File Title
1 Remdesivir in COVID-19: Indication of considerable added benefit for a part of the patients
2 Researchers shed light on memory effects in multi-step evolution of open quantum system
3 Potential of faba beans, rich in protein, has been unlocked
4 Researchers discover unusual competition between charge density wave and superconductivity
5 Innovative method for producing complex molecules
6 Amperometric biosensors used to control diclofenac content in food
7 New blood test for the diagnostics of frontotemporal dementia
8 A new understanding of patterns in fluid flow
9 New advice on arthritis drugs
10 Unraveling the mechanisms that create the individualized metabolism in leukemia
11 Being clean and hygienic need not impair childhood immunity
12 Nanomaterials shape and form influences their ability to cross the blood brain barrier
13 Belowground microbial solutions to aboveground plant problems
14 Seabird colony creates 'halo' of depleted fish stocks
15 Fossil shark scales provide a glimpse of reef predator populations before human impact
16 Breakthrough in tissue engineering as 'shape memory' supports tissue growth
17 Fossil shark scales provide a glimpse of reef predator populations before human impact
18 Astronomers discover an oversized black hole population in the star cluster Palomar 5
19 Breakthrough in tissue engineering as 'shape memory' supports tissue growth
20 Male dragonflies lose their 'bling' in hotter climates
21 Hunting and hidden deaths led to 30% reduction in WI wolf population
22 How can 'shark dandruff' contribute to coral reef conservation?
23 Psychedelic spurs growth of neural connections lost in depression
24 More filling? Tastes great? How flies, and maybe people, choose their food
25 Structures discovered in brain cancer patients can help fight tumors
26 How fish got their spines
27 Ancient diamonds show Earth was primed for life's explosion at least 2.7 billion years ago
28 New method to identify dirt on criminals can lead to prosecution
29 Global BECCS potential is largely constrained by sustainable irrigation
30 Study: constructed wetlands are best protection for agricultural runoff into waterways
31 Infusion centers associated with substantially better outcomes than the ER for patients with acute pain events and sickle cell disease [plus additional topic]
32 The same neural pathways promote maternal and paternal behaviors in voles
33 Oncotarget: Genome wide DNA methylation landscape reveals glioblastoma's influence
34 Oncotarget: General anesthesia for pancreatic cancer surgery
35 Oncotarget: Epithelial-mesenchymal transitions create endothelial cells and tumor growth
36 New online calculator can help predict death and end-of-life care needs for older adults
37 UT Southwestern scientists closing in on map of the mammalian immune system
38 Methane in the plumes of Saturn's moon Enceladus: Possible signs of life?
39 Still waiting at an intersection? Banning certain left turns helps traffic flow
40 Secret to weathering climate change lies at our feet
41 mRNA vaccines slash risk of COVID-19 infection by 91% in fully vaccinated people
42 SAEM publishes GRACE guidelines for recurrent, low-risk chest pain care in the ED
43 One in four adults with depression or anxiety lack mental health support during pandemic
44 Personalized medicine for cats with heart disease
45 Scientists warn on the harmful implications of losing Indigenous and local knowledge systems
46 Not enough women and minorities apply for a job? Change the recruitment committee
47 Context in science reporting affects beliefs about, and support for, science
48 Predicting the future of cod
49 New broadly applicable tool provides insight into fungicide resistance
50 Work like a dream: new anticholinergic drug keeps PTSD flashbacks and nightmares away
51 What to do with food waste? Well, that depends
52 Novel coronavirus infects and replicates in salivary gland cells
53 Research enhances understanding of switchgrass, an important bioenergy crop
54 Melanoma registry results shine light on rare pediatric cancer
55 Colorectal cancer risk may increase with lower exposure to UVB light
56 Biochemical pathway to skin darkening holds implications for prevention of skin cancers
57 Fecal transplant plus fibre improves insulin sensitivity in severely obese
58 A new look at color displays
59 Enzyme from fungi shows molecules which way to turn
60 Why men take more risks than women
61 Story tips: Powered by nature, get on the bus, accelerating methane and more
62 Acid sensor discovered in plants
63 Ultrathin semiconductors electrically connected to superconductors for the first time
64 Research brief: New fossil sheds light on the evolution of how dinosaurs breathed
65 Software tool breathes life into post-COVID office airflow
66 Keeping bacteria under lock and key
67 Fighting COVID with COVID
68 Loss of biodiversity in streams threatens vital biological process
69 Perceptions of counterfeits among luxury goods differ across cultures
70 How racial wage discrimination of football players ended in England
71 Patently harmful: Fewer female inventors a problem for women's health
72 Communication: A key tool for citizen participation in science
73 Worms learn how to optimize foraging by switching their response to social cues
74 Synthetic biology circuits can respond within seconds
75 To understand ecology, follow the connections
76 Lab analysis finds near-meat and meat not nutritionally equivalent
77 New study pinpoints two separate mutation near GDF5 gene for osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia
78 Simple blood tests may help improve malaria diagnosis in clinical studies
79 NYU Abu Dhabi researchers unlock secrets behind liver regrowth and regenerative medicine
80 From eyebrow beans to 'lost' rice: community seedbanks are protecting China's crops
81 About half of people living with HIV have coronary artery plaque despite low cardiac risk
82 UK public view COVID-19 as a threat because of lockdowns, new study suggests
83 An 'instruction' to the crocodylian skull
84 High risk of divorce after TBI? Not necessarily, study suggests
85 Improved prediction of Indian Monsoon onset three months in advance using machine learning
86 Doctors warn against off-label use of new Alzheimer's drug for cerebral amyloid angiopathy
87 Digital pens provide new insight into cognitive testing results
88 Study reveals source of remarkable memory of "superagers"
89 Developing new techniques to build biomaterials
90 JNCCN study recommends improvements for cancer care at network sites
91 How an unfolding protein can induce programmed cell death
92 Relationship between chromosomal instability and senescence revealed in the fly Drosophila
93 Danish invention to make computer servers worldwide more climate friendly
94 Cardiovascular disease--Atherosclerosis and the immune system
95 Study is first to show that air pollutants increase risk of painful periods for women
96 Schools in Barcelona create a map of the city's air pollution thanks to citizen science
97 Sixth Joint Science Conference of the Western Balkans Process
98 New species of pseudo-horses living 37 million years ago
99 Lipidomics research provides clues for drug resistance in schizophrenia
100 New study uncovers how a series of sleep loss impacts mental and physical wellbeing
101 All the lonely people: The impact of loneliness in old age on life and health expectancy
102 Cancer therapy: Integration of reactive oxygen species generation and prodrug activation
103 The evolution of vinegar flies is based on the variation of male sex pheromones
104 Satellite galaxies can carry on forming stars when they pass close to their parent galaxies
105 Interscalene brachial plexus block in arthroscopic shoulder surgery
106 Rethinking southeast Asia's energy plans
107 Interleukin-6 antagonists improve outcomes in hospitalised COVID-19 patients
108 New nanotech will enable a 'healthy' electric current production inside the human body
109 Microwave radiation features and lunar regolith parameters inversion of the Rumker region
110 Kepler telescope glimpses population of free-floating planets