File Title
1 Keeping more ammonium in soil could decrease pollution, boost crops
2 Deep oceans dissolve the rocky shell of water-ice planets
3 Opiate overdoses linked to poor mental health
4 People prefer 'natural' strategies to reduce atmospheric carbon
5 Unveiling what governs crystal growth
6 Ultrasensitive blood test detects viral protein, confirms vaccine activates robust immune response
7 Grocery taxes put low-income families at risk for food insecurity
8 Head and neck cancer cells hijack nearby healthy tissue, promoting further invasion of cancer cells
9 Few public-sector employees can contribute significantly to reaching sustainability goals
10 This brain circuit signals when to stop eating; could regulating it help with obesity
11 Technology to monitor mental wellbeing might be right at your fingertips
12 Widespread coral-algae symbioses endured historical climate changes
13 Significant otter helps couples communicate from the heart
14 A comprehensive profile of California's 'homegrown' coronavirus
15 Study of promising photovoltaic material leads to discovery of a new state of matter
16 No good decisions without good data: Climate, policymaking, the critical role of science
17 Adult roles build skills for children of Latinx immigrants
18 Study finds ongoing evolution in Tasmanian Devils' response to transmissible cancer
19 Poor sleep predicts long-term cognitive decline in Hispanics more so than in whites
20 Conquering COVID-19 with antivirals
21 NIH scientists find that salmonella use intestinal epithelial cells to colonize the gut
22 Scientists find solution to measure harmful plastic particles in human sewage
23 Stormwater could be a large source of microplastics and rubber fragments to waterways
24 Research identifies climate-change refugia in dry-forest region
25 Study affirms that vaccines are safe for children and adults
26 How the mold influences a chocolate bar's crystalline structure
27 Young adults with schizophrenia have highest suicide risk
28 Ultrafast, on-chip PCR could speed diagnosis during current and future pandemics
29 Study: Don't count on caffeine to fight sleep deprivation
30 UNH research: Journey of PFAS in wastewater facilities highlights regulation challenges
31 A new 'gold standard' compound for generating electricity from heat
32 Study finds physicians support pharmacy dispensing to expand access to medication abortion
33 How antibiotic-filled poop helps 'bessbug' beetles stay healthy
34 HKUST's meta-analysis shows SARS-CoV-2 variants unlikely to affect T cell responses
35 University of Kentucky researchers discover fundamental roles of glucosamine in brain
36 Proteomics reveals how exercise increases the efficiency of muscle energy production
37 Researchers examine record-shattering 2020 trans-Atlantic dust storm
38 What causes the deep Earth's most mysterious earthquakes?
39 Scientists find a way to detect the spectral signals of amyloid fibrils
40 Warm ice may fracture differently than cold ice
41 Can racial identity protect black teens from racism-related stress? It's complicated
42 Non-parents expand 'facial dexterity' in caring for infants among primates
43 Finnish biodiversity information management inspires globally
44 Better understanding membranes
45 Large amounts of mercury released under southwest Greenland ice sheet
46 Similar states of activity identified in supermassive and stellar mass black holes
47 Dive bombing killer flies are so fast they lose steering control
48 Additional genetic risk variants behind bipolar disorder have emerged
49 Wireless broadband connectivity enhanced by a new communication design
50 Infrared imaging to detect lymphatic filariasis
51 The world's smallest fruit picker controlled by artificial intelligence
52 Suppressing meta-holographic artifacts by laser coherence tuning
53 Hacking and loss of driving skills are major consumer concerns for self-driving cars
54 Raised buildings may help reduce malaria transmission in Africa
55 Aquaculture turns biodiversity into uniformity along the coast of China
56 University of Bath research shows how to improve emergency service response to terrorist incident
57 Skeletal muscle loss exacerbated by diabetes improved with oligo DNA
58 Base level and lithology affect fluvial geomorphic evolution at a tectonically active area
59 New findings on benign adrenal tumors could improve care
60 Geological riddle solved: Roof of the World has gotten higher
61 Better peatland management could cut half a billion tons of carbon
62 To sting or not to sting?
63 A plant-fungus partnership is at the origin of terrestrial vegetation
64 Hundreds of antibiotic resistant genes found in the gastrointestinal tracts of Danish infants
65 An 1% Hubble parameter estimation from LISA-Taiji gravitational wave observatory network
66 Coronavirus testing made quick and easy
67 Recent warming weakens global dust storm activity
68 Hidden genes discovered in bovine genome
69 Protein tenascin-C important in retinal blood flow disorders
70 Deciphering structure of a toxic matter that destroys the nerves in the brain
71 Dry metastable olivine and slab deformation in a wet subducting slab
72 Otago study aids understanding of invisible but mighty particles
73 Research uncovers how 'non-professional' cells can trigger immune response
74 Small modular reactors competitive in Washington's clean energy future
75 UCSF improves fetal heart defect detection using machine learning
76 Glioblastoma study discovers protective role of metabolic enzyme, revealing a novel therapeutic target
77 UVA develops new tools to battle cancer, advance genomics research
78 Older Canadians say they're more willing to get the flu shot in the wake of COVID-19
79 Why a vacation seems like it will end as soon as it begins
80 Global study finds each city has unique microbiome fingerprint of bacteria
81 Good bacteria can temper chemotherapy side effects
82 Resetting the biological clock by flipping a switch
83 Memory details fade over time, with only the main gist preserved
84 Global cardiovascular organizations release joint opinion on achieving the 'tobacco endgame'
85 Dinosaur-age fossils provide new insights into origin of flowering plants
86 Even among the insured, cost may delay follow up care for cancer survivors
87 Primates change their 'accent' to avoid conflict
88 Higher incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome after bilateral oophorectomy
89 Immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth improves survival of pre-term babies
90 The first blood biomarker to distinguish between myocarditis and acute myocardial infarction
91 Disease of the smallest heart blood vessels is important global health problem
92 Mitigating emissions in the livestock production sector
93 Scientists sound alarm about unprecedented mercury accumulation in Pacific Ocean trenches
94 Amazon indigenous group's lifestyle may hold a key to slowing down aging
95 Salmon virus originally from the Atlantic, spread to wild Pacific salmon from farms: Study
96 eDNA analysis could contribute towards more effective pest control
97 Lower rates of kidney transplant referrals at for- vs. non-profit dialysis facilities
98 Brain tumors caused by normal neuron activity in mice predisposed to such tumors
99 Study reveals a universal travel pattern across four continents
100 New paper establishes context for myopia control axial length targets
101 Scent trails could boost elephant conservation
102 How independent were the US and British vaccine advisory committees?
103 People who eat a plant-based dinner could reduce their risk of heart disease by ten percent
104 Mobility data reveals universal law of visitation in cities
105 Real-world flight data shows continued need for social distancing
106 AI with swarm intelligence
107 Synthetic breakthrough for controlling functional group assembly over chaotic mixing
108 The path to more human-like robot object manipulation skills
109 Ultra-low doses of inhaled nanobodies effective against COVID-19 in hamsters
110 Identifying new, non-opioid based target for treating chronic pain