File Title
1 Step-closer to nasal spray drug delivery for Parkinson's disease
2 No difference in outcomes between light exercise and rest for patients with mild TBI
3 Game on: Game-based program boosts physical activity among diabetes patients
4 Study: Fluorescent light clarifies relationship between heat stress and crop yield
5 Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions
6 Ludwig Cancer research study finds way to revive potent immune cells for cancer therapy
7 Researchers identify the causes of the extreme drought that affected the Pantanal
8 Helping adults navigate the decision to move back in with parents
9 UH authors 'design for value' to improve patient and physician experience for referrals
10 How school board meetings could attract more diverse audiences and boost public trust
11 Analyzing the impact of college gameday homes in the American south
12 A community health worker intervention reduces hospital readmissions
13 Study finds women with osteoporosis and low bone density are at increased risk of hearing loss
14 Young teens should only use recreational internet and video games one hour daily
15 Telomere length, a longevity measure, may be determined early in life
16 New fishing tech may pose risks to fisheries, says study co-authored by UMass researcher
17 Researchers use artificial intelligence to determine extent of damage in kidney disease
18 Researchers discover oligodendrocyte loss and subtype alteration in CTE brains
19 Moderate use of hair relaxers does not increase breast cancer risk among black women
20 New insights on animals in the African past
21 Researchers find semimetal that clings to a quantum precipice
22 New optimization approach helps design lighter carbon fiber composite materials
23 With a kitchen freezer and plant cellulose, an aerogel for therapeutic use is developed
24 Scientists discover a new feature that distinguishes modern humans from Neanderthals
25 Good news: Mild COVID-19 induces lasting antibody protection
26 Virus infection cycle revealed in dynamic detail
27 New study shows never before seen nutrient exchanges between algae and bacteria
28 Supersensitive connection causes hatred of noises
29 Posts to Reddit forum "SuicideWatch" spike in the early hours of Monday morning
30 Link between local oxygen depletion in the brain and Alzheimer's disease
31 Intermittent fasting in mice effective at promoting long term memory retention
32 Forensic archaeologists begin to recover Spanish Civil War missing bodies
33 Obesity protects against death in severe bacterial infection
34 Using waste heat to power an environmentally sustainable future
35 Electromagnetic anomalies that occur before an earthquake
36 Facilitating speech comprehension in rare inherited hearing loss patients
37 The birth of a subnanometer-sized soccer ball
38 Digital Twin technology a 'powerful tool' but requires significant investment, say experts
39 Decolonising ecology? How to adopt practices that make science more equitable
40 Pre-Columbus climate change may have caused Amazon population decline
41 Generating electricity from heat using the spin Seebeck device
42 Bile acids trigger satiety in the brain
43 COVID-19 infections were high among hospital staff but re-infection rates are very low
44 Games, computing, and the mind: How search algorithms reflect game playing
45 Diabetes vaccine gives promising results in a genetic subgroup
46 Clean water and toilets for healthy shelters
47 Deep and extreme: Microbes thrive in transition
48 Keeping it rolling
49 MD Anderson researchers present new findings in targeted and combination therapies at 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting
50 Plasma jets reveal magnetic fields far, far away
51 Endangered wallaby population bounces back after ferals fenced out
52 Metabolic hormone 'leptin' linked to vaccine response
53 Researchers first synthesize conjoined bismacrocycle with all phenylene units
54 Oregon State University research shows two invasive beachgrasses are hybridizing
55 To make particles flow more efficiently, put an obstacle in their way
56 Pristine quantum criticality found
57 Stanford bioengineer aims to turn nature's virus fighters into powerful drugs
58 Implantable piezoelectric polymer improves controlled release of drugs
59 Lundquist investigator Wei Yan solves longstanding fallopian tube transport debate
60 Higher dose of DHA associated with lower early preterm birth rate, NIH-funded study finds
61 Enzymes of a feather: CRISPR-Cas components work together to enhance protection from viruses
62 USC study reveals potential new treatment target in the fight against COVID-19
63 Dental crowding: Ancient baleen whales had a mouthful
64 Impact of school nutrition policies in California varies by children's ethnicity
65 New insight into when CAR T is effective against childhood leukaemia
66 How "paralyzed" immune cells can be reactivated against brain tumors
67 Study finds health insurance disruptions associated with worse healthcare access
68 Babies with seizures may be overmedicated
69 Infertility poses major threat to biodiversity during climate change, study warns
70 New quantum material discovered
71 How tendons become stiffer and stronger
72 Defective gene slows down brain cells
73 Storytelling reduces pain and stress, and increases oxytocin in hospitalized children
74 Obesity and cancer: Studies highlight different aspects of the connection
75 Predicting chemotherapy response and tailoring treatments for pancreatic cancer patients
76 Study: Diet to lower blood pressure also improved other factors in cardiac health
77 COVID-19 mortality associated with 2 signs easily measured at home
78 Plant-microbe homeostasis: A delicate balancing act
79 Researchers find greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury
80 Experimental broadcast of whitewater river noise drives bats and birds away
81 Ancient discovery could help us develop more disease resistant watermelons
82 Risk of second stroke can be reduced with prevention efforts based on cause of first stroke
83 Surge in nitrogen has turned sargassum into the world's largest harmful algal bloom
84 Cancer treatments may accelerate cellular aging
85 Accurate evaluation of CRISPR genome editing
86 How hepatitis C virus evades the immune system
87 Study reveals inequities in breast cancer screening during COVID-19 pandemic
88 Milky Way not unusual, astronomers find
89 Dengue immune function discovery could benefit much-needed vaccine development
90 Flu fighter: Nanoparticle-based vaccine effective in preclinical trials
91 How do clownfish earn their stripes?
92 FSU researchers find Greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury
93 A seedy slice of history: Watermelons actually came from northeast Africa
94 Full-genome CRISPR screen reveals surprising ways neurons survive oxidative stress
95 New research reveals that a low-calorie ketogenic diet can help testosterone levels in overweight men
96 A long-term study shows strong links between gestational diabetes during pregnancy and type-1 and type-2 diabetes later in life
97 Autonomous cortisol secretion associated with 2- to 3-fold increase in mortality risk [plus additional topic]
98 Fat around the heart linked to increased risk of heart failure
99 The brain learns faces fastest in person
100 Weight-loss maintainers sit less than weight-stable people with obesity
101 Oncotarget: The Hippo pathway, RABL6A, and p53-MDM2 axes in sarcomas
102 Oncotarget: Retaining nanomolar potency in lung cancer with therapy-refractory mutations
103 Oncotarget: Urine protein biomarkers of bladder cancer
104 36 dwarf galaxies had simultaneous 'baby boom' of new stars
105 New use of imaging technique could allow early detection of aortic aneurysms
106 Slender robotic finger senses buried items
107 Slope stability model can help prevent landslides to protect communities and save lives
108 LHAASO detect dozen sources of ultra-high energy gamma-rays
109 Geology helps map kidney stone formation from tiny to troublesome
110 How army ants' iconic mass raids evolved