of dimensions in many-body systems
27 Global standards to embed health and wellbeing into education system
28 Study evaluates potential causes of increased transmission in SARS-CoV-2 variants
29 New technique allows for identification of potential drugs to fight resistant bacteria
30 Researchers explore microbial ecosystem in search of drugs to fight SARS-CoV-2
31 During COVID-19 pandemic, increased screen time correlates with mental distress
32 COVID-19 leads to cognitive and behavioural problems in patients, new study reveals
33 Pathogenic bacteria rendered almost harmless
34 New crab species with asymmetrical reproductive units described by Singapore-Japan team
35 Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter
36 Urban green space brings happiness when money can't buy it anymore
37 'Urban green space affects citizens' happiness'
38 Researchers trace dust grain's journey through newborn solar system
39 'Background' adverse event study will inform global COVID vaccine safety monitoring
40 Creating cooler cities
41 Crustal block tectonics offer clues to Venus' geology, study finds
42 Study: Removing 'bad apples' from police forces unlikely to significantly reduce use-of-force complaints
43 Win or lose, women are seeking election for the long haul
44 New position statement declares that sleep is essential to health
45 Rare neurological disorder documented following COVID-19 vaccination
46 How do developing spinal cords choose 'heads' or 'tails'?
47 Landmark field trials show potential of gene-editing
48 Modeling a circular economy for electronic waste
49 Health disadvantages of LGB communities increase among younger generations
50 Researchers discover how the intestinal epithelium folds and moves by measuring forces
51 Japanese, Italian, US physicists reveal new measurements of high-energy cosmic rays
52 Poaching affects behavior of endangered capuchin monkeys in Brazilian biological reserve
53 AGS publishes updated AGS Minimum Geriatrics Competencies for Graduating Medical Students
54 Study examines how breast implant surfaces affect immune response
55 Study: Electronic monitoring failed to reduce recidivism for girls in juvenile justice system
56 Ben-Gurion U. scientists invent an artificial nose for continuous bacterial monitoring
57 Exposure to pollutants, increased free-radical damage speeds up aging
58 New method for molecular functionalization of surfaces
59 The Science of tsunamis
60 New method developed to detect and adjust population structure in genetic summary data
61 SARS-CoV-2 infections may trigger antibody responses against multiple virus proteins
62 Universal mechanism of regulation in plant cells discovered
63 Common perovskite superfluoresces at high temperatures
64 Profiling gene expression in plant embryos one nucleus at a time
65 Nerve tumor in children: better tolerable chemotherapy without loss of efficacy
66 Tulsa's jazz-style evolution on flood control shows importance of collaboration: Study
67 'Flashed' nanodiamonds are just a phase
68 New cold atom source lays groundwork for portable quantum devices
69 New research unlocks the mystery of New England's beaches
70 Physicists made photons be friends with magnons
71 Antibody disease enhancement of COVID-19 does not appear to occur in animal models
72 COVID-19 dual-antibody therapies effective against variants in animal study
73 Potato nutrients can help reduce sodium retention, may help reduce risk of hypertension
74 Vegetation of planet Earth: Researchers publish unique database as Open Access
75 Solar energy collectors grown from seeds
76 Third of Americans use gray market caregivers to aid the elderly and those with dementia
77 RUDN University doctors found out the role of macrophages in liver regeneration
78 Gene profile in blood predicts risk of poor outcomes, death for patients with COVID-19
79 Computers help researchers find materials to turn solar power into hydrogen
80 There's more to genes than DNA: how Mum and Dad add something extra, just for you
81 Novel smart cement can be used to build more durable roads and cities
82 Blaming the pandemic for stress leaves couples happier
83 Better reporting of studies on artificial intelligence: CONSORT-AI and beyond
84 New report from VA-BU-Concussion Legacy Foundation Brain Bank marks 1,000 brain donations milestone with inside look at CTE research
85 New model simulates the tsunamis caused by iceberg calving
86 Running in the blood: Blood lipids are linked to cancer, but depending on family history
87 New high-speed method for spectroscopic measurements
88 Switchable diurnal radiative cooling by doped VO2
89 New modeling technique shows greater likelihood, frequency of urban extreme heat events
90 RedHill announces presentation of positive oral opaganib phase 2 data in COVID-19
91 Twenty-year study links childhood depression to disrupted adult health and functioning
92 There's no cheating old age
93 Cellular mechanisms of early mammary gland development unraveled
94 Study suggests blood test could guide precision treatment in bladder cancer
95 Significant inequalities observed in popular Liverpool 'mass testing' pilot
96 Nrf2: The custodian regulating oxidative stress and immunity against acrylamide toxicity
97 Extracellular mRNA transported to the nucleus shows translation-independent function
98 Tradition of keeping mementos in memory of loved ones dates back at least 2,000 years
99 'Suffocating' cancer: A new headway in melanoma immunotherapy
100 Summer catch-up programs need to focus on teens' wellbeing, not just academic progress
101 Microscopy deep learning predicts viral infections
102 A tapeworm drug against SARS-CoV-2?
103 Lead from leaded petrol persists in London air despite '90s ban
104 Adjuvant-free avian influenza vaccines in the works
105 Targeted therapy could be first line treatment for childhood cancer
106 Relying on native language is the most successful strategy when learning idioms
107 New research finds GCSE results linked to child's enjoyment of school aged six
108 Novel associations between genetics and vitamin B12 deficiency with an autoimmune etiology
109 New research finds link between walking speed and dual tasking after stroke
110 Men who perceive their marriage as unsuccessful are at high risk for premature death