File Title
1 Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers
2 Study identifies biomarker that could help to diagnose pancreatic cancer
3 University of Surrey and partners highlight the importance of lived experience provided by prisoners
4 Two emerging trends in treatment explain steady increase in IVF success rates
5 E-cigarettes more helpful than nicotine replacement treatments for dependent smokers
6 Selection tool accurately predicts ovarian damage in girls with cancer
7 Clinics retrieving 'far too many' eggs from IVF patients
8 A step forward for IVF patients with predicted poor response to treatment
9 'Edge of chaos' opens pathway to artificial intelligence discoveries
10 Study identifies risk factors for severe COVID-19 in individuals with sickle cell disease
11 LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA finds elusive mergers of black holes with neutron stars
12 Oregon State graduate student sheds light on better way to study reputedly secretive toad
13 Blood-based biomarkers may predict HIV remission after stopping antiretroviral therapy
14 Air pollution from wildfires impacts ability to observe birds
15 Quantum random number generator sets benchmark for size, performance
16 Squeeze the shock out: What different phases of piezoelectric materials tell us
17 Securing decent living standards for all while reducing global energy use
18 A new class of functional elements in the human genome?
19 Butterfly effect can double travel of virus-laden droplets
20 Black holes swallow neutron stars like 'Pac Man'
21 Border controls, restricted entry, quarantine essential for curbing COVID-19 and future pandemics
22 Improving quality of Phys Ed classes may boost kids' and teens' academic prowess
23 High physical activity levels may counter serious health harms of poor sleep
24 Worse outcomes observed after heart attacks during pandemic compared to previous year
25 Making seawater drinkable in minutes
26 A new kind of visual illusion uncovers how our brains connect the dots
27 Young adult cancer survivors reluctant to get COVID vaccines
28 Counties with state prisons had 11% more first-wave COVID-19 cases
29 Mongoose in the city: How landscape can impact disease transmission in Botswana
30 Drug relieves persistent daydreaming, fatigue, and brain sluggishness in adults with ADHD
31 Study sheds light on persistent racial disparities in prostate cancer care in the United States
32 This 5,000-year-old man had the earliest known strain of plague
33 Polymers in meteorites provide clues to early solar system
34 Steering wind turbines creates greater energy potential
35 Turning plastic into foam to combat pollution
36 Dinosaurs were in decline before the end, according to new study
37 How humans brought change to a tropical paradise
38 Hotter, more frequent droughts threaten California's iconic blue oak woodlands
39 How two California hospitals prevented the spread of a deadly fungal infection during the pandemic
40 Some ethnic groups in UK with type 2 diabetes may be less likely to be prescribed statins
41 Physicists observationally confirm Hawking's black hole theorem for the first time
42 Liquid chalk highly effective in killing SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A viruses
43 Multitalented filaments in living cells
44 Cardio health decline tied to midlife wealth
45 Researchers hone in on the best software for detecting microRNAs in plants
46 Keep your friends close, cortisol levels low for life
47 Assessment tool helps future pharmacists prepare for work in the community
48 Decoding electron dynamics
49 Did your plastic surgeon really turn back the clock? Artificial intelligence may be able to quantify how young you actually look after facelift surgery
50 Research lays groundwork for restoring lost oral functions with pacemaker-like devices
51 Conservation aquaculture could bring more native oysters to west coast
52 International team develops predictive tool to help mitigate COVID-19 in Africa
53 New markers for coronary microvascular disease identified
54 AI and marshmallows: Training human-AI collaboration
55 Newly discovered proteins protect against progression of diabetic kidney disease
56 Knowledge of nurses for pain management of patients on maintenance hemodialysis
57 Business professors study ideal responses to ransomware attacks
58 Study finds breast cancer's response to tumor stiffness may predict bone metastasis
59 Protein 'big bang' reveals molecular makeup for medicine and bioengineering
60 COVID-19 vaccine reduces severity, length, viral load for those who still get infected
61 Conservatives' sensitivity to pandemic threat suppressed by distrust of science, media
62 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in cattle
63 Machine learning helps in predicting when immunotherapy will be effective
64 How plants quickly adapt to shifting environmental conditions
65 Do 'Made in USA' claims make a difference in marketing results?
66 New articles for Geosphere posted online in June
67 SLAS Discovery's July special edition 'Drug discovery targeting COVID-19' now available
68 Frequent COVID-19 testing key to efficient, early detection, study finds
69 Researchers discuss common errors in internet energy analysis to develop best practices
70 Lack of exercise while in quarantine had adverse effects on the health of women aged 50-70
71 Genetic risks for nicotine dependence span a range of traits and diseases
72 University of Cincinnati screening program contributes to increase in HIV diagnoses
73 Repairing 'broken' hearts--new promising surgical technique for heart attacks
74 MD Anderson research highlights for June 30, 2021
75 COVID-19 in Europe and travel: Researchers show the important role of newly introduced lineages in COVID-19 resurgence after last summer
76 Have a pandemic plan? Most people did not
77 Floods may be nearly as important as droughts for future carbon accounting
78 Eel products in the EU and the UK need better regulation
79 Buttoned up biomolecules
80 Fecal records show Maya population affected by climate change
81 New treatment options for deadliest of cancers
82 Human stem cells enable model to test drug impact on brain's blood barrier
83 Digging into the molecules of fossilized dinosaur eggshells
84 'Plugging in' to produce environmentally friendly bioplastics
85 Fairer finance could speed up net zero for Africa by a decade
86 NIST laser 'comb' systems now measure all primary greenhouse gases in the air
87 Monkeys also learn to communicate
88 Detailed simulation of air flow after sneezing to study the transmission of diseases
89 Reactive oxygen species (ROS): Key components in cancer therapies
90 Prehistoric homes would have failed modern air quality tests
91 Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials
92 When and why do politicians use emotive rhetoric in parliamentary speeches?
93 COVID-19-mRNA vaccine induces good immune response against coronavirus variants
94 Severe cannabis intoxication and rates of ingestion in children rise after legalization
95 A future ocean that is too warm for corals might have half as many fish species
96 Ivermectin treatment in humans for reducing malaria transmission
97 Scientists identify 160 new drugs that could be repurposed against COVID-19
98 Scientists risk overestimating numbers of wild bonobos
99 Introducing the world's thinnest technology--only two atoms thick
100 Study associates organic food intake in childhood with better cognitive development
101 Extreme events: Ecosystems offer cost effective protection
102 Thermal imaging offers early alert for chronic wound care
103 Thinking in 3D improves mathematical skills
104 A white dwarf living on the edge
105 Slowing the sugar rush to yield better grapes
106 Cross-generational consequences of lead poisoning
107 Want new advanced materials? There's a phase transition for that
108 Breakthrough for tracking RNA with fluorescence
109 Discovery of the role of a key gene in the development of ALS
110 Study: Persistent socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic segregation in US safety-net hospitals