File Title
1 Rattlesnakes may like climate change
2 Researchers create better method to predict offshore wind power
3 College students experience significant grief reactions during global pandemic
4 Employed individuals more likely to contract the flu, study shows
5 5-minute workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs
6 A promising new pathway to treating type 2 diabetes
7 In with the old, out with the mew
8 Bronze Age: how the market began
9 Growing 'metallic wood' to new heights
10 New Geology articles published online ahead of print in June
11 Gene therapy breakthrough offers hope to children with rare and fatal brain disease
12 Novel heat-management material keeps computers running cool
13 Dedicated journal edition on largest ever study on First Nations Food Security & Environment
14 A promising two-punch therapy for Langerhans cell histiocytosis
15 Fungi embrace fundamental economic theory as they engage in trading
16 To understand the future of hurricanes, look to the past
17 UTSA study: Use of police force still breaking down across racial, ethnic lines
18 Longer-lived lithium-metal battery marks step forward for electric vehicles
19 A 50% rise in the level of CO2 could reduce rainfall in the Amazon more than deforestation
20 Vaping increases susceptibility to coronavirus in mice
21 10 years later: How Syrian refugee-led supply networks improve quality of life
22 Cooked crustaceans, cannabis and a budder way
23 Increased use of household fireworks creates a public health hazard, UCI study finds
24 Speedy nanorobots could someday clean up soil and water, deliver drugs
25 Fruit flies lose their virginity lightly--and then become choosy
26 IU researchers discover promising new way to prevent, treat kidney infections
27 More efficient tests may one day replace endoscopy
28 How a COVID-19 infection changes blood cells in the long run
29 Reported cases of myocarditis in younger men following COVID-19 vaccination are rare; vaccination remains important
30 Research rebuttal paper uncovers misuse of Holocaust datasets
31 Duke study reveals mechanisms of increased infectivity, antibody resistance of SARS-CoV-2 variants
32 Dartmouth research turns up the heat on 3D printing inks
33 Strategies to speed global vaccine availability
34 How plants become good neighbors in times of stress
35 Hunting dark energy with gravity resonance spectroscopy
36 ACTG announces publication of REPRIEVE sub-study in JAMA Network Open, providing insights into cardiovascular disease risk among people living with HIV
37 Reversal speeds creation of important molecule
38 Data-driven approach for a more sustainable utility rate structure
39 A new piece of the quantum computing puzzle
40 Beckman neuroscientists uncover neuronal circuitry controlling auditory sensory perception
41 Hackensack Meridian CDI scientists discover new tuberculosis treatment pathway
42 New 2D alloy combines five metals, breaks down CO2
43 CU Anschutz called a 'case study' for commercializing medical breakthroughs
44 Researchers pinpoint unique growing challenges for soybeans in Africa
45 Researchers identify muscle proteins whose quantity is reduced in type 2 diabetes
46 Microstructure found in beetle's exoskeleton contributes to color and damage resistance
47 'Unlocking' the potential of viruses to fight cancer
48 Study shows effectiveness of suppressing female fruit flies
49 Early experiences have larger effect on mood than more recent ones, study suggests
50 Antibodies help identify women protected from placental malaria
51 LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition
52 Scientists detect gravitational waves for first time from black holes swallowing neutron stars
53 RUDN University chemists create substances for supramolecules' self-assembly
54 Computer training program for seniors can reduce hazardous driving
55 Hot nights confuse circadian clocks in rice, hurting crop yields
56 Just enough information will motivate young children to learn, drive curiosity
57 Blood clots related to AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine can be mitigated with early detection
58 Stock markets becoming increasingly networked due to high-frequency traders
59 Playing wind instruments generates less aerosol than vocalization, COVID-19 study finds
60 Clinic mandates surgical simulation training after research indicates improved performance
61 Scientists mine the rich seam of body wearable motion sensors
62 Stretching changes the electronic properties of graphene
63 This crystal impurity is sheer perfection
64 83% of the Spanish population trusts in vaccination against COVID, 25 points more than in January
65 People living with HIV/AIDS have a significantly higher risk of suicide
66 Human molecule blocking toxic forms of Parkinson's-related protein identified
67 'The focea': A region of improved vision in mice.
68 Sustainable mining of raw materials from thermal springs in Chile
69 New corona mass test up to 100 times more sensitive than rapid antigen tests
70 Leicester expert leads ground breaking invention on battery recycling
71 Through the nano hole: LEGO technique reveals the physics of DNA transport through nanopores
72 How environmental factors could provide for a young brain
73 Scientists observe the dynamics behind the exceptional summer 2020 Yangtze River rainfall seasonal projections
74 Jackdaws don't console traumatized mates
75 Microbes feast on crushed rock in subglacial lakes beneath Antarctica
76 Scientists discover new type of quasiparticle
77 New components for antisense gene therapy show promise in treating spinal muscular atrophy
78 The earthworm in new light
79 Cell biology--Masters of synapse modulation
80 The evolution of axial patterning
81 Managing attention deficit disorder by training the brain
82 COVID-19: Reduced sense of taste and smell lingers
83 Faster, greener technique to improve recycling process for electric vehicle batteries
84 Targeted delivery of therapeutic RNAs only to cancer, no harm caused to healthy cells
85 Diversity of tiny bobtail squid driven by ancient biogeographic events, finds new study
86 Stopping the sulfur shuttle for better batteries
87 Success in reversing dementia in mice sets the stage for human clinical trials
88 Nanoscale thermoplasmonic heating shows promise for studies of nanomaterials
89 Using artificial intelligence to overcome mental health stigma
90 To adsorb or to do not adsorb? That is the question
91 What makes vets feel good at work?
92 DNA barcodes decode the world of soil nematodes
93 A world first! Visualizing atomic-scale structures with the optical force
94 Parasites manipulate praying mantis's polarized-light perception, causing it to jump into water
95 New work showcases the chemistry of an upcoming fuel cell electrolyte
96 New findings to boost barley yields at higher temps
97 Paving the way to artificial photosynthesis--effect of doping on the photocatalyst SrTiO3
98 COVID-19 review: Analysis of 58 studies finds male sex and obesity are not associated with ICU mortality, but many factors are
99 Identifying a topological fingerprint
100 Cancer neuroscientists identify a key culprit behind pediatric brain cancer's spread
101 Looking at tumors through a new lens
102 Collaborative care effective for pain, depression and anxiety
103 Researchers discover unique 'spider web' mechanism that traps, kills viruses
104 In a dish, a mouse, crafted from stem cells, begins to form
105 Personal networks are associated with clean cooking fuel adoption in rural South India
106 UofL researchers lead call to increase genetic diversity in immunogenomics
107 AAFP releases updated feline senior care guidelines to the veterinary community
108 The final dance of mixed neutron star-black hole pairs
109 Pretreating nuisance green algae with lye, urea increases bacterial production of biogas
110 Cell-based immunotherapy shows promise against melanoma