File Title
1 Stream of stars extends thousands of light-years across the Milky Way
2 Gender bias is real for women in family-owned businesses
3 A high concentration of ACE2 in the blood may increase the risk of serious COVID-19
4 Researchers test an algorithm that could predict heart attacks in young people
5 Lighting up ultrafast magnetism in a metal oxide
6 Improved method for generating synthetic data solves major privacy issues in research
7 Societal divisions could hinder EU climate policy
8 Nobody's been studying socially isolated kids--that's a problem
9 UEFA EURO forecast: France will be European Champion
10 Odds of stem cell transplant restoring fertility are as random as a coin toss--until now
11 Older Chinese Americans can improve family relationships & cognition through acculturation
12 Climate warming to increase carbon loss in Canadian peatland by 103 percent
13 New connector for sustainable structures on Earth and in space
14 Ancient chickens lived significantly longer than modern fowl because they were seen as sacred, not food--study shows
15 Fruit fly links sleep problems in autism to glial cells, blood-brain-barrier and serotonin
16 The origin of the first structures formed in galaxies like the Milky Way identified
17 Meet Australia's largest dinosaur--Australotitan, the southern titan!
18 Holes in the solar atmosphere: Artificial intelligence spots coronal holes to automate space weather
19 Quantifying the role of chance in professional football
20 A simple model of development reveals shapes of cell lineages and links to regeneration
21 Physicist generalized the measurement postulate in quantum mechanics
22 Paleontologists for the first time discover the pierced skull of a Pleistocene cave bear
23 Evolutional history of metal chalcogenide supertetrahedral clusters
24 SMART researchers develop method for rapid, accurate detection of viruses
25 International travel may spread destination-specific antimicrobial resistance genes
26 Researchers find toxin from maple tree in cow's milk
27 Protein identified as new therapeutic anti-viral target for COVID-19
28 Antarctica: How have temperatures varied since the last glacial period?
29 Fragility fractures cost European health care systems 56.9 billion euros annually
30 High blood lead levels found in indigenous peoples in Peruvian Amazonia
31 Efficient metal-free near-infrared phosphorescence films
32 Procedure using ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure
33 How basic physics and chemistry constrain cellular functions in primitive and modern cells
34 The genetic structures of closely related dragonflies in Yaeyama and Taiwan islands
35 Guided digital skills training enhances older people's digital skills and social relations
36 Sea snakes show their sensitive side to court potential mates
37 GMRT measures the atomic hydrogen gas mass in galaxies 9 billion years ago
38 Computers can now predict our preferences directly from our brain
39 Axions could be the fossil of the universe researchers have been waiting for
40 How coronavirus aerosols travel through our lungs
41 Important to reduce patients' time respiratory intensive care with mechanical ventilation
42 Monash researchers make fundamental advance in understanding T cell immunity
43 New drug to halt dementia after multiple head injuries
44 Wider applications for Vortex Fluidic Device
45 New research in protein sequencing poised to transform medicine
46 The molecular underpinnings of immune cell migration
47 Conserving coastal seaweed: a must have for migrating sea birds
48 Measuring gene expression changes over time may help predict T1D diabetes progression
49 Study supports gene therapy as a promising treatment for soft bone disease
50 A targeted treatment for IgA nephropathy at last?
51 A mechanism through which 'good' viruses kill 'bad' bacteria and block their reproduction
52 Lung sonography is an useful guide to lung decongestion in HD patients at high CV risk
53 Dapagliflozin provides kidney protection even in cases of FSGS kidney disease
54 Popularity runs in families
55 Targeted COVID-19 therapy: What can we learn from autoimmune kidney diseases?
56 COVID-19 as systemic disease: What does that mean for kidneys?
57 COVID-19: Long-term consequences for the kidneys can be expected
58 Toshiba announces breakthrough in long distance quantum communication
59 Study sheds light on pre-Columbian life in understudied area of SW Amazon
60 International coalition classifies 25 subtypes of uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease
61 High caffeine consumption may be associated with increased risk of blinding eye disease
62 Study: Malicious bots are the primary pathogen of COVID-19 misinformation on social media
63 Applying mathematics takes 'friendship paradox' beyond averages
64 Researchers identify a molecule critical to functional brain rejuvenation
65 An 'atlas' of the brain's choroid plexus across the lifespan
66 Experiment evaluates the effect of human decisions on climate reconstructions
67 Simple blood test can accurately reveal underlying neurodegeneration
68 A few common bacteria account for majority of carbon use in soil
69 Controlling insulin production with a smartwatch
70 Lack of math education negatively affects adolescent brain and cognitive development
71 Bioinspired acid-catalyzed C2 prenylation of indole derivatives
72 How a Vietnamese raw pork snack could help us keep food fresh, naturally
73 'Asian American': A rallying cry that united Asians in the 1960s but is it still relevant?
74 Tiny particles power chemical reactions
75 Analysis reveals how kidney cancer develops and responds to treatment
76 Global youth draft 'Blue New Deal' to protect oceans: 'Time to end generational injustice'
77 E-scooter injuries most likely at weekends and after alcohol-fueled risk-taking
78 Plant-based and/or fish diets may help lessen severity of COVID-19 infection
79 Physicists report definitive evidence how auroras are created
80 Hospitalized individuals with active cancer more likely to die from COVID-19
81 10,000-year-old DNA pens the first tales of the earliest domesticated goats
82 Defying body clock linked to depression and lower wellbeing
83 Indigenous peoples were stewards of the Western Amazon
84 Arctic rotifer lives after 24,000 years in a frozen state
85 Turning off lights can save migrating birds from crashing into buildings
86 Innovative batteries put flying cars on the horizon
87 Being social generates larger genomes in snapping shrimp
88 This forest has stayed wild for 5,000 years--we can tell because of the soil
89 Pandemic prevention measures linked to lower rates of Kawasaki disease in children
90 Postpartum mental health visits 30% higher during COVID-19 pandemic
91 ALPALGA: The search for mountain snow microalgae
92 Modeling study suggests that schools can safely reopen with proper mitigation strategies [plus additional topic]
93 Mice fathers pass down stress responses to offspring via sperm
94 New research shows trend toward unhealthy eating during pandemic
95 Study compares heart benefits of low-fat and plant-centered diets
96 When the economy goes down, so does the quality of our diets
97 Diets that promote inflammation could increase breast cancer risk
98 How a global pandemic changed the way we eat and shop
99 Smartphone use associated with unhealthy eating and overweight in teens
100 How kids eat: Five new insights on daily habits and childhood obesity
101 New research examines the science behind superfoods
102 Trying not to overeat? How you eat matters
103 Cutting food waste alone won't solve world's nutritional needs
104 Most Americans are not getting enough fiber in our diets
105 The latest science on staying healthy during pregnancy
106 New processes for automated fabrication of fiber and silicone composite structures for soft robotics
107 Single-particle studies point the way toward next-generation light displays
108 Transformation toughening of ceramics made crystal clear
109 COVID-19 lockdowns lead Aussie and UK women to drink more
110 Microbial production of natural rainbow colorants