File Title
1 New connector for sustainable structures on Earth and in space
2 From NASA spacesuit research to racing suit underwear
3 Visualizing cement hydration on a molecular level
4 Technique inspired by lace making could someday weave structures in space
5 World's first digital fiber can collect, store, analyze data
6 Compact quantum computer for server centers
7 Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer
8 Rare earth metals at the heart of China's rivalry with US, Europe
9 Frozen rotifer reanimated after 24,000 years in the Arctic tundra
10 Did heat from impacts on asteroids provide the ingredients for life on Earth?
11 Scientists develop new molecular tool to detect alien life
12 Origins of life researchers develop a new ecological biosignature
13 Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink
14 When the atmosphere isn't enough
15 Scientists may detect signs of extraterrestrial life in the next 5 to 10 years
16 Next stop Jupiter as country's interplanetary ambitions grow
17 First images of Ganymede as Juno sailed by
18 Leiden astronomers calculate genesis of Oort cloud in chronologically order
19 Experiments validate the possibility of helium rain inside Jupiter and Saturn
20 Deep water on Neptune and Uranus may be magnesium-rich
21 New Horizons reaches a rare space milestone
22 Europa's interior may be hot enough to fuel seafloor volcanoes
23 Ocean circulation is key to understanding uncertainties in climate change predictions
24 Giant deep sea coelacanths live nearly a century, five times longer than thought
25 Underwater robot offers new insight into mid-ocean "twilight zone"
26 Drought-hit Jordan to build Red Sea desalination plant
27 Global warming driving oxygen losses in Earth's freshwater lakes
28 Freshwater biodiversity losses threaten health of people in Peruvian Amazon
29 Too thirsty? France's Volvic blamed as streams run dry
30 Undammed, undimmed: The battle over a unique European river
31 Breakthrough technology introduced to combat growing global water crisis
32 The rocky road to accurate sea-level predictions
33 'Sea snot' on Turkey's shores alarms residents
34 A shark mystery millions of years in the making
35 Century-old medicine could be used as coral-friendly sunscreen ingredient
36 Ivory Coast prays for rain to ease energy crunch
37 Power struggle on Afghanistan's frontline over key dam
38 National lab, municipal power utility test energy storage for small hydropower generation
39 Solar and wind power could break the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam deadlock
40 China's plans for Himalayan super dam stoke fears in India
41 Lockheed Martin-Built Next Generation GPS III Satellite Propels Itself to Orbit
42 GMV at the core of the Galileo High Accuracy Service
43 China's Beidou-related industry estimated to top 1t yuan by 2025
44 Global navigation satellite system technology needs proper protection
45 BDS-3 system facilitates public transportation in east China's Nanchang
46 NASA Chief Predicts US Race with China to Put Next Human on Moon
47 Lunar samples record impact 4.2 billion years ago
48 Have your name forever on the Moon with Spacebit's Wevolver Engineering Challenge
49 Queqiao: The bridge between Earth and the far side of the moon
50 NASA selects new science investigations for future lunar deliveries
51 Dust: An Out-of-This World Problem
52 Brazil becomes first South American partner to NASA's Artemis Accords
53 Lunar sample tells ancient story with help of Curtin's world-class facilities
54 NASA approves further development of asteroid hunter
55 Asteroid 16 Psyche might not be what scientists expected
56 NASA's OSIRIS-REx celebrates perfect departure maneuver from Asteroid Bennu
57 The Incredible Adventures of the Hera mission--Presenting Hera
58 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Heads for Earth with Asteroid Sample
59 New View of Asteroid Ryugu's Surface
60 Robotic spacecraft will fly to asteroid, comet
61 Earth's meteorite impacts over past 500 million years tracked
62 Rare 4000-year comets can cause meteor showers on Earth
63 Research sheds light on origins, age of massive impact crater
64 Orbital Sidekick announces upcoming launch of its most powerful satellite: Aurora
65 Ozone pollution in Antarctica has risen steadily over last 25 years
66 Local lockdowns brought fast global ozone reductions
67 Ozone-depleting chemicals may spend less time in the atmosphere than previously thought
68 NASA Collaboration Using Harvard Technology Could Advance Earth Science from Orbit
69 Physicists determine how auroras are created
70 Physicists describe new type of aurora
71 Confirmation of an auroral phenomenon discovered by Finns
72 The aurora's very high altitude booster
73 Operations Underway to Restore Payload Computer on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
74 Hubble inspects a contorted spiral galaxy
75 Apollo 14 remembered as 'back to space' mission that expanded lunar science
76 Brazil Signs Artemis Accords
77 Lunar samples record impact 4.2 billion years ago
78 USAF, FAA collaborate on commercial space regulations
79 South Australia startups target international space opportunities
80 Researchers trace dust grain's journey through newborn solar system
81 Young star system reveals gravitational instabilities of planet formation process
82 Japanese, Italian, US physicists reveal new measurements of high-energy cosmic rays
83 Crustal block tectonics offer clues to Venus' geology, study finds
84 NASA is returning to Venus to learn how it became a hot poisonous wasteland
85 'Pack ice' tectonics reveal Venus' geological secrets
86 SwRI awarded Lunar lander investigation contract
87 US, French astronauts make ISS spacewalk
88 NASA to Air Briefing, Spacewalks to Install New Station Solar Arrays
89 Technology tests in microgravity for 'Cosmic Kiss' mission
90 NASA's new $23 million space commode system is more than just a toilet
91 Roscosmos Chief invites NASA Counterpart to Russia to discuss space cooperation
92 Detector measures cosmic radiation on the Zugspitze
93 Mystery of galaxy's missing dark matter deepens
94 Russian, US scientists spar over causes of astronauts' headache
95 Princeton-led team discovers unexpected quantum behavior in kagome lattice
96 Scientists put the quantum freeze on human-scale object
97 The new wave of robotic automation
98 Humans are ready to take advantage of benevolent AI
99 Slender robotic finger senses buried items
100 QUT and MDA to develop robot for space application
101 Searching for sources of noise on aircraft wings
102 A Probing Question: How Do You Fly the X-59 Accurately?
103 Airline industry sees long-term rebound for sector
104 Boeing seeks renegotiation of Air Force One contract
105 Enaire and Indra plan new constellation to improve air traffic management
106 Reduction in air transport emissions requires intensified efforts
107 91 European airports vow to be CO2 neutral by 2030
108 NASA tests system for aircraft positioning in supersonic flight
109 Operations Underway to Restore Payload Computer on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
110 Ozone pollution in Antarctica has risen steadily over last 25 years