File Title
1 Physician-patient gender concordance may not matter in interventional practice
2 Asthma medication use and exacerbations
3 The use of couple therapy to reduce pain during intercourse
4 Incentivized product reviews: Positive to a fault?
5 Building a better LED bulb
6 Prism adaptation treatment improves rehabilitation outcomes in people with spatial neglect
7 Skoltech researchers proposed an attractive cheap organic material for batteries
8 Does cold wildfire smoke contribute to water repellent soils in burned areas?
9 Impact of coal burning on Yangtze River is comparable to natural processes
10 Algorithm to compare cells across species
11 Holograms increase solar energy yield
12 Non-hallucinogenic psychedelic analog reverses effects of stress in mouse study
13 Researchers uncover mechanism related to severe post-COVID-19 disease in children
14 Serendipitous discovery could lead to treatment for strokes, cardiac arrest
15 Microbes metabolizing toxic substances were found in the burning coal seams of Kuzbass
16 A COVID-fighter's guide to T cells
17 Study shows how fungi and bacteria can activate genes associated with head and neck cancer
18 Study examines how pandemic-related changes affect college students' motivation
19 Parents abused as children may pass on emotional issues
20 New study shows how to boost muscle regeneration and rebuild tissue
21 SARS-CoV-2: Estimating infectiousness
22 Candid cosmos: eROSITA cameras set benchmark for astronomical imaging
23 Scientists discover a protein that naturally enhances wheat resistance to head scab
24 Nearly half of COVID-19 patients left hospital in worse physical condition
25 Probing deeper into origins of cosmic rays
26 Technique to evaluate wind turbines may boost wind power production
27 Bite defects in bottom-up graphene nanoribbons
28 States' developmental disability services lacking for autistic adults and their families
29 New international research provides tips for entrepreneurs to beat the grind
30 Researchers seek deeper understanding on how cells in the body operate
31 New wiki on salivary proteins may transform diagnostic testing and personalized medicine
32 Long COVID places 'huge burden' on survivors' families, new research suggests
33 Racemases: The hunt for drugs to neutralise these critical enzymes
34 SARS-CoV-2 RNA discovery unlocks new potential treatments
35 'Rejuvenating' the Alzheimer's brain
36 Decreased testing could lead to surge in sexually transmitted infections
37 Wearable devices show that physical activity may lower atrial fibrillation and stroke risk
38 New AI technology protects privacy
39 Light-emitting MXene quantum dots
40 Superflimsy graphene turned ultrastiff by optical forging
41 Immune cells imperfect at distinguishing between friend and foe, study suggests
42 Impaired dopamine transporters contribute to Parkinson's disease-like symptoms
43 Study reveals new details on what happened in the first microsecond of Big Bang
44 Made in the shade or fun in the sun
45 Clear differences in how Nordic journalists experience their professional role
46 Dimensions of invasion success
47 Russian scientists synthesize effective compounds for anticancer drugs
48 Is deference to supernatural beings present in infancy?
49 Scientific software--Quality not always good
50 Low blood flow in the brain may be an early sign of Parkinson's disease
51 Does the Milky Way move like a spinning top?
52 From harmless skin bacteria to dreaded pathogens
53 Research finds half of UK residents willing to adopt vaccine passports for travel
54 Road verges provide opportunity for wildflowers, bees and trees
55 Vitamin B6 deficiency enhances the noradrenergic system, leading to behavioral deficits
56 Two new attacks break PDF certification
57 Newly discovered enzymes are not heavy metal fans
58 Tuning the intermediate reaction barriers by a CuPd catalyst for CO2 electroreduction to C2 products
59 Food scraps get a bold new life
60 New technique breaks the mould for 3D printing medical implants
61 Pain monitoring helps assess the effectiveness of opioid-sparing approaches during surgery
62 Superoxide produced in the cochlea of inner ears causes acquired hearing loss
63 China makes remarkable gains in maternal and child survival rates
64 Immune function of small chloroplasts in the epidermal cells of plants
65 As water sources become scarce, understanding emerging subsurface contaminants is key
66 Conservation success leads to new challenges for endangered mountain gorillas
67 'Slow slip' earthquakes' hidden mechanics revealed
68 Synchrotron X-ray experiment reveals a small nudge with big consequences
69 Can TV shows help teens navigate bullying, depression and other mental health issues?
70 AI spots neurons better than human experts
71 Machine learning platform identifies activated neurons in real-time
72 Data from smartwatches can help predict clinical blood test results
73 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
74 Egyptian fossil surprise: Fishes thrived in tropics in ancient warm period, despite high ocean temperature
75 Narcissism linked to aggression in review of 437 studies
76 Conserving and monitoring genetic diversity will benefit nature and society
77 Soft X-ray method promises nanocarrier breakthroughs for smart medicine
78 Scuba-diving lizards use bubble attached to snout to breathe underwater
79 Delivering "serendipity": Seemingly random product discovery, aided by technology
80 National survey of frontline health care workers finds fear, unsafe working conditions
81 Press (re)play to remember--How the brain strengthens memories during sleep
82 Engineering matter at the atomic level
83 HPV vaccine shows success in gay, bisexual men
84 Unforeseen links to chronic pancreatitis found in cancer-related signals
85 Gero scientists found a way to break the limit of human longevity
86 New research supports pridopidine's neuroprotective properties in Huntington's Disease models
87 Odd angles make for strong spin-spin coupling
88 For men, low testosterone means high risk of severe COVID-19
89 UBCO researchers examine how pandemics impact the homeless
90 Silver attacks bacteria, gets 'consumed'
91 Number and relative age of siblings is linked to risk of cardiovascular events
92 Methotrexate users have a reduced immune response to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
93 First reported cases of clots in large arteries causing stroke following COVID-19 vaccination
94 Nonprofits, federal government surpass pharma to lead Alzheimer's drug development
95 Cocaine's effect on the brain: Fruit fly research shows impact at the cellular level
96 Harnessing next generation sequencing to detect SARS-CoV-2
97 Mothers' depression impacts mother-infant relationships
98 ORIENT-12 Study demonstrates adding sintilimab to gemcitabine/platinum has clinical benefit
99 Whale carcasses help answer mysteries of elusive species
100 According to a new study, testosterone therapy may reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese
101 ED visits for appendicitis, miscarriage fell sharply in first wave of COVID-19 pandemic
102 Ancient fish bones reveal non-kosher diet of ancient Judeans, say researchers
103 How New Zealand's cheeky kea and kaka will fare with climate change
104 New methods proposed to characterize polymer lamellar crystals
105 Novel way by NUS scientists to predict chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer patients
106 Ionophobic electrode boosts energy storage performance
107 Fish adapt to ocean acidification by modifying gene expression
108 Quantification of the internal OH--effects in upconversion nanocrystals
109 Low on antibodies, blood cancer patients can fight off COVID-19 with T cells
110 'Shortcuts' to increase female enrollment in economics may backfire, OSU study cautions