File Title
1 AI Helps Explain How Single-Celled Organisms Move in the Desired Direction Without a Brain
2 Where Do We Place the Blame for the COVID-19 Pandemic?
3 Roots of Animal Domestication in Central Asia Stretch Back at Least 8,000 Years
4 Potentially Hazardous 4,000 Year Comets Can Cause Meteor Showers on Earth
5 Scientists Find Link Between Eating Processed Meat and Cardiovascular Disease and Death
6 Unlocking Blockchain ROI: Researchers Examine Opportunities and Limits
7 Glaciologists Measure, Model Hard Glacier Beds--Develop "Slip Law" to Estimate Glacier Speeds
8 Best Evidence to Date of How and When the Milky Way Came Together
9 New Human Coronavirus CCoV-HuPn-2018 Identified--Originated in Dogs
10 Lighting the Way to Folding Next-Level Origami: Transforming Proteins Into Custom-Made Structures
11 Cancer Treatments May Accelerate Cellular Aging--DNA Changes Associated With Greater Inflammation and Fatigue
12 A Distant Spiral in Virgo: Extraordinary Detail Seen in a Galaxy 150 Million Light-Years Away From Earth
13 COVID-19 Mortality Associated With 2 Signs That Are Easily Measured at Home
14 Accurate Evaluation of CRISPR Genome Editing: Tool Quantifies Potential Genetic Errors
15 Defective Gene Slows Down Brain Cells: High-Risk Gene for Developing Autism
16 Creating a Phantom River: Experimental Broadcast of Whitewater River Noise Drives Bats and Birds Away
17 Toxic "Dead Zone"--Surge in Nitrogen Has Turned Sargassum Into the World's Largest Harmful Algal Bloom
18 Global Dengue Virus Infections Far Surpass COVID-19--New Discovery Could Aid Vaccine Development
19 Don't Miss the Red Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse
20 New Cancer-Killing Virus Therapy Shows Promise Against Inoperable Skin Cancers
21 Mystery Illness Identified: Outbreak of Vomiting Among Dogs Traced to Canine Coronavirus
22 Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet Can Help Testosterone Levels in Overweight Men
23 New Quantum Material Discovered--With Surprising Properties
24 Potential New Treatment Target Discovered in the Fight Against COVID-19
25 Not All Theories Can Explain the Gargantuan Black Hole M87*
26 Virus Infection Cycle Revealed in Incredible Dynamic Detail
27 Detailed Cross-Section of Another Galaxy Reveals Surprising Similarities to Our Milky Way
28 Surprisingly High Levels of Toxic Mercury Discovered in Greenland Glacial Meltwaters
29 Hidden Quantum Fluctuations Discovered: Solving 40-Year Puzzle Behind Iron-Iodide's Mysterious Magnetism
30 Flu Fighter: Nanoparticle-Based Influenza Vaccine Effective in Preclinical Trials
31 Dogs Can Sniff Out Coronavirus--With Impressive Accuracy
32 Unusual Property in Hydrogen Fuel Device Discovered--Could Be Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
33 Culture Influences Mask Wearing: Collectivism Predicts Mask Use During COVID-19
34 NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Plans Underway for Daring Sixth Flight on Red Planet
35 How to Photograph the Moon--Tips From NASA
36 Is a Calorie a Calorie? Not Always, When It Comes to Almonds
37 Discovery of Ancient Fish Bones Reveals Non-kosher Diet of Ancient Judeans
38 Scientists Use Whale Carcasses to Help Answer Mysteries of Elusive Species
39 Carbon Nanotube Breakthrough: Engineering Matter at the Atomic Level
40 Soft X-ray Method Promises Nanocarrier Breakthroughs for Smart Medicine and Environmental Clean-Up
41 RAMBO Reveals Magnetic Phenomenon Useful for Quantum Simulation and Sensing
42 Harnessing Next Generation Sequencing to Detect SARS-CoV-2 ...and Prepare for the Next Pandemic
43 New NASA Earth System Observatory Will Create a 3D, Holistic View of Earth--Help Address, Mitigate Climate Change
44 Infected Plankton Hold Secrets to Preventing Pandemics
45 Enormous Plasma Jets Reveal Monstrous Magnetic Fields Far, Far Away
46 ALMA Peers Back 12.4 Billion Years and Discovers the Most Ancient Galaxy of Its Kind Ever Observed
47 Scientists Have Found a Way to Break the Limit of Human Longevity
48 New Coronavirus Threat to Humans Identified: Virus Appears to Have Jumped From Dogs to Humans
49 Surprising Discovery Could Lead to New Treatments for Strokes and Cardiac Arrest
50 Cocaine's Effect on the Brain: New Research on Fruit Flies Shows Impact at the Cellular Level
51 NASA Taking to the Air and Sea to Study Ocean Eddies
52 Dense, Spinning, Dead Star Discovered by Outback Radio Telescope
53 Experts: Vaccines and Functional Neurological Disorder--A Complex Story
54 First Reported Cases of Blood Clots Causing Stroke in Young Adults Following COVID-19 Vaccination
55 Metamorphosis: The Fascinating Secrets of How Clownfish Earn Their Stripes
56 New Dark Matter Map Reveals Hidden Bridges Between Galaxies
57 Super Carriers--2% of People Carry 90% of COVID-19 Virus
58 Forests and Climate Change--"We Can't Plant Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis"
59 Microorganisms Discovered on the Rio Grande Rise Are a Basis for Life and a Possible Origin of Metals
60 Solar Wind From the Center of the Earth: Solar Noble Gases in Metal of an Iron Meteorite
61 Science Made Simple: What Are Nuclear Fusion Reactions?
62 Circadian Rhythm: Resetting the Biological Clock by Flipping a Switch
63 Gistification--Memory Details Fade Over Time, With Only the Main Gist Preserved
64 Scientists Sound Alarm: Unprecedented Mercury Accumulation in Pacific Ocean Trenches
65 Real-World Flight Data Shows Continued Need for Social Distancing, Despite COVID-19 Vaccination Programs
66 Environmental DNA (eDNA) Analysis Could Contribute Towards More Effective Pest Control
67 Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have an Interior Hot Enough to Fuel Seafloor Volcanoes
68 Not Graphene: New Type of Atomically Thin Carbon Material Discovered
69 New Hazards of Earth's Largest Volcano Uncovered
70 IBS Patients' Symptoms Improved Under COVID-19 Lockdowns
71 Studies Reveal Detrimental Impact of Social Isolation and Quarantine Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
72 Amazon Indigenous People May Hold a Key to Slowing Down Aging
73 Star Formation Is Triggered by Collisions of Gas Clouds in Space
74 Mystery Deepens About Evolution of Bees' Social Behavior
75 Scent Trails of Dung and Urine Could Boost Elephant Conservation
76 Embryos of Many Species Use Sound to Prepare for the Outside World--Hear Nile Crocodile Embryos Before Hatching
77 Bioengineers Develop Algorithm to Compare Cells Across Species--With Striking Results
78 Good Bacteria Can Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects--Clean Up Toxins in the Body
79 Ultra-Low Doses of Inhaled Nanobodies Prevents and Treats Severe COVID-19 in Hamsters
80 Scientists Catch Exciting Magnetic Waves in Action in the Sun's Photosphere
81 Deciphering the Lives of Double Neutron Stars Using the Ripples in the Fabric of Space and Time
82 Important Global Health Problem Identified: Disease of the Smallest Heart Blood Vessels
83 Why the Sun's Atmosphere Is Hundreds of Times Hotter Than Its Surface--80 Year-Old Theory Finally Confirmed
84 How Tendons Become Stiffer and Stronger--Newly Discovered Cellular Mechanisms
85 Scent Detection Dogs Can Accurately Identify Individuals Infected With COVID-19
86 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Linked to Increased Stroke Risk
87 Atlas of Malaria Parasite Genetic Activity Provides New Targets for Drugs and Vaccines
88 NASA's Roman Mission: Using Exploding Stars to Solve the Biggest Cosmic Mysteries
89 MIT Smart Clothes: Tactile Textiles Sense Movement via Touch
90 Batteries Not Required: The Future of the IoT (Internet of Things)
91 Astronaut Michael Fincke Offers Students Out-of-This-World Advice
92 SMART Findings: Materials Breakthrough Enables Twistronics for Bulk Systems
93 Spinning Neutron Stars Reveal New Insights Into Elusive Continuous Gravitational Waves
94 Jebel Sahaba: Analysis of Bones Reveals a Succession of Violence Rather Than a Prehistoric War
95 Fossil Pollen Shows Earth's Vegetation Is Changing Faster Today Than It Has Over the Last 18,000 Years
96 DNA Vaccines for COVID-19 Shown Effective in Hamsters--Quicker Production and Lower Cost Than mRNA Vaccines
97 Scientists Overhear Two Atoms Chatting: Magnetic Quantum Interactions
98 Unprecedented New Panorama of the Center of Our Milky Way--Reveals Magnetized Threads Weaving Spectacular Galactic Tapestry
99 Faster Air Exchange in Buildings Is Not Always Beneficial for Coronavirus Levels
100 Study of 2 Million People Reveals No Link Between Drinking Milk and Increased Cholesterol
101 In-Flight Anomaly Sends NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on a Wild Ride--Here's What Happened
102 New Research Uncovers When to Release Free and Paid Apps to Maximize Revenue
103 Artificial Intelligence Can Help Doctors Manage COVID-19
104 Next-Gen. Electric Vehicle Batteries: Questions We Still Need to Answer to Double EV Range
105 New Sunscreen Is Coral-Safe and Provides Highly Effective UVB/UVA Protection
106 New Blood Test Detects Childhood Tumors Based on Their Epigenetic Profiles
107 Discovery Drives Virus Research Forward: How Retroviruses Become Infectious
108 Watch Me Move It, Move It: Internal Motor Structure in Mycoplasma mobile Cells Revealed
109 Helium Rain Is Real!--Experiments Validate the Possibility of Helium Rain Inside Jupiter and Saturn
110 Inside the Crucial Protein Channel That Keeps Bacteria Alive
111 New Biosensor Technology Makes Coronavirus Testing Quick and Easy
112 Testing at the World's Largest Indoor Ice Tank Shows Warm Ice May Fracture Differently Than Cold Ice
113 An Attractive Cheap Organic Material for New Generation of Batteries
114 American Heart Association: COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits Still Outweigh Risks
115 A Seedy Slice of History: Here's Where Watermelons Actually Came From
116 Mechanically Imprinting Atoms in Ferroelectric Ceramic
117 Exploring 7 Billion Light Years of Space With the Dark Energy Survey--Most Precise Look at the Universe's Evolution