File Title
1 New clues to why there's so little antimatter in the universe
2 Cancer screenings rebounded in 2020 after COVID but racial disparities remain
3 The reproductive advantages of large male fish
4 Like a molten pancake
5 Nursing organizations state their positions on systemic racism: JANAC authors analyze themes
6 Arctic seabirds are less heat tolerant, more vulnerable to climate change
7 Dancing with music can halt most debilitating symptoms of Parkinson's disease
8 Molecular imaging improves staging and treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas
9 New computational technique, software identifies cell types within a tumor and its microenvironment
10 Wild birds learn to avoid distasteful prey by watching others
11 Slow music in tunnels can keep drivers focused and safe
12 Greater investment and innovation in educating children about environmental issues needed to help future generations respond to the climate emergency, experts urge
13 For female vampire bats, an equal chance to rule the roost
14 Mucus and mucins may become the medicine of the future
15 Researchers clarify reasons for low rate of employment among people with disabilities
16 Beyond 5G: Wireless communications may get a boost from ultra-short collimating metalens
17 Study reveals how our immune system reacts to COVID-19 variants
18 New composites with magnetolectrical properties will help treat neurodegenerative diseases
19 Aging-related conditions increase treatment burden in older cancer patients
20 Identified an early neuronal dysfunction in Parkinson's that could help early diagnosis
21 Changes in Earth's orbit enabled the emergence of complex life
22 A universal approach to tailoring soft robots
23 Wolbachia and the paradox of growth regulation
24 How seeds know it's a good time to germinate
25 CNIO researchers help to decipher the structure of the large molecular machine that activates mTOR
26 AI predicts diabetes risk by measuring fat around the heart
27 Thousands of galaxies classified in a blink of an eye
28 Igniting plasmas in liquids
29 McMaster researchers identify how VITT happens
30 Not only humans got talent, dogs got it too!
31 Harnessing AI to discover new drugs
32 Researchers identify ultrastable single atom magnet
33 International team aims to make musculoskeletal health a global priority
34 Anti-androgen therapy can fuel spread of bone tumours in advanced prostate cancer
35 Anti-coagulant drug could treat COVID-19's emerging variants
36 Engineered protein inspired by nature may help plastic plague
37 Studies explore links between stress, choline deficiency, preterm births, and mental health
38 Study explores opioid prescribing preferences and practices among residents and faculty
39 Quantum laser turns energy loss into gain?
40 Small amount of lithium production in classical nova
41 The shape of nanoparticles in body fluids may help identify the type of cancer
42 Cutting through noise for better solar cells
43 New generation anti-cancer drug shows promise for children with brain tumors
44 Mount Sinai research reveals how Ebola virus manages to evade the body's immune defenses
45 Public diplomacy by a visiting national leader sways public opinion in host country
46 Understanding frailty will lead to better care for older adults
47 Gene therapy in early stages of Huntington's disease may slow down symptom progression
48 The Obesity Society issues new position statement:
49 Viruses are the most common cause of myocarditis in children, experts offer guidance
50 New study helps explain 'silent earthquakes' along New Zealand's North Island
51 Tool helps predicts who will respond best to targeted prostate cancer therapy
52 Microscopy technique makes finer images of deeper tissue, more quickly
53 Gender pay gap means fewer female candidates on the ballot
54 Young South Asian heart attack patients more likely to be obese, use tobacco
55 Metabolic enzyme promotes neuroblastoma aggressiveness
56 Plant patch enables continuous monitoring for crop diseases
57 Could a longer reproductive period put women at greater risk for Alzheimer disease?
58 Brain functional connectivity in Tourette syndrome
59 Most common joint procedures not backed by high quality evidence
60 Scientists home in on recipe for entirely renewable energy
61 Muscle relaxants largely ineffective for low back pain
62 Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for care home workers is unnecessary, disproportionate and misguided
63 Machine-learning improves the prediction of stroke recovery
64 Malaria and dengue predicted to affect billions more people
65 New model accurately predicts how coasts will be impacted by storms and sea-level rise
66 Women with incontinence suffer poorer mental health, says new research
67 Study shows that aspirin can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with pneumonia
68 Striking absence of flu and other "usual suspects" during COVID-19 pandemic
69 Newly diagnosed HIV infection in an 83-year-old man--research highlights older populations still at risk
70 5 million deaths a year caused by global climate related abnormal temps
71 Why wild African fruits can supplement low protein staple foods
72 Rare genetic variants confer largest increase in type 2 diabetes risk seen to date
73 Climate change will increase temperature-attributable mortality
74 Atmospheric acidity impacts oceanic ecology
75 New insights into Salmonella's survival strategies
76 New method lets researchers rapidly monitor snow leopard stress levels in the wild
77 New approach will help identify drugs that can 'glue' proteins together
78 Transformation of controller software to ensure safe behavior under perceptual uncertainty
79 New type of massive explosion explains mystery star
80 Diversification in supply chain crucial to avoid 'food shock' in cities
81 New imaging technique may boost research in biology, neuroscience
82 Could ketogenic diet be helpful with brain cancer?
83 Mapping urban greenspace use with cellphone GPS data
84 Ancient Islamic tombs cluster like galaxies
85 New model aims to promote better-adapted bladder cancer treatment in the future
86 Soft shell makes hard ceramic less likely to shatter
87 Study: Oil spill impact on Canadian arctic, the environment and indigenous peoples
88 To splice or not to splice...
89 Longest known continuous record of the Paleozoic discovered in Yukon wilderness
90 Ecologists compare accuracy of lidar technologies for monitoring forest vegetation
91 Obscuring the truth can promote cooperation
92 FEWSION: Creating more resilient supply chains through nature-inspired design
93 Many nonprofits, companies report using commercial species in tree planting projects
94 Our genes shape our gut bacteria, new research shows
95 The pressure is off and high temperature superconductivity remains
96 Remotely-piloted sailboats monitor 'cold pools' in tropical environments
97 First study of nickelate's magnetism finds a strong kinship with cuprate superconductors
98 Imaging test may predict patients most at risk of some heart complications from COVID-19
99 Study: How a large cat deity helps people to share space with leopards in India
100 When resistance is futile, new paper advises RAD range of conservation options
101 Regular rapid testing detects COVID-19 soon enough to stop transmission in schools
102 Researchers study anxiety differences between females and males
103 Research encourages re-evaluation of special nerve treatment for chronic pain
104 Study identifies genetic risks for suicide death in individuals with bipolar disorder
105 Early blood-sugar levels in type 2 diabetes crucial for future prognosis
106 UCF study finds smaller turtles are nesting on Florida beaches
107 The outsized impacts of rudeness in the workplace
108 Study sheds light on mechanism of liposome accumulation in tumors
109 Researchers propose a scheme that treats carbon emissions like financial debt
110 Team find brain mechanism that automatically links objects in our minds