File Title
1 Would universities call parents in a mental health crisis?
2 COVID-19: Head teacher 'nervous' about lifting restrictions
3 John Lewis plans to build 10,000 rental homes
4 COVID: Youth clubs fear for children 'lost to the streets' in pandemic
5 North Yorkshire 'devolution key to attracting more young people'
6 University of Nottingham pays police to tackle student parties
7 GCSEs: Omagh schools voice concern over awarding of exams
8 COVID school bubbles: Southend pupils urged to follow rules
9 Isle of Man Family Library could be given one year reprieve
10 COVID: Will free school meals continue over summer holidays?
11 Cardiff head teacher struck off over 'sustained sexual misconduct'
12 BBC Bitesize edits page to remove list of climate change 'benefits'
13 Plymouth Busy Bees Nursery found to be 'inadequate'
14 COVID: Oldham Council demands school self-isolation rules review
15 Australia COVID: Seventh city locks down amid vaccine chaos
16 French lesbians and single women to get IVF rights
17 Taiwan boy thrown 27 times during judo class taken off life support
18 Covishield: India seeks EU travel approval for its main vaccine
19 Mixing COVID jabs has good immune response, study finds
20 COVID: Masks upgrade cuts infection risk, research finds
21 COVID: How Delta exposed Australia's pandemic weaknesses
22 Coronavirus G7: Could a billion more vaccines for poorer countries make a difference?
23 Moderna, Covovax, Biological E: What we know about India's new COVID vaccines
24 India coronavirus: 'My little girls don't know their mum died of COVID'
25 COVID-19: High vaccine uptake 'could reduce hospital cases by half'
26 Thank You Day: Community events to thank COVID heroes
27 Less than half of COVID app downloads are active
28 COVID-19: Head teacher 'nervous' about lifting restrictions
29 COVID-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in my area?
30 COVID-19: Masks will become personal choice, says Robert Jenrick
31 King's Lynn: Jeremy Corbyn backs protesters' calls for hospital rebuild
32 COVID: Wales moving to increasing normality, says minister
33 'Ongoing need' for face coverings after 9 August in Scotland
34 COVID in Wales: How many cases and deaths have there been?
35 COVID-19: Calls for 'rethink' of child contact tracing in Jersey
36 West Midlands 'stoma cop' inspires fellow colitis patient to join force
37 Firms urge PM to back returning to the office
38 Chinese youth revolt against overwork culture by 'lying flat'
39 How Otto Orondaam helps students make the grade
40 In Malaysia, white flags bring help from good Samaritans
41 Afghans' choice as US departs: Weak government, or hated Taliban
42 Can French law rein in cyberbullying? A court case may tell.
43 Why Maduro blames US for Venezuela's domestic woes
44 'Hang on. Hold on.' Surfside grief met with flood of solace.
45 Boy Scout settlement could be largest in U.S. sex abuse cases
46 Racial bias in voting laws? Supreme Court makes it harder to prove.
47 Why free speech is under attack from right and left
48 Finding true freedom
49 When to be humble about inflation forecasts
50 Happy birthday, America, from a village in Bangladesh
51 A spiritual basis for fatherhood
52 Systemic trust in buildings, pipelines, bridges
53 Fewer working-age people could slow economy but lift wages
54 Tax havens no more? 130 nations agree to 15% global minimum tax.
55 Worked over by pandemic, these women reach for recovery
56 Pay day! Upstate NY tests monthly $500 payments.
57 Why used cars are suddenly costing more than when they were new
58 'Creation care': How churches aim to save a warming planet
59 Letter from a heat-parched West: How times and temps have changed
60 Prescribed burns reduce wildfire risk but landowners remain wary
61 Not so great: UNESCO adds Australia's reef to endangered sites
62 Wetlands and hot sauce: Tabasco company stems erosion with grass
63 Twitter tests new misinformation labels. Will they backfire?
64 Facebook antitrust lawsuits 'legally insufficient,' rules judge
65 Tech tools and Indian farming: Are the yields worth the cost?
66 Not lost forever? How AI is restoring famous paintings.
67 Privacy or crime prevention? Big Tech gets cozy with police.
68 Space race: Branson challenges Bezos in battle for first flight
69 Space tourism draws nearer with Virgin Galactic test flight
70 China lands a rover on Mars; NASA tweets congratulations
71 The Travelling Telescope brings stars to students
72 In a first, SpaceX reuses rocket to send humans into orbit
73 'Translation fails' thrive on the web
74 Five-star 'Summer of Soul' captures the music, and unity, of 1969 Harlem festival
75 Window dressing: Empty storefronts host New York City artists
76 In Pictures: Drive-ins, dusk, and dashboards
77 As English evolves, so too does the word 'master'
78 Finding true freedom
79 Don't Worry, Research Suggests Birds Won't Become Dependent on You Feeding Them
80 Are We Wrong About Alzheimer's? Researchers Question Prevailing Theory After New Discovery
81 Discovery of a New Type of Stellar Explosion--An Electron-Capture Supernova--Illuminates a Medieval Mystery
82 Sounds of COVID Lockdown & Reopening Recorded by Underground Fiber Optic Sensors
83 Special "Time Neurons" in the Human Brain Encode Specific Moments in Time
84 Shock Find Brings Extinct "Shark Bay" Mouse Back From the Dead
85 Tiny Ancient Bird Discovered in China Shares Skull Features With Tyrannosaurus rex
86 Eating White Button Mushrooms Could Slow Progression of Prostate Cancer
87 Conclusive Review Finds Evidence Against Physically Punishing Kids Is Clear
88 Worrying New Insights Into the Chemicals in Plastics--Significant Risk to People and the Environment
89 Optical Tweezer Technology Breakthrough Overcomes Dangers of Heat
90 Uncovering Genetic Traces to Discover How Humans Adapted to Historical Coronavirus Outbreaks
91 Quantum Simulation: Measurement of Entanglement Made Much Easier
92 Mega-Flares From Stars: 10 Million Times More Energetic Than the Most Powerful Flare Ever Observed on the Sun
93 No Lab Required: New DNA-Based Technology Can Diagnose Infections in Minutes
94 Fiji: How Humans Brought Change to a Tropical Paradise
95 Stents Inspired by Japanese Paper Art Can Deliver Drugs Directly to the GI Tract
96 Galileo Navigation Satellites' Last Step Before Launch
97 Nanowire Network at the "Edge of Chaos" Opens Pathway to Artificial Intelligence Discoveries
98 Even During Pollen Season, Being Outside in Nature Can Benefit People Allergic to Birch Pollen
99 MIT and Harvard Engineers Create New Face Mask That Can Detect COVID-19 Infection
100 COVID-19 Lockdowns Cut Pollution, but Not All of It--"It Was Kind of a Surprise"
101 Researchers Uncover Unique Properties of a Promising New Superconductor for Quantum Computing
102 mRNA Vaccines Can Help Fight Cancer Tumors Too--Here's How
103 A New Type of Cataclysmic Event in the Cosmos: Astrophysicists Detect First Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers
104 Advanced New Ocean-Observing Satellite Starts Providing Science Data
105 Exceptional Heat Hits Pacific Northwest--"Historic and Dangerous"
106 Immunotherapy That Supercharges the Immune System's Natural Killer Cells Shows Promise Against Melanoma
107 World's Fastest: Quantum Random Number Generator Sets Benchmark for Size, Performance
108 Scintillating Starburst Stimulus: A New Kind of Visual Illusion Uncovers How Our Brains Connect the Dots
109 Like a Ghost: Scientists Closer to Explaining Exciting Mars Methane Mystery
110 NASA "Heliotrope" Balloon Detects California Earthquake--Next Stop, Venus?
111 Sudden Disappearance of Giant Antarctic Lake Leaves Massive Crater--200 Billion Gallons of Water Gone
112 11% More First-Wave COVID-19 Cases in Counties With State Prisons
113 New Research Shows Dinosaurs Were in Decline for Million Years Before the Final Asteroid Death Blow
114 Border Controls, Restricted Entry, and Quarantine Essential for Curbing COVID-19 and Future Pandemics
115 Scientists Can Now Design Single Atom Catalysts for Important Chemical Reactions
116 Are We Missing Other Earths? Dramatic New Evidence Uncovered by Astronomers
117 The Southern Diet--Fried Foods and Sugary Drinks--May Increase Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death
118 Exotic Beetle That Can Survive in Volcanic Areas Inspires New Cooling Materials
119 Surprising Discovery of Dozens of Underground "Lakes" on Mars Leaves Scientists Puzzled
120 Science Made Simple: What Is Nucleosynthesis?
121 New Fossil Discovery of a Distinct, Ancient Human Species Points to Complicated Evolutionary Process
122 Surprising Dark Matter Theory Explains Mysterious, Supermassive Black Holes That Formed Early in the Universe
123 Researchers Slow Down Grape Ripening to Improve Berry Quality for Winemaking