File Title
1 There may not be a conflict after all in expanding universe debate
2 Does outer space end or go on forever
3 When testing Einstein's theory of general relativity, small modeling errors add up fast
4 Discovery of the largest rotation in the universe
5 From burglar alarms to black hole detectors
6 Astrophysicists launch largest sky survey yet to map the Universe
7 'Lakes' under Mars' south pole: A muddy picture?
8 Study Sheds New Light on Composition at Base of Martian Southern Polar Cap
9 Study Looks More Closely at Mars' Underground Water Signals
10 A new water treatment technology could also help Mars explorers
11 Newly discovered glaciers could aid human survival on Mars
12 Landing on Mars is one step closer for British-built rover
13 Perseverance Mars rover to use AutoNav in new self driving mode
14 Second iteration of successful Vanguard Incubation Process approaches Summit
15 Virgin Orbit launches 7 small satellites from jumbojet
16 Virgin Galactic receives approval from FAA for Full Commercial Launch License
17 Equipment for shooting 1st movie in space delivered to ISS by Russia
18 China launches five new satellites
19 Seasoned US pilot Wally Funk to fulfill space dream 60 years on
20 Trailblazing woman pilot, 82, to fly into space with Bezos
21 Russia races Tom Cruise and Musk for first movie in space
22 Observation, simulation, and AI join forces to reveal a clear universe
23 From atoms to planets, the longest-running Space Station experiment
24 Theoretical proof that a strong force can create light-weight subatomic particles
25 Novel chirped pulses defy 'conventional wisdom'
26 Scientists put the quantum freeze on human-scale object
27 Russian scientists demonstrate perfect light absorption by single nanoparticle
28 Novel materials: Sound waves traveling backwards
29 Proximity to Sun's magnetic field influenced Mercury's hefty iron core
30 Study reveals MESSENGER watched a meteoroid strike Mercury
31 BepiColombo Slows Down at Venus En Route to Mercury
32 MESSENGER Shows How a Spacecraft Could End Neutron Lifetime Stalemate
33 Earth flyby opens new science opportunities for BepiColombo
34 Top Five Mercury mysteries that BepiColombo will solve
35 BepiColombo takes last snaps of Earth en route to Mercury
36 Exolaunch Delivers One Ton of Small Satellites into Orbit on SpaceX's Transporter-2 Rideshare Mission
37 Finnish company will test tiny, wooden satellite in space
38 Joint Livermore Tyvak space telescope goes into orbit
39 ESA flying payloads on wooden satellite
40 Lunar IceCube passes critical testing at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
41 Manchester scientists to launch low-orbiting satellite on SpaceX mission
42 ASU student-built spacecraft to interact with the public
43 Cool test of Proba-V companion
44 China's small-satellite smart manufacturing facility starts operations
45 COVID-19 Impact on Smallsat Market Mitigated by Funding Availability, Government Support
46 SwRI's 100-kg small satellite platform added to NASA's RDSO catalog
47 Getting the CubeSats moving at ESA
48 ESAIL captures two million messages from ships at sea
49 Rogue taps NanoAvionics for key satellite bus systems
50 NanoAvionics expands into microsatellite market with MP42 bus
51 UNSW Canberra Space launches world-leading CubeSat satellites
52 Russia to test world's 1st ultra-light optics for nanosatellites in space
53 New 3D Printed CubeSat measures electromagnetic effects of space storms
54 DcubeD to release its new deployable SPACE SELFIE STICK (D3S3)
55 GomSpace and J.P. Morgan test blockchain transaction on GOMX-4 constellation
56 Nanoracks launches two cubesats on NG-15 Cygnus
57 Spaceflight readies its largest satellite contracted to date, Amazonia-1, for Launch
58 Northrop Grumman Delivers ESPAStar bus to L3Harris for Air Force NTS-3 Mission
59 Space Force selects first 50 transfers from Army, Navy, Marine Corps
60 War in Space is Coming
61 AFRL leaps forward in NTS-3 spacecraft development
62 UFO report could give us answers--or not
63 FAA, Department of the Air Force sign commercial space agreement
64 Northrop Grumman launches Pegasus XL rocket for the US Space Force
65 SMC stands up new Space Safari program office
66 US Air Force announces Fourth Vanguard Program
67 US intel report on UFOs inconclusive: reports
68 US Air and Space Forces budget released
69 AFRL holds high power electromagnetic wargaming event
70 Israel says used 'airborne laser' to down drones
71 AFRL directed energy industry days
72 Israel unveils laser-guided 'precision' mortar system
73 Army partners with Air Force's THOR for base defense
74 Planetary Atlas Collection: A Kickstarter Campaign that Promotes Space Exploration for Everyone
75 Strong magnet-Revolutionized aerospace engineering
76 Advantages of thin-film coating in aircraft coating
77 Department of Space's commercial arm NewSpace India can also lease ISRO assets
78 New funding from UK Space Agency will kickstart space technology projects
79 Suspected secret satellite launched from ISS was just Japanese CubeSat
80 Satellites launched to boost connectivity and create jobs
81 Astronauts complete first spacewalk at China's new Tiangong station
82 China is using mythology and sci-fi to sell its space program to the world
83 China building new space environment monitoring station
84 How does China's urine recycling system work in space
85 Xi lauds 'new horizon' for humanity in space chat with astronauts
86 Shenzhou 12 crew members carry out first spacewalk
87 Giving robots better moves
88 Northrop Grumman building 'Justified Confidence' for Integrated Artificial Intelligence Systems
89 Japan's SoftBank suspends production of chatty robot Pepper
90 QUT and MDA to develop robot for space application
91 The new wave of robotic automation
92 European Robotic Arm enters service on the ISS
93 Humans are ready to take advantage of benevolent AI
94 Slender robotic finger senses buried items
95 Air Force unveils exoskeleton to aid aerial ports in lifting
96 Helping robots collaborate to get the job done
97 Artificial intelligence can boost power, efficiency of even the best microscopes
98 Robotic solution for disinfecting food production plants wins agribusiness prize
99 AI, captain! First autonomous ship prepares for maiden voyage
100 Army technique enhances robot battlefield operations
101 3D motion tracking system could help autonomous technologies 'see'
102 Panasonic to buy AI logistics firm Blue Yonder for $7.1bn
103 EU unveils AI rules to temper Big Brother fears
104 Japan planning soil sampling mission to Mars' Moon Phobos
105 Insight Mars Lander may die this year due to dust
106 InSight Mars Lander Gets a power boost
107 Perseverance extracts first oxygen from Mars surface materials
108 Space agencies plan to launch Mars sample return spacecraft by 2026
109 Scientists closer to explaining Mars methane mystery
110 Reprogrammable satellite shipped to launch site
111 China begins construction of new survey telescope to detect space debris
112 Amazon stays atop fast-growing cloud computing market: survey
113 Compact quantum computer for server centers
114 NIST method uses radio signals to image hidden and speeding objects
115 Giant comet found in outer solar system by Dark Energy Survey