File Title
1 Beam steering angle expander with two liquid crystal polymeric diffractive optical elements
2 Don't worry, the kids are cool if you cash in on their inheritance
3 Striking a balance: Trade-offs shape flower diversity
4 Benefits of acute aerobic exercise on cognitive function: Why do 50% of studies find no connection?
5 Conservation concern as alien aphid detected on Kangaroo Island
6 Underwater seismometer can hear how fast a glacier moves
7 Forget cash! Credit is key to the survival of busking
8 In a supramolecular realm: Advances in intracellular spaces with de novo designed peptide
9 Scientists find genetic cause, underlying mechanisms of new neurodevelopmental syndrome
10 The first commercially scalable integrated laser and microcomb on a single chip
11 Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to prior run-ins with other coronaviruses
12 COVID-19 aggravates antibiotic misuse in India
13 94% of patients with cancer respond well to COVID-19 vaccines
14 Scientists discover a new class of memory cells in the brain
16 Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems
17 Discovery of nanosized molecules that might inhibit Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
18 Large-scale drug analysis reveals potential new COVID-19 antivirals
19 Is global plastic pollution nearing an irreversible tipping point?
20 Autistic individuals more likely to use recreational drugs to self-medicate
21 Folate deficiency demystified--why some people may be at a greater risk of disease
22 Instant water cleaning method 'millions of times' better than commercial approach
23 SARS-CoV-2 replication targets nasal ciliated cells early in COVID-19 infection
24 Multimodality care improves treatment outcomes for aggressive prostate cancer
25 Leaders' pandemic policies engendered varying levels of trust
26 Global climate dynamics drove the decline of mastodonts and elephants, new study suggests
27 Gap in breast cancer mortality rates between Black and white women has narrowed
28 Why are some fish warm-blooded? Predatory sharks gain speed advantage
29 Older patients with heart failure denied effective treatments
30 Unfinding a split electron
31 Spatial patterns of gene transcripts captured across single cells of mouse embryo
32 Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change
33 How children integrate information
34 New algorithms give digital images more realistic color
35 Special issue: Our plastics dilemma
36 Patients paying for unproven IVF add-on treatments
37 Rewiring the adult brain--Scanning the mind of a blind 'Batman' reveals that novel maps can emerge in the adult brain
38 New approach can add diversity to crop species without breeding GMOs
39 How information beyond the genetic sequence is encoded in plant sperm
40 The key role of astrocytes in cognitive development
41 Unusual currents explain mysterious red crab strandings
42 NYUAD study maps nanobody structure, leading to new ways to potentially fight diseases
43 Researchers find potential path to a broadly protective COVID-19 vaccine using T cells
44 More than half of wheelchair users with spinal cord injury needed repairs in past 6 months
45 UMass Amherst research pinpoints role of dopamine in songbird's brain plasticity
46 Solving a long-standing mystery about the desert's rock art canvas
47 Insect-sized robot navigates mazes with the agility of a cheetah
48 Study shows laboratory developed protein spikes consistent with COVID-19 virus
49 Only 20 states used health equity committees in COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning
50 Kansas State University virologists publish new findings on SARS-CoV-2 treatment option
51 Engineer's graphene additive manufacturing research makes journal's cover story
52 Lottery-based incentives do not increase COVID-19 vaccination rates
53 Cancer cells eat themselves to survive
54 A globally important microbial process hidden on marine particles
55 After routing de Soto, Chickasaws repurposed Spanish objects for everyday use
56 Global network transforming tropical forest research
57 American Journal of Medical Quality supplement explores innovative solutions to health care quality and performance improvement
58 Why does Mercury have such a big iron core? Magnetism!
59 Smart technology is not making us dumber
60 Neurobiology: How mice see the world
61 New insights into the assembly of photosynthetic membranes
62 Big data are no substitute for personal input in surveys
63 Air pollution during pregnancy may affect growth of newborn babies
64 Changing consumption of certain fatty acids can lessen severity of headaches
65 Energy production at Mutriku remains constant even if the wave force increases
66 Solar hydrogen for Antarctica--study shows advantages of thermally coupled approach
67 New clinical indicators discovered in transplant patients with COVID-19
68 Inside the lungs, a new hope for protection against flu damage
69 Waste hop stem in the beer industry upcycled into cellulose nanofibers
70 Researchers reduce severity of sleep apnoea by at least 30 percent
71 Three-in-one approach boosts the silencing power of CRISPR
72 At what temperature the weather becomes a problem
73 How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish
74 Methylglyoxal detoxification deficits causes schizophrenia-like behavioral abnormalities
75 Novel strategy for natural product biosynthesis
76 New solution for sleep apnoea
77 The missing ocean plastic sink: Gone with the rivers
78 Observation, simulation, and AI join forces to reveal a clear universe
79 Uncovering the genetic mechanism behind Rett syndrome
80 Guadalupe fur seals continue to recover as new colony discovered
81 Stanford research shows muskrats are a bellwether for a drying delta
82 Scientists publish a how-to guide for creating mouse-human chimeric embryos
83 Medical journal articles written by women are cited less than those written by men
84 Bowel cancer data reinforce need to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use
85 Poorer survival in obese colorectal cancer patients possibly linked to lower chemotherapy doses
86 Closer to cure: New imaging method tracks cancer treatment efficacy in preclinical studies
87 Novel technique decodes mechanisms controlling executive functions of the primate brain
88 Potential drug target for difficult-to-treat breast cancer: RNA-binding proteins
89 Researchers explore how children learn language
90 Cancer: Immunotherapies without side effects?
91 Microbes in cow stomachs can break down plastic
92 Oncotarget: Loss of CPAP in oral cancer
93 The City of David and the sharks' teeth mystery
94 Stress-free path to stress-free metallic films paves the way for next-gen circuitry
95 Scientists reconstruct Mediterranean silver trade, from Trojan War to Roman Republic
96 Goldfinder: scientists discover why we can find gold at all
97 Lower exposure to UVB light may increase colorectal cancer risk
98 Gulf Coast ready to develop carbon storage hub
99 Neanderthal artists? Our ancestors decorated bones over 50,000 years ago
100 From waste to wealth: Converting CO2 into butanol using phosphorous-rich copper cathodes
101 Study finds genes role in immune response of Florida corals to rapidly spreading disease
102 Asymptomatic adults may be reservoirs of Streptococcus pneumoniae
103 Sculpted by starlight: A meteorite witness to the solar system's birth
104 Structuring the cerebral neocortex
105 Snap, crackle, pop: Bone marrow-derived fibrin clot as better source for meniscal repair
106 Modelling COVID-19 cases in Africa
107 Comprehensive genetic study of cleft lip and palate
108 New report aims to improve VR use in healthcare education
109 Ultra-strong squeezing of light demonstrated for ultrafast optical signal processing
110 Oncotarget: miRNA signatures from epidermal growth factor inhibitor patients