File Title
1 Wildfire changes songbird plumage and testosterone
2 New research moves novel gene therapy for heart failure closer to the clinic
3 Scientists intensify electrolysis, utilize carbon dioxide more efficiently with magnets
4 Investigational malaria vaccine gives strong, lasting protection
5 'There may not be a conflict after all' in expanding universe debate
6 Study links mental health with risk of tuberculosis
7 Abnormalities in how the brain reorganises prior experiences identified in schizophrenia
8 Postmenopausal bleeding may be a sign of endometrial cancer in obese Asian women
9 Study identifies existing drugs that could be repurposed to treat gonorrhea
10 Cats may catch COVID-19 from sleeping on their owner's bed
11 Study suggests it is common for pet dogs and cats to catch COVID-19 from their owners
12 Diet with more fish fats, less vegetable oils can reduce migraine headaches
13 Study finds changes in wealth tied to changes in cardiovascular health
14 COVID-19 bereavement care lacking for ethnic minorities
15 Diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids may help reduce headaches
16 Expand the UK's COVID-19 symptom list to prevent cases being missed, say experts
17 Where are the Foreigners of the First International Age?
18 Machine learning algorithm predicts how genes are regulated in individual cells
19 Eating disorder behaviors alter reward response in the brain
20 Harvard-led researchers document quantum melting of Wigner Crystals
21 Some brain disorders exhibit similar circuit malfunctions
22 Does socioeconomic status explain why Black people with MS have more disability?
23 Are multiple sclerosis drugs used early on in the disease also effective later?
24 Sanaria vaccine results show unprecedented progress in battle against variant malaria
25 Computational analyses reveal 200 drugs that could be repurposed to treat COVID-19
26 New microchip sensor measures stress hormones from drop of blood
27 Ecology: Deforestation threatens one of the world's largest eagles
28 New beetle found in fossil feces attributed to dinosaur ancestor
29 Non-prescription painkillers linked to increased perinatal health risks
30 Embryo freezing for IVF appears linked to blood pressure problems in pregnancy
31 Sweat-proof 'smart skin' takes reliable vitals, even during workouts and spicy meals
32 Prevalence of COVID-19 among hospitalized infants varies with levels of community transmission
33 Report sounds alarm on efficacy, safety, ethics of embryo selection with polygenic scores
34 Slowing down grape ripening can improve berry quality for winemaking
35 The Southern diet--fried foods and sugary drinks--may raise risk of sudden cardiac death
36 Autonomous excavators ready for around the clock real-world deployment
37 Feedback activity in the visual cortex is necessary for the perception of objects
38 Researchers look to human 'social sensors' to better predict elections and other trends
39 Oncotarget: mTORC1 and PLK1 inhibition in adenocarcinoma NSCLC
40 During epic migrations, great snipes fly at surprising heights by day and lower by night
41 Streetonomics: using street names to quantify a city's cultural values
42 Astronauts demonstrate CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in space
43 New beetle species found pristinely preserved in fossilized dropping of dinosaur ancestor
44 NIST-led study finds variations in quantitative MRI scanners' measurements
45 Diaries of infection preventionists give inside look at the unsung heroes of the pandemic
46 Reducing need for blood transfusion during heart surgery is focus of new practice guideline
47 Same dance, different species: How natural selection drives common behavior of lizards
48 Color and flavor--pigments play a role in creating tasty tomatoes
49 IU researchers pioneering noninvasive technique for neurological conditions
50 UCLA scientists say COVID-19 test offers solution for population-wide testing
51 Diversity in leadership essential to engage minority-ethnic medical students with academia
52 Vaccines grown in eggs induce antibody response against an egg-associated glycan
53 Skin in the game: Transformative approach uses the human body to recharge smartwatches
54 Rethinking plastics
55 Earth's cryosphere shrinking by 87,000 square kilometers per year
56 Researchers identify brain circuit for spirituality
57 UMaine-led study: Imaging spectroscopy can predict water stress in wild blueberry fields
58 Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines prime T cells to fight SARS-CoV-2 variants
59 Low-income patients may be less likely to receive medical assistance in dying
60 How long can a person live? The 21st century may see a record-breaker
61 Cleaner air has boosted US corn and soybean yields, Stanford-led research shows
62 Mayo Clinic study suggests patients with lung cancer be screened for MET oncogene
63 Plastic drapes reduce hypothermia in premature babies
64 New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in June
65 New technology detects greater variety of T cells that respond to coronaviruses
66 Mefloquine: A promising drug 'soldier' in the battle against COVID-19
67 Using AI to predict 3D printing processes
68 The rise and fall of elephants
69 Using computation to improve words: Novel tool could improve serious illness conversations
70 Newly discovered genetic variants in a single gene cause neurodevelopmental disorder
71 Better predicting how plants and animals will weather climate extremes
72 Scalable manufacturing of integrated optical frequency combs
73 Novel microscopy method at UT Southwestern provides look into future of cell biology
74 For women workers in India, direct deposit is 'digital empowerment'
75 Scientists resurrect 'forgotten' genus of algae living in marine animals
76 Antidiabetic drug causes double the weight loss of competitor in Type 2 diabetes patients
77 Chasing the cells that predict death from severe COVID-19
78 Scientists reveal a new therapeutic vulnerability in pancreatic cancer
79 Study: Nearly 10 percent of high school students experienced homelessness in Spring 2019
80 Catalyzing the conversion of biomass to biofuel
81 New data science platform speeds up Python queries
82 Good food in a nice setting: wild bees need diverse agricultural landscapes
83 RUDN University chemists synthesize biodiesel from jatropha curcas plant
84 Near-death experiences, a survival strategy?
85 A remote laboratory for performing experiments with real electronic and communications equipment
86 New ternary hydrides of lanthanum and yttrium join the ranks of high-temperature superconductors
87 Prenatal exposure to THC, CBD affects offspring's responsiveness to fluoxetine
88 Turning yeast cells into labs for studying drivers of gene regulation
89 Recent technology cost forecasts underestimate the pace of technological change
90 Advances in optical engineering for future telescopes
91 Healthcare professionals are failing smell loss patients
92 Genetics plays important role in age at first sex and birth
93 Drug dissolved net-like structures in airways of severely ill COVID-19 patients
94 A crystal made of electrons
95 An app to help assess the severity of symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome
96 Unlocking the power of the microbiome
97 New chatbot can explain apps and show you how they access hardware or data
98 Astonishing altitude changes in marathon flights of migratory birds
99 G-quadruplex-forming DNA molecules enhance enzymatic activity of myoglobin
100 From meadow to plate: The cultured meat that replaces animals with grass
101 Development of the world's first digital model of a cancer cell
102 Extracellular matrix guides growth and function of epithelial cells
103 Eruption of the Laacher See volcano redated
104 Study with healthcare workers supports that immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is long-lasting
105 Reducing plastic waste will require fundamental change in culture
106 The sense of smell in older adults declines when it comes to meat, but not vanilla
107 Dolichomitus meii wasp discovered in Amazonia is like a flying jewel
108 Manufacturing the core engine of cell division
109 Closing the gap on the missing lithium
110 Valvular heart disease: The underestimated risk of a common disease